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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Tour: The Guest Book by Andrea Hurst Author Interview

So today I have a great post for you, yep another amazing blog tour and book to share.  Today its for The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst and she has answered some great questions for me.  So let's get this up so you can read.  Enjoy!

  1. Can you tell us something interesting about your writing process?
My process has been different for each book, but there is always one main event that inspires the story and everything moves from there.
My latest book came from a dream. It inspired the characters, and with this novel, the main protagonist, Cathy, just started talking to me in first-person present tense and told me her story in 42,000 words. After that, I filled in the story through research, world-building, and some personal memories.
  1. What part of the writing process is the easiest/hardest for you?
Writing the first draft, when everything is flowing and I don’t have to engage my left brain as much, is easier. The hardest part for me is anything that requires precise detail work, such as line editing. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog Tour: Guest Post from author Jennings Wright

Hey everyone, today I have the amazing author Jennings Wright to share about her book and her writing.  Below you will find the great post from her and information about her book and her as an author.  Also we have a great giveaway for you all to enter as well! Enjoy. 

Guest Post

Conventional Wisdom

The definition of conventional wisdom is “something that is generally believed; prudence; the ideas, opinions, or understanding that are considered to be generally accepted by the public; a widely held belief on which most people act.”

Notice that nowhere in this definition does it mention “facts” or “truth.” Most people act on conventional wisdom as if it were truth, though, like when doctors didn’t think smoking was bad for you, or when people thought the earth was flat. In general, conventional wisdom is behind the times when it comes to new information or facts, or even new behaviors.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Tour The Mirror of the Moon: Author Guest Post and Giveaway

Hey everyone, today I have another great author guest post and guess what I great giveaway for all of you to enter.  So let's get the party started shall we?? LOL 

Today I have author Travis Simmons with us chatting about what he is reading right now.  At the bottom you will find the author information, book information and a great giveaway!!! Enjoy.

Guest Post: Currently Reading by Travis Simmons

            I am somewhat of a collector of books. Pretty hard to imagine right? Getting a new book is like Christmas for me. The issue is, I go out and buy books like Carrie Bradshaw buys shoes! I won’t even be finished with the other five I am currently reading, but I drop all of them to read the new book I have bought. The hardest thing for me is to finish a book before buying a new “must read.”

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Author Guest Post: Sherri Hayes

Today, I have a great author Guest Post for you.  I hope your ready for some guest post reading!!! 

Guest Post by Sherri Hayes

One of the most common questions I get asked is where do I come up with my story ideas. There’s not really a straightforward answer unfortunately. I get my stories ideas everywhere. 

To give you an example, my second novel, Slave, came from a random idea to mix my new interest in BDSM fiction and a national news story about a young girl who’d been held against her will as a slave. I have no idea why my brain thought to put the two ideas together, but it did, and my Finding Anna Series was born. 


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