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Monday, May 30, 2011

Must Read Classic Fic Rec (5/30/11)

Hey everyone, here we go another one of those Classic Fics that you just can't forget.  This one is brought to you by our amazing taylowendy.  So here you go, sit back, relax and read this amazing rec.  Make sure you head over after you read this and either read the story again or for the first time.  And don't forget the love for the writer as well.  Then let us know what you thought of the story.

 Charlie insists Bella go camping with the Cullens in order to acclimate herself with the great outdoors. After all, the Cullens are practically revered in town for their family camping trips, so they must know what they're doing, right? *Post Eclipse. Complete
Rated/Genre:         T - Humor/Romance
Characters:         Edward & Bella

This week classic recommendation comes with a warning. Be prepared to laugh until you cry. The “Cullen Family Camping Trip” by LeesaM is beautifully written and filled with laughter.

The story begins when Bella and Edward are finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet after the having to deal with the Newborns and Victoria. The peace is disturbed when Charlie informs Bella that he has made arrangements with Carlisle for her to stay with the Cullens for the weekend. However, what Charlie doesn’t know is that the Cullens were planning on going camping.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. What's going on? Where, exactly, are we all going to be this weekend?" I hissed. I should have been more suspicious - Edward hadn't been so smug because he thought Charlie was overlooking something. It'd been because I was the one missing something - something he found to be completely amusing. Crap.

Edward just continued to laugh, the expression on my face only making it worse.

"Tell me, right now! What is going on, Edward?" I urged, starting to panic. Edward reached out, smoothing my hair, trying to calm me. My heart was crashing through my chest, suddenly terrified at the possibilities - an entire weekend in the city shopping? A slumber party marathon of some sort?
Becoming a life-size Barbie for Alice, running from store to store, fashion show included? Images of snapping curling irons swam menacingly through my mind, clouding my thoughts; I could feel my eyes glazing over.

"Bella, please...calm down. It's really not that bad," Edward whispered, running his hands down my back. "Everything's going to be fine. You'll see - we're going to have so much fun. We're going camping, love," he added, as if as an afterthought.

Let me just say, when the Cullens go camping… they go camping in style. Alice makes sure they come prepared for everything and comfort is never an issue.

There were tents all around me. Carlisle and Esme were on the far side of the campground, relaxing in chairs set out in front of their tent, as if they'd been done for hours, each reading a book. There was even some sort of carpet on the ground underneath their chairs.

Emmett and Rosalie were to the right of us, their site complete as well. Emmett was sitting on a beanbag of sorts, playing his Nintendo DS, and Rosalie was flipping listlessly through a fashion magazine. Their tent had a huge orange and white flag streaming from the front of it, with a big "T" on it in, presumably representing Emmett's favorite Tennessee football team.

My disbelieving gaze turned to the left, where I was simply stunned into further silence. Alice and Jasper's side of the campground was by far the largest, apparently with good reason. There were four separate tents there. The first was a rich magenta color, and had a sign above the entrance which read, 'Wardrobe,' and had glittery silver stars surrounding the letters. The second, a deep blue, held a similar sign that read 'Dressing Room.' The third, a sparkling emerald green, had a different sign above it - it was much larger, and read, 'Alice & Jasper's House,' and had tiny hearts drawn all around their names. Jasper was lying in front of this particular tent, looking very comfortable on what appeared to be dozens of oversized pillows, in various shades that coordinated with the other tents. Alice was currently pushing a rack of clothes into the tent labeled 'Wardrobe.' The fourth tent, a simple white, was labeled 'Bella's Kitchen,' with little apples drawn around it.

Needless to say, this is just a sample of some of the accommodations that Bella will encounter while camping with the Cullens. Alice may have the housing taken care of, but Emmett is in charge of the hilarity. While they are camping Emmett decides to adopt a family of snails and make their home in Rosalie’s cashmere sweater, provides the morning wake up call via “Good Morning Vietman” style, collects salamanders and leave them in his jacket pockets for Rosalie to find, stores a field mouse in his shirt pocket, and much more.

