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Must Read Classic Fic Rec

“Cullens go to Hogwarts”

 Erica K. Bailey


 The Cullens discover the world of magic when they go to Hogwarts during the TriWizard Tournament. Post Eclipse/pre-Breaking Dawn, during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Canon/AU WINNER - Best Crossover Twi-HP at twiawards.web.com.

Crossover - Harry Potter & Twilight
Rated/Genre:         T - Drama/Romance
Characters:         Edward & Cedric (No, this is not SLASH)

I know what everyone is thinking… The Cullens go to Hogwarts? I was thinking the same thing, but this story is what lead me down the long never-ending trail of reading Fanfiction.

About two years ago, I was bit by the TAB (Twilight Addiction Bug) and I was browsing through the internet looking for more information on Twilight. While trying to feed my new addiction, I stumbled over this website, http://thetwilightsaga.com, and found a group section called – FanFiction. Being curious, I took a look. Lo and behold, I found listed tons of stories written by fans using Twilight characters/histories as foundation for their stories. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I liked the title of Erica K. Bailey’s, Cullens go to Hogwarts, and clicked away.

The Cullens go to Hogwarts begins after Eclipse and during HP’s, Goblet of Fire. The story begins with Alice seeing them being visited by a visitor. Though the Cullens do not know who this visitor is, they prepare to welcome him. The visitor, who we find out is Hagrid, has been sent by Dumbledore, requesting the presence of Carlisle at Hogwarts.

"You sees, Dumbledore needs you to come to Hogwarts righ' away. There's an issue a brewing with Harry Potter – nots that there ain't always something with 'arry. That boy is cursed with bad luck." I smiled as I recalled someone else with that particular ailment.
Carlisle smiled as well as this Hagrid recounted what was supposed to be in a private letter.
"I guess I shouldn't 've said that – well, it's all in the letter…"
Carlisle opened the letter then, scanning it over at once, then reading to the rest of us.

"My old friend Carlisle,
Very dark times are upon us, or I would not have risked sending you this letter. A very dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort is gathering strength. He is using all his power to reappear as he once was and take control in the Wizarding world. This would have far reaching implications in the muggle world, as I am sure you can understand, affecting all creatures, magical and otherwise.
We have a young boy who is the key to our freedom, Harry Potter. His life is at great risk and I need assistance in protecting him. I have received a prophesy that Harry will be entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament, though he is under aged and unprepared for such a battle. I fear this is the work of Lord Voldemort in an attempt on young Potter's life.
There are few people I trust with such a task, and those I do trust, are already known. I need someone who would be unknown to come to Hogwarts to help protect young Harry. I hope you will accept my invitation to teach at Hogwarts over the coming year. We have an opening in Herbology that I think you could fill given your extensive knowledge. I assume your family would also accompany you. We may have need for the services of your son, Edward.
There is much to discuss, and time is short. I ask you to consider this request with haste.

Your old friend,
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore."

There was a moment of silence then as we took it all in, realizing that we were not much more clear about what was happening now than before the letter was read. Questions flooded to me all at once, as not only my own but the entire family's thoughts penetrated my head:

What, there are Wizards? Why hadn't I heard of this before?
What is with this Harry Potter? Why don't they just un-enter him from the contest?
Can I be in charge of protection? Wizard or not, I'll bring him down. That one was Emmett.

When did Carlisle meet this Dumbledore, and why is he asking for our help?
Does this mean we have to move again? I don't want to move.
I wonder if I could take him… He is huge, but still, I am stronger… I wonder how strong half-giants are? Emmett again.

"Well, then, there it is – so shall I tell the headmaster you accep' his offer?" Hagrid said, hopefully.

Erica does a fabulous job of intertwining the world Hogwarts and the Cullens. At first, she follows the story premise of The Goblet of Fire and then weaves the Cullens into the various parts of the story. Erica’s story does end where Goblet does, but as a heads up, Cedric does not die… yeah, total score!!!

I simply love what Erica does with these two worlds. The story is a quick and exciting read. You will be itching to grab your copy of Goblet as a reference of what has been changed and where the Cullens have been inserted in at throughout the story. What is a total bonus is that there is a sequel. As a matter of a fact, there is two more. At FanFiction, Erica has in progress, “Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks”, but if you click on the following link, http://thetwilightsaga.com/group/fanfiction/forum/topics/dawn-of-the-phoenix-cedric?xg_source=activity, you will be directed to the completed story at a whopping 117 Chapters and one Outtake. Erica is in the process of writing the third story, “The Half-Blood Vampire”, and can be found at thetwilightsaga.com, but not at FanFiction. Don’t know why these two stories are not fully listed at Fanfiction but I hope she eventually will list and complete them soon (hint hint… Erica, if you are reading this).

Head over and check this story out and give it some love.

-- taylowendy



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