Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Fic You Can't Walk Away From

 Alright everyone here it is another Can't walk away Fic Rec brought to you all by our amazing fic rec Twigasm Chic Dominatalls Fanfiction.  This weeks fic is...

This week's rec for fic you can't walk away from is "Isla de Cullen" by Caro No. I found this fic a couple of weeks ago. There is a lot of buzz about it on Face book . It even has its own group page. The ladies over at the "Isla De Cullen " group are very passionate about this story and it's characters .These ladies are always chatting and waiting for the next update together. CaroNo is very good about updates and it's never more than a few days wait. Curious I had to see what the fuss was about. BAM Ladies! This fic hit me over the head and has taken me captive. I find myself checking my email several times everyday looking for a update. This story is owning me heart and soul ladies, no joke. Not Since "Fifty" has such a powerful,take no prisoner Edward (Takeward Cullen) dominated a story.

Successful 37 years Art Gallery owner Edward Cullen is spending Christmas on his private island with a few friends and their families. Little does Edward know that fate is about to intervene and send 18 year old "Little Bella Swan" into his life.

"Little Bella Swan" high school student is spending Christmas vacation with her best friend Alice Brandon on her God fathers private island. When Edward and Bella meet there is a undeniable attraction that leads them to each other. Despite the huge age gap they explore a sexual relationship together. Edward dominates Bella in the most delicious ways. Bella submits willingly and gives all of herself to "Mr Cullen" or "Sir" as she refers to him most of the time. They share a lusty erotic, libidinous relationship, but there is more to their relationship then just sex. They enjoy each others company and share many of the same interests. What started out as a two week vacation fling has turned into something more for both of them.They're in to deep and are developing feeling for each other,but will they be able to stay together when this vacation is over. Trouble is around the corner for couple in so many different forms. So many people are against this couple because of the age difference and then there are others out to get them for their own personal gain. Will this couple survive? I know I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat waiting with you all.

This story is full of lemons and is definitely rated M. If you love "Fifty" give "Takeward Cullen" a try, you won't be sorry.


well i love Isla de Cullen and great review, but you keep mentioning if i you love "fifty" then you'll love takeward, but what if we love takeward what's fifty?

Whats Fifty?? wow, Well fifty is a Edward from Master of the Universe. I'm guessing you never read that story. If not you should. But yes I totally agree with this if you like Fifty you will love takeward. or vice versa lol

Thanks for your comment and I hope this answers your question :)


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