As you can tell this is a story you want to read. It is a quick and enjoyable read that is loaded with laughter for the moment you start reading. If you have ever been curious of how the Cullens go camping, you need to read the “Cullen Family Camping Trip” by LeesaM. If you even enjoy this one, LeesaM has even done a sequel called, “Cullen Family Camping Trip II: Back to the Woods”. Both stories are enjoyable and hilarious.

Just be prepared for loads of laughter… Enjoy!

-- taylowendy

Friday, May 27, 2011

The First Read Along on The Twigasm

I am so excited about this!!! I am going to annouce Junes fic we are going to read together.  I hope you all are excited like me.  Well here we go Junes Read along Fic is going to be....

I love this story so much and can't wait to read it again with all of you.  Each week I will post what chapters needs to be read.  This one will take us into July, well maybe lol we all know how we all read when its a story you just can't stop reading and this is one of those lol. 

So here's what we will do, we will start on June first.  I will post what chapters to read and that week we can all talk about it here on our writers chat, on our facebook forum and on Twitter!!!  On the first of June I will also post how we will chat on Twitter.  There is a special tag I want you all to add if you do this on Twitter.  But more about that on the first. 

I will be letting KitsuShel know we are reading her story and hopefully she can come and chat with us as well. 

I hope you all will read with us...I know I can't wait.

Thanks to all of those that put your input in about what to read!!!

The Twigasm's Member of the Month (June)

Hey everyone, I want to let you know about an amazing lady that is a follower of this blog and a member of our forum and group on facebook.  Stephanie Marie Mcconaghy-Holman 

She is always willing to help out, always commenting on the posts and always liking our posts on facebook.  i wanted to say thank you to her and let her know how much we appreciate her for doing all of this.  So Thanks so much Stephanie :) our member of the month.  

Affiliate of The Month (June)

The Month of June's Affiliate of the Month is....Emergence Beta Service.

I love this service.  You know when you are trying to write up a summary and are having problems coming up with the summary of your story, well these amazing people will help you out.  Or when your beta is to busy right at the moment and you want to get that teaser out right away, well they can help with that as well. 

This is what they have to say about their services...

Emergency Beta Service offers to provide quick answers to any questions you might have concerning grammar, summaries, and/or insignificant plot points. Example: if you are unsure when to say ‘Edward and I’ or ‘Edward and me’ you can simply write us a question and the next available beta will answer it in a timely fashion. The goal is to answer within two hours of receiving the question, but please bear in mind that this is a voluntary operation, which means that we might not always have enough staff to run this 24/7, or enough people to answer all the questions right away.

We do accept teasers if it so happens that your beta is unavailable and you want to participate in some kind of tease thread/post which has a deadline, but please specify where and when the teaser is going to be posted. We also ask that the teaser is no more than 250 words.

So if you ever need this kind of help make sure you check out our affiliate Emergency Beta Service

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Weeks One Shot Rec. ( 5-25-2011)

Hey everyone, I hope your Wed was a nice one.  Here is this weeks One Shot Rec brought to you by our amazing taylowendy.  Make sure you get comfy and check out this one shot with us.  (sorry it doesn't have a banner yet, but maybe someone who reads this would like to make one for it. ) 

"Kiss Me. Infect me with your love. Fill me with your poison." Bella Swan's intrigued by vampires. Edward Cullen's bored and alone. What happens when they meet? AU, vampire. Rated M for lemon.
Rated/Genre:         M - Romance/Supernatural
Characters:         Bella & Edward

I am really excited about this week’s One Shot fic. I love Nolebucgrl. She is one of my favorite FF author’s of all time. When I received a new story alert last week and it was from Nolebucgrl, I literally squealed in delight.

In her latest One Shot, Nolebucgrl, took the world of Twilight and gave it a True Blood alternate universe spin with “Fill Me with Your Poison”.

“When the vampires had first revealed themselves-on live television no less-there'd been panic. The world changed overnight. Plots to destroy the vampires spouted up, were tried, and failed spectacularly. When it became clear that the world was fighting a losing battle, leaders of the nations met with the leader of the vampires, Aro, and had come to an agreement that both sides could deal with.

