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Oh My lookie lookie...A little sneak peak into Boys of Fall's next chapter

Well tonight was one of our monthly Read Alongs, we are reading Boys of Fall by Cullen Confection! So she has been so kind enough to grant us a little sneak peak into the next chapter of the story before she posts it!!!! So sit back and relax and check this out...

Chapter 16

Emmett POV

Man, I was fucked up. I had never seen anything like that call before in my life. It was interesting to watch Bella after that night. She slept most of the next day but then she was back to normal. I kept looking for clues that she needed some help but none came. I finally broke down and just asked, “Bella, are you really ok?”

“Yeah, I really am. I know it seems odd, but this is the way I have learned to deal with things and not lose my mind. I want to talk about it but I can’t dwell on it or else I am handing my life over to that disease. It’s better now. I’m with Charlie and Edward.” Looking at me, she smiled.

I nodded to her in return. I didn’t understand everything, but I could understand letting the past stay there – in the past.

The Halloween dance was right around the corner and luckily this year, there were no elaborate costumes. I was just going to be a gunslinger from the Ole West. I had even worked it so my Rosie could be a saloon gal. Memories of the way Bella had turned Alice’s idea into a fundraiser had me chuckling. Bella had a handle on the whirlwind known as Alice and we were all glad.

I was having fun watching ole Eddie. He was wrapped around that girl’s finger so tight, I doubt she went to bathroom without him knowing. But he was happy and in my book that was all that really mattered. I couldn’t resist picking on them either.

A month after the ‘Jizzfest’, I sent out invitations for an anniversary party. I cut it down to the Jfest and even posted the notes on their lockers. Of course in the end, it was just the six of us but still, it was fun. I had to hand it to Bella though, she took it like a champ. She even went so far as to mess her hair up and have gel hanging off of her like that movie, Something About Mary. Well, I hoped like hell it was gel.

Shaking my head at my wandering thoughts, I made myself laugh. Senior year was a riot so far and I couldn’t wait for more. Walking down the hallway of school, I probably looked like a fool. It was about this time though that I walked by the janitor’s closet and heard a noise. I had to stop. My feet would go no further.

I leaned my ear against the door and sure enough, I heard some rustling. I couldn’t help but grin. Who had I caught? I had nothing against anyone in there. Hell, if Rose was here, I would have her in there as often as she would let me. But I didn’t, so I was gonna spoil somebody’s fun. I silently laughed in maniacal glee.

Moving closer to the door, I tried the handle but it was locked. I just grinned wider cause I knew there was a key over the ledge. It paid to be friends with everyone, including the janitor.

Putting my ear to door again, I heard a female moan. Pressing harder, I heard the telling sound of a slurp before the male whisper yelled, “Fuck!”

Hell yeah, somebody was getting a BJ and I was gonna witness this walk of shame. I knew I had to time this just right cause I didn’t want to see nobody’s pecker.

Listening closer, I could hear more moans and whimpers. Wow, these two were pretty good. From his sounds, she must have been deep throating. I couldn’t wait to tell the gang. But that was it, this was between me and this couple and my friends. I couldn’t leave my buds in the dark. I inserted the key in the door, ready to open it.

The voices became indistinguishable at this point, but I could make out, “More?” “Oh, yeah!” “Like this?” “Oh God, yes!”

How much longer were these two gonna be? I was even getting horny listening to them. That just couldn’t happen here at school. Did they forget they were at school? Wonder if it was teachers. Ha! That would make my day.

Finally, I heard the male whisper, “Holy hell, I’m…I’m going to… Fuck …” Then she moaned as he grunted and called her name.

That name froze me. I couldn’t stop myself from quoting Edward, “For the love of all that is Holy!” I must have shouted cause the noise behind the door increased as they moved to cover themselves up.

Committed to this path, I swung the door open and met the wide eyes of Alice and Jasper. I was never gonna let them live this down and I had new material to torture Eddie boy with.


'New material to torture Eddie with'? hmmm!
I think that's the best 'pay back' of
Only done in fun, of course, but chuckle worthy in any case..
Liked this pervy little story too, BTW


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