Monday, May 16, 2011

Contest - The Twigasm Vid Awards


Alright everyone, I have a few things to tell you about this new Award we are giving out.  First of all its for Vid makers only.  You the members get to vote for this one.  What will happen is we will post all the applicatants vids and you will vote which one you like.  So as for the rules.  Those are below.  Read carefully though.

  • All vids have to be for less known fics 
  • The fic the vid is made for has to have less than 250 reviews for it. 
  • The vid that you submit has to be a brand new vid it can't be posted any where. 
  • It can be for any type of fan fic.  
  • Start date is today till August 1st. 

So I hope you all will submit a vid if you make them.  I hope this will be fun and different and maybe some fic writers will get to see their stories in the vids.  

If you have any questions at all just email us :

Thanks so much and please have fun with this...




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