The vampires wished to live a life in public, without the fa├žade they'd been forced to endure for centuries. The humans wanted to live without fear of a vampire attack at any given moment, so deals were debated and eventually struck. Vampires were given permission to kill the infirm and the dying-only with their consent, of course. Hospitals, hospices, and ALFs all had agreements with local vampires for services to ease the pain and suffering of patients. People signed up in droves to have their lives ended by the vampires, instead of waiting to die.”

A night out with her two friends, Jessica and Lauren, Bella is determined to have some fun and experience what others are doing – living. The girls decide to go to Seattle’s premier vampire club, Venom. When the girls arrive at Venom, Bella meets the owner, Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen is bored and tired of living his immortal life alone. Unlike his brothers in blood, Jasper and Emmett, Edward is selective on who he wants to turn into a vampire. When Edward first sees Bella, he is instantly attracted to her and knows he has found his mate.

By the end of the night, Bella finds herself in the arms of Edward, signing the contract to be changed into a vampire, and asking Edward to “fill her with his poison”.

Fill Me with Your Poison is one quick and exciting read. You will enjoy this story immensely and will leave you wanting more. If you are not familiar with reading any of Nolebucgrl’s fics, you should check her out. I highly recommend her fic’s and place her on your favorite author’s alerts because Nolebucgrl is known for expanding her One-Shot’s.


-- taylowendy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Contest Info (Giggle Snort Awards)

Hey everyone I have something I wanted to make sure you all seen right away.  This is a contest info post well more like a press junket lol.  So listen up!!! hehehe

Calling all Gigglers! The 2nd annual Giggle/Snort Awards nominations have opened up for all fandoms (Twilight, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Blue Bloods, etc, etc, etc) and even original fiction! Awkward funny, caught-with-your-pants-down funny, snark and fart funny - we love em all!  As long as they are hi-humor, bring it! The nommy's are now open at Giggle/Snort Nominations until June 10th 2011Voting begins 12th JuneVoting ends 2nd JulyWinners announced 4th July.

Prizes are bluster/boast/and crowing rights as well as custom banners and features on the Giggle/Snort website and lots of PR on Facebook and the Twittah. 

Alright you all I hope you all check this out and nominate....

Another Fic You Can't Walk Away From

 Alright everyone here it is another Can't walk away Fic Rec brought to you all by our amazing fic rec Twigasm Chic Dominatalls Fanfiction.  This weeks fic is...

This week's rec for fic you can't walk away from is "Isla de Cullen" by Caro No. I found this fic a couple of weeks ago. There is a lot of buzz about it on Face book . It even has its own group page. The ladies over at the "Isla De Cullen " group are very passionate about this story and it's characters .These ladies are always chatting and waiting for the next update together. CaroNo is very good about updates and it's never more than a few days wait. Curious I had to see what the fuss was about. BAM Ladies! This fic hit me over the head and has taken me captive. I find myself checking my email several times everyday looking for a update. This story is owning me heart and soul ladies, no joke. Not Since "Fifty" has such a powerful,take no prisoner Edward (Takeward Cullen) dominated a story.

Successful 37 years Art Gallery owner Edward Cullen is spending Christmas on his private island with a few friends and their families. Little does Edward know that fate is about to intervene and send 18 year old "Little Bella Swan" into his life.

"Little Bella Swan" high school student is spending Christmas vacation with her best friend Alice Brandon on her God fathers private island. When Edward and Bella meet there is a undeniable attraction that leads them to each other. Despite the huge age gap they explore a sexual relationship together. Edward dominates Bella in the most delicious ways. Bella submits willingly and gives all of herself to "Mr Cullen" or "Sir" as she refers to him most of the time. They share a lusty erotic, libidinous relationship, but there is more to their relationship then just sex. They enjoy each others company and share many of the same interests. What started out as a two week vacation fling has turned into something more for both of them.They're in to deep and are developing feeling for each other,but will they be able to stay together when this vacation is over. Trouble is around the corner for couple in so many different forms. So many people are against this couple because of the age difference and then there are others out to get them for their own personal gain. Will this couple survive? I know I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat waiting with you all.

This story is full of lemons and is definitely rated M. If you love "Fifty" give "Takeward Cullen" a try, you won't be sorry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teaser Sunday (5/22/11)

Hey everyone...are you ready to be teased?? Well I know I am.  I know I posted in facebook that we weren't going to have one today, but some writers sent me their teasers so here you go.  I hope you enjoy these and make sure to stop by and give the writers some love.


