Monday, May 16, 2011

This week on The Twigasm

Hey everyone, so I'm so excited to be showing you all the new blog look.  It took some time but we got it done and have so much to offer you now.  I'm going to explain everything in this blog post so you know all that is going on here on the blog now.

So here we go, first of all we have all kinds of Recs/reviews for you every week from now on.  From Less known fics all the way up to those classic ones we all love.  We have all new writer interviews for you and a new monthly topic that will come with fic recs all of its own. 

Fic's Rec'd this week!!

Unplanned Perfection
Cullens go to Hogwarts
A Little Fall of Rain
The Arrangement …by A Tale To Be Told

 All these Rec's to be posted this week.  Make sure you check these out. 

We now have a writers chat that is open to you all 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Its on its own page: The Twigasms Writers Chat .  I hope you all enjoy the chat and have a good time using it to get some writing done.  All I ask is that there is no fighting and no drama during the chats and NO stealing ideas, what happens in chat stays in chat if you all know what I mean.  I will not tolerate stealing ideas.  I wanted a place you all could go and do writers chat right here on the site.  So I hope you all will enjoy it.

 Also I've been going crazy wanting to add this to the blog and finally we can.  The Twigasms Read Alongs.  I can't wait to do our first one either.  I have a form you can fill out to help us pick what story to do first.  Just check out the upcoming post for that form link.  I hope you all enjoy this part as much as me :)

Also now on Sunday's Instead of Tuesdays will be our teaser day, get a jump on the week and get to tease your new chapters sooner than most blogs and sites.  So make sure to get those teasers into us by 5 PM on Sundays :)


We have a new contest starting now.  The new Vid Awards will go till August 1st.  All the information will be posted in the following post.  So any vidders out there get ready to make a new vid :) 

I will be announcing our Member of the month next week. So get ready to see who we picked this month :) It might be you.  It is picked mainly by comments on the blog and by facebook activity. 

Same for the Affiliate of the Month.  Will be announced later this week.  


Every month from now on we will have a Topic of the Month, This month's topic is....


That's right Royalty... We will be rec'ing some fics with Bella as Royalty, plus we would love for you all to help us out by recommending some fics as well.  What fics do you love with Bella or any of the characters as royalty??  I really hope everyone has some fun with this. 


Also another new feature here at The Twigasm is Ali's Book Shelf.  You know I love books just as much as I love fan fics, so I will be recommending a few actual books that I am reading.  This months is a book that I am reading right now and I am so excited and loving it.  Make sure you check this post out as well.  But here's a little hint its a book by Suzanne Collins.


Last but not least, we have a name that fic game at the bottom of the blog. See if you know the fic??

Okay there is our week at a glance, I will be posting this every week so you know what to look for during the week.  I hope you check every thing out and have fun and leave comments.  The Admins and officers work really hard to get you all these recs and things.  So tell them what you think.

Thank you so much for reading, we hope you all have a good week and read lots of fics :),




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