Monday, May 16, 2011

This Weeks One Shot Rec. ( 5-16-2011)


Okay so Wendy is our resident One shot officer so she will be the one that recommends the one shots to you.  So here is her first one shot recommendation. 


A Little Fall of Rain







In the midst of tragedy, Bella is forced to make a heart-breaking decision. 
KitsuShel’s WARNING: Character Death.
Taylowendy’s WARNING: TNID4

The lovely and incredibly talented KitsuShel did it again with her entry in the “Never Ever Happily Ever After” contest. “A Little Fall of Rain” comes with the warning of character death, but I would like to include the warning TNID4 (Tissues Needed – Defcon 4).

Once you begin to read A Little Fall of Rain, you will learn of the tragedy that Bella faces. Since this was KitsuShel’s entry for the “Never Ever Happily Ever After” contest, we already know that there is more tragedy to come.

“I'd come to terms with the possibility that I wouldn't make it through this and made sure all of my affairs were in order, but I was still scared… It was indeed a cruel twist of fate, that I could lose my life now.”

A Little Fall of Rain is a quick and easy read that will take you from joy to instant heartbreak in a matter of seconds. Tissues will be needed throughout, but there is a little ray of some happy. KitsuShel plans on writing an epilogue because she just can’t leave things they way they ended and I can’t agree with her more. I am excited to see what she plans for the epilogue and hope she posts it soon.

Enjoy with Tissues!

-- taylowendy



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