Siobhan Shaunassey led me into her office, the door closing behind us, the tumbler clicking into place. My heart began racing while I contemplated whether or not I was doing the right thing. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out to silence it, offering Siobhan an apology. She shook her head in dismissal, telling me to take the time I needed while she gathered some things together for our appointment. Taking a quick peek, I was surprised to see a message from Bella. Setting my bag down next to the empty sofa, I took a seat and opened the message. It was a picture of Bella, smears of paint across her cheeks, her eyes dancing with amusement, the message asking if I wanted to continue to debate who was having a better day. I couldn’t help the low chuckle that escaped me at the thought of fate working its own magic. I saved the picture to my contacts list, to come up whenever Bella called or texted in the future. With a final look, I turned off the alerts and dropped the phone into the back of my bag. Looking up, I noticed Siobhan’s steady gaze, seemingly reading me.

“So, Jasper, I’ve read over your questionnaire. You noted that you were seeking counseling to help you deal with grief issues due to a loss in your past.” My hand tightened into a fist where it rested against the side of my leg and I saw her eyes flick to it, before coming back to my face. “Before we start, though, may I ask who the message was from? And, before you become defensive, let me explain that I’m only asking due to the marked change in your demeanor. I watched the emotions cycle across your face and the differences in your body language. I’m assuming that whomever it was from is not tied to the reason for you seeking counseling, but is someone important to you. Am I correct?”

“I…uhm… She’s my girlfriend.”


Unbeta'd Teaser!

“It’s okay, Edward. Here...” Bella held out the letter towards him while turning her head towards the window. Edward hesitated taking it, wondering if it was something that he should really be reading. If this letter was to her, and Carlisle had been specific as to its intended recipient, maybe it wasn’t his place. But when Bella turned to him once more with an insistent expression, he put all doubts out of his mind. She wanted him to read it, she was letting him in. He would take her up on it.

As he took in his father’s familiar, carefully ordered penmanship he noticed the date. It was written before he became so ill he couldn’t write anymore. The date indicated it was around the time his father had been diagnosed. And with that, he read on.


Chapter 23 of Somewhere I Belong by swervin35
This is from Carlisle's POV:


As soon as I walked into the bedroom I kicked both Edward and Esme out. I knew they wanted to stay and were concerned but I couldn’t examine Bella properly with them hovering.

Her pulse and heart rate were slightly elevated but really not a cause of concern. Her shivering even under the layers of blankets was a concern as was her blank stare. “Bella,” I murmured, “talk to me. Whatever you say to me will stay between us unless I feel it is necessary for others to know.”

“I’m scared,” came her barely audible whisper.

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at her. “It is understandable that you are scared,” I replied making a note to find out what had happened to cause this reaction. “Know that everything will be done to keep you safe.” I hazarded a guess with my comment.

“He will still find a way to get to me,” she commented before sobbing into the pillow.

I placed a comforting hand on her shoulder before speaking again. “We will not let that happen.” I knew I was speaking for her father, friends, Edward, and Esme but I also knew they, along with myself, would do anything to protect her.

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me,” she said looking at me with tears streaming down her face.


