Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Contest Info (Giggle Snort Awards)

Hey everyone I have something I wanted to make sure you all seen right away.  This is a contest info post well more like a press junket lol.  So listen up!!! hehehe

Calling all Gigglers! The 2nd annual Giggle/Snort Awards nominations have opened up for all fandoms (Twilight, Southern Vampire Mysteries, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Blue Bloods, etc, etc, etc) and even original fiction! Awkward funny, caught-with-your-pants-down funny, snark and fart funny - we love em all!  As long as they are hi-humor, bring it! The nommy's are now open at Giggle/Snort Nominations until June 10th 2011Voting begins 12th JuneVoting ends 2nd JulyWinners announced 4th July.

Prizes are bluster/boast/and crowing rights as well as custom banners and features on the Giggle/Snort website and lots of PR on Facebook and the Twittah. 

Alright you all I hope you all check this out and nominate....


Thanks for the pimpage! *smoochies*


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