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This Weeks One Shot Rec. ( 5-25-2011)

Hey everyone, I hope your Wed was a nice one.  Here is this weeks One Shot Rec brought to you by our amazing taylowendy.  Make sure you get comfy and check out this one shot with us.  (sorry it doesn't have a banner yet, but maybe someone who reads this would like to make one for it. ) 

"Kiss Me. Infect me with your love. Fill me with your poison." Bella Swan's intrigued by vampires. Edward Cullen's bored and alone. What happens when they meet? AU, vampire. Rated M for lemon.
Rated/Genre:         M - Romance/Supernatural
Characters:         Bella & Edward

I am really excited about this week’s One Shot fic. I love Nolebucgrl. She is one of my favorite FF author’s of all time. When I received a new story alert last week and it was from Nolebucgrl, I literally squealed in delight.

In her latest One Shot, Nolebucgrl, took the world of Twilight and gave it a True Blood alternate universe spin with “Fill Me with Your Poison”.

“When the vampires had first revealed themselves-on live television no less-there'd been panic. The world changed overnight. Plots to destroy the vampires spouted up, were tried, and failed spectacularly. When it became clear that the world was fighting a losing battle, leaders of the nations met with the leader of the vampires, Aro, and had come to an agreement that both sides could deal with.

The vampires wished to live a life in public, without the façade they'd been forced to endure for centuries. The humans wanted to live without fear of a vampire attack at any given moment, so deals were debated and eventually struck. Vampires were given permission to kill the infirm and the dying-only with their consent, of course. Hospitals, hospices, and ALFs all had agreements with local vampires for services to ease the pain and suffering of patients. People signed up in droves to have their lives ended by the vampires, instead of waiting to die.”

A night out with her two friends, Jessica and Lauren, Bella is determined to have some fun and experience what others are doing – living. The girls decide to go to Seattle’s premier vampire club, Venom. When the girls arrive at Venom, Bella meets the owner, Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen is bored and tired of living his immortal life alone. Unlike his brothers in blood, Jasper and Emmett, Edward is selective on who he wants to turn into a vampire. When Edward first sees Bella, he is instantly attracted to her and knows he has found his mate.

By the end of the night, Bella finds herself in the arms of Edward, signing the contract to be changed into a vampire, and asking Edward to “fill her with his poison”.

Fill Me with Your Poison is one quick and exciting read. You will enjoy this story immensely and will leave you wanting more. If you are not familiar with reading any of Nolebucgrl’s fics, you should check her out. I highly recommend her fic’s and place her on your favorite author’s alerts because Nolebucgrl is known for expanding her One-Shot’s.


-- taylowendy


I whole heartily agree with this recommendation! Fill Me With Your Poison is an amazing one shot that I hope Nolebucgrl expands!

Thank you so much ladies! I'm so glad you liked it and yes, it will likely expand once First & Ten wraps up. I need to see what those two want to do next ;) Thanks for the rec, Wendy! You rock!


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