Alice excused herself and went after her brother. I took the opportunity to grab Rosalie by the elbow and drag her to my office. She protested and almost caused a scene once we were inside the castle, but I shut her up with a pointed look from me. I noticed several of the servants scatter as we walk by. I guess you could tell by the look of my face that I was not to be crossed at the moment.
I walked straight to my private office. I saw Seth sitting at his desk inside the outer office and opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it quickly.
“Hold all my calls.” I practically growled.
“Yes, Your Highness,” Seth gave Rosalie an small smile and a nod, then picked up the phone on his desk and started talking to whoever was in the line.
I threw Rosalie inside and slammed the door closed. I braced myself against the door frame. I heard Rosalie huff and puff behind me, so I turned around and glared straight into her eyes.
“You’ve always had a thing for dramatics, Edward. I thought you had outgrown it by now,” she sneered, “My mistake,” she huffed and shook her head at me.
I remained in silence, waiting for her to talk. Rosalie knew I was very aware of how her devious mind worked, so pretending with me was just a waste of time, but all she bloody did was sit down on one of the armchairs I had in the office and proceeded to check her make up on her compact mirror.
“What are you doing Rosalie?” I finally asked when the silence became too much.
She turned to look at me and raised an eyebrow, “Can’t you see?”
I gritted my teeth, inhaled through my nose and then let the air out slowly. I need to treat this situation delicately; I didn’t need a screaming match right now. I rubbed my hands on my face and noticed Rosalie looking at me with a blank face. I knew that face, there was something troubling her and she was keeping it inside.
I took a tentative step forward, “Rosie, please tell me what is going on.”
Rosalie’s mask slipped for a second, but it was more than I needed. Her eyes showed me everything: hurt, anger, jealousy and sadness.
I made my way to her and gently squeezed her shoulder, “Rosie…”
“She’s pregnant.”
I froze.
“Jasper told me"


Chapter 10 of Chasing Fire by Lady Ali 

Unbeta'd Teaser
There he was standing there in the frozen foods section, with a beautiful girl in his arms.  I should have known an angel like him wouldn’t want a girl like me.  Who was I kidding he deserved a women…a women like the one in his arms.

I couldn’t help the tears that filled my eyes though.  I had left, went back to school.  I had to get away needed to move on with my life.  But what I hadn’t thought through was the life I had created right here in Forks, near my saving grace.  But, I had to face the facts he was never mine…he was hers.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

And The Winner is.....

Drum roll please this weeks Name that Fic winner is...KitsuShel....Thanks so much for guessing this weeks Name That Fic.

 This weeks fic was Pushing Buttons by Enchanted -Mind.  An amazing story.  If you haven't read this one you should. 

KitsuShel this is for you....

I will be posting next weeks Name That Fic tonight... Hope you all will check it out...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Review (5/18/11)

Okay I am so excited to post our first Guest Review.  This is a new thing here at The Twigasm and I don't even have one of our pretty banners for it yet.  But I had to go ahead and post this lol.  I hope you will read this and find a new story to read.  

So here we go, this review is brought to you by venomousgal .  And I want to take a second and thank her for being our first Guest Reviewer.  Funny thing is I just got another review app for a guest reviewer for this same story so a big thanks goes out to NJNYTwiGals as well. 

This is what venomousgal  had to say about this story: 

Bring on the buggies and bonnets!

Just when you thought you had finally seen it all in this fandom something jumps out and surprises you. In this case, completely blows you away right from the first chapter. “In Your World” by solostintwilight is a WIP that is currently taking the fandom by storm. Why you ask? All I can say is AMISHWARD.



Everyone is talking about him.

The story starts with a terrified Bella fleeing from Forks, Washington and her abusive relationship with Jacob Black. She ends up in a small rural town and, in desperation, climbs into an Amish man’s buggy to hide when Jacob comes looking for her, having followed the greyhound bus she was on. She is immediately given sanctuary by Carlisle Cullen and the rest of the Cullen family but must learn the Amish way of life and living plain while staying in their community. The first day in her new home worlds literally collide when Bella meets Edward Masen.

Edward is the orphaned nephew of Esme and Carlisle who lives at the neighbouring farm. He is sexy, he is quiet, and he is sweet and unassuming all at the same time. Clueless when it comes to matters of the heart and the opposite sex, Edward is initially thrown off balance by Englisher, Bella, but is nonetheless intrigued and attracted to her.

Throughout the story you will also meet Alice and Jasper, Rose and Emmett, as well as Carlisle and Esme. Readers will relate to the interwoven relationships portrayed in this story, both familial and romantic, as they are simple and believable. The supporting characters are complex and well rounded, and solostintwilight allows you a peek at their back stories making them all the more realistic.

On top of that the chaste romance that blossoms between Edward and Bella is both challenging and sweet as they struggle, at times, to adjust to their differences. Each beautifully written chapter will leave you salivating for more.

If you want to escape to a simpler world, where the focus is on family and relationships, then this is a fic you just cannot miss.

Quite simply, I am hooked.

I urge you to go dig into this delicious and original story. You won't be disappointed.

