Monday, May 16, 2011

Topic of the Month for May


So every month we will be picking a topic of the Month.  A topic we can all discuss and check out some new fics about as well.  So this is a interactive type thing.  We will recommend one or two fics during the month about this topic.  So with that being said this months topic is called: 


So what does Royal Belle mean you may ask well that is really up to you.  But what we are thinking is this, Bella as Royalty.  So we have one fic to recommend so far with that in mind.


The Arrangement …by A Tale To Be Told
 Reviewed by : Officer Verucasin

This is a story where a prince is arranged to be married to a princess as a truce between two kingdoms. Isabella has been informed about the arrangement since she was a kid and has been prepared for it ever since. The only problem is, Prince Edward just learned about their fathers’ promise to each other and didn’t take the news well. Edward refuses to meet with her betrothed and is dead set on finding a girl by himself. So in order for her to meet her prince, Isabella had to pose as a commoner and make him fall in love with her. They are classmate in a particular class and Bella just admitted to Edward she is his princess. That’s where the story is at the moment so it’s a good time to start reading it.

It is set in modern times so you can relate to the characters easily. The Bella here also has some spunk, which makes it appealing.

There are only a few chapters in, but this story is so engaging you wouldn’t mind the wait.


We hope you check this story out and see what you think...Now what stories do you love that have this theme in mind?? What do you think of the Theme for this month?? Let us know. 



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