And this is what NJNYTwiGals had to say about it: 

This story was rec'd to me a few days ago and to be honest I didn't think I was going to like it because it is about the Cullens being Amish. I don't know too much about the Amish other than what I have seen when I visited Lancaster, PA on a family vacation when I was younger, but I decided to keep an open mind and read the story before making any opinions. It is only 8 chapters in, but let me tell is so good! I have found myself on the story's Twilighted thread more than any other story I'm reading now (the discussions are awesome) and the story is so sweet, smart and realistic. I definitely think people out there would like it if they put aside their preconceived notions about it being an Amish story...because ultimately it is still a love story between Edward and Bella...two people from different worlds (Edward being Amish, Bella not)

So now its your turn to decide...go read this amazing story and come back and let us know what you thought of it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ali's Book Shelf (The Hunger Games)

I am so excited for this new part of the blog.  This is where I will be posting actual book recs.  I read books just as much as I read fan fiction, so here we go.  I know a lot of you have or are reading this book currently.  So I'm so excited to post this.  The first book I will be reviewing is....

I am appsolutly in love with this book.  I can't put it down.  I am reading it right now with my boyfriend, that's right I am reading with my boyfriend.  I am so lucky to have a guy that loves reading as much as I do. 

But anyway back to this amazing book.  It is writen by Suzanne Collins. This book is the first of three that complete this series.  It introduces a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a world not like ours.  It is a world that is sectioned off into different zones.  The main power is the Capital, a place where the main government is in charge and reigns over everyone. 

Once a year they hold a event where the Capital chooses one boy and one girl from each of these districts to actually fight to the death.  They have these 'Games' to demonstrate the Capital's power over each and everyone of them even their children. 

Katniss is the girl that volunteers to be District 12's chosen girl, she volunteered after her little sisters name was called.  I loved this part of the book, I dont want to give it away really, so you will have to read it, but it shows just how much she loves her sister and the bond between siblings.

When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim's warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress. She must have had bad dreams and climbed in with our mother. Of course, she did.
This is the day of the reaping.

 All through the book we get to follow Katines journey to the capital and her journey through the games.  Will she be the last one standing or will she die a death that is televised through out the districts?

We also get to meet a boy from District 12 named Peeta Mellark who could be an ally

or a traitor for Katiness. 

I love the suspense this book creates, I hate when I'm reading and I have to get to bed but really want to just keep reading.  I srsly have to make myself climb into bed and turn out the lights.

If you haven't read this amazing book I implore you pick up a copy and start it today, you wont be disappointed trust me.  I'm on chapter 13 right now and I'm dying to know what happens next but I wanted to let you all know about it first.

Like I said this is the first book of three.  The Hunger Games,Catching Fire, and MockingJay is the books to read right away. 

I hope you enjoyed your time reading a different kind of Rec.  Remember reading a book or fan fiction, you get to step away from real life for just a bit and step into a totally different world.  Enjoy your reading and I hope you all have a good day.  I will be back soon with another posting from Ali's Book Shelf.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Must Read Classic Fic Rec

“Cullens go to Hogwarts”

 Erica K. Bailey


 The Cullens discover the world of magic when they go to Hogwarts during the TriWizard Tournament. Post Eclipse/pre-Breaking Dawn, during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Canon/AU WINNER - Best Crossover Twi-HP at

Crossover - Harry Potter & Twilight
Rated/Genre:         T - Drama/Romance
Characters:         Edward & Cedric (No, this is not SLASH)

I know what everyone is thinking… The Cullens go to Hogwarts? I was thinking the same thing, but this story is what lead me down the long never-ending trail of reading Fanfiction.

About two years ago, I was bit by the TAB (Twilight Addiction Bug) and I was browsing through the internet looking for more information on Twilight. While trying to feed my new addiction, I stumbled over this website,, and found a group section called – FanFiction. Being curious, I took a look. Lo and behold, I found listed tons of stories written by fans using Twilight characters/histories as foundation for their stories. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I liked the title of Erica K. Bailey’s, Cullens go to Hogwarts, and clicked away.

The Cullens go to Hogwarts begins after Eclipse and during HP’s, Goblet of Fire. The story begins with Alice seeing them being visited by a visitor. Though the Cullens do not know who this visitor is, they prepare to welcome him. The visitor, who we find out is Hagrid, has been sent by Dumbledore, requesting the presence of Carlisle at Hogwarts.

"You sees, Dumbledore needs you to come to Hogwarts righ' away. There's an issue a brewing with Harry Potter – nots that there ain't always something with 'arry. That boy is cursed with bad luck." I smiled as I recalled someone else with that particular ailment.
Carlisle smiled as well as this Hagrid recounted what was supposed to be in a private letter.
"I guess I shouldn't 've said that – well, it's all in the letter…"
Carlisle opened the letter then, scanning it over at once, then reading to the rest of us.

"My old friend Carlisle,
Very dark times are upon us, or I would not have risked sending you this letter. A very dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort is gathering strength. He is using all his power to reappear as he once was and take control in the Wizarding world. This would have far reaching implications in the muggle world, as I am sure you can understand, affecting all creatures, magical and otherwise.
We have a young boy who is the key to our freedom, Harry Potter. His life is at great risk and I need assistance in protecting him. I have received a prophesy that Harry will be entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament, though he is under aged and unprepared for such a battle. I fear this is the work of Lord Voldemort in an attempt on young Potter's life.
There are few people I trust with such a task, and those I do trust, are already known. I need someone who would be unknown to come to Hogwarts to help protect young Harry. I hope you will accept my invitation to teach at Hogwarts over the coming year. We have an opening in Herbology that I think you could fill given your extensive knowledge. I assume your family would also accompany you. We may have need for the services of your son, Edward.
There is much to discuss, and time is short. I ask you to consider this request with haste.

Your old friend,
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

There was a moment of silence then as we took it all in, realizing that we were not much more clear about what was happening now than before the letter was read. Questions flooded to me all at once, as not only my own but the entire family's thoughts penetrated my head:

What, there are Wizards? Why hadn't I heard of this before?
What is with this Harry Potter? Why don't they just un-enter him from the contest?
Can I be in charge of protection? Wizard or not, I'll bring him down. That one was Emmett.

When did Carlisle meet this Dumbledore, and why is he asking for our help?
Does this mean we have to move again? I don't want to move.
I wonder if I could take him… He is huge, but still, I am stronger… I wonder how strong half-giants are? Emmett again.

"Well, then, there it is – so shall I tell the headmaster you accep' his offer?" Hagrid said, hopefully.

Erica does a fabulous job of intertwining the world Hogwarts and the Cullens. At first, she follows the story premise of The Goblet of Fire and then weaves the Cullens into the various parts of the story. Erica’s story does end where Goblet does, but as a heads up, Cedric does not die… yeah, total score!!!

I simply love what Erica does with these two worlds. The story is a quick and exciting read. You will be itching to grab your copy of Goblet as a reference of what has been changed and where the Cullens have been inserted in at throughout the story. What is a total bonus is that there is a sequel. As a matter of a fact, there is two more. At FanFiction, Erica has in progress, “Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks”, but if you click on the following link,, you will be directed to the completed story at a whopping 117 Chapters and one Outtake. Erica is in the process of writing the third story, “The Half-Blood Vampire”, and can be found at, but not at FanFiction. Don’t know why these two stories are not fully listed at Fanfiction but I hope she eventually will list and complete them soon (hint hint… Erica, if you are reading this).

Head over and check this story out and give it some love.

-- taylowendy

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Hey everyone, so I'm so excited to be showing you all the new blog look.  It took some time but we got it done and have so much to offer you now.  I'm going to explain everything in this blog post so you know all that is going on here on the blog now.

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Fic's Rec'd this week!!

Unplanned Perfection
Cullens go to Hogwarts
A Little Fall of Rain
The Arrangement …by A Tale To Be Told

 All these Rec's to be posted this week.  Make sure you check these out. 

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Also another new feature here at The Twigasm is Ali's Book Shelf.  You know I love books just as much as I love fan fics, so I will be recommending a few actual books that I am reading.  This months is a book that I am reading right now and I am so excited and loving it.  Make sure you check this post out as well.  But here's a little hint its a book by Suzanne Collins.


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