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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Feature Here On The Twigasm and Our Facebook Group!!!

Alright everyone, this is going to be a new feature here on The Twigasm, its so new I don't even have a banner made for it yet...OH NO!!! lol... 

But anyway, we are going to be posting a poll up on our Facebook group The Twigasm once a week.  It will go up on Fridays and will end on Thursday night.  

Each week we will highlight some amazing fics, that you think are the best of the best.  The first week myself and another Twigasm Chick got together and picked these amazing fics.  Next week there will be a form to fill out here on the blog.  

I will have a post here on the blog every week that will let you get a good look at the fics picked before you decide the winner you want.  

On the poll on facebook please only pick one winner.  If you don't your votes will not count!!!!

I hope you enjoy this and help us highlight some great fics!


Guest Review by One of Eddies Girls for Love the Way You Lie

Its time for our Thursday weekly guest review... this week's review is from One of Eddies Girls.  This is what she had to say about Love the Way You Lie by Bnjwl. 

I am fortunate enough to get to pre-read for this fantastic fic. This story is an expansion to Robicorn’s Love the Way you Lie. Robicorn did not wish to continue the story, but did allow Bnjwl the honor of letting us see what happened in the aftermath of the O/S. Bnjwl does a wonderful job of showing us how both Bella and Edward have changed in their time apart. A little lost in what I'm talking about... Ok lets go back to the beginning of the story....

Bella and Edward have a very destructive and volatile relationship where drugs and alcohol are a big part of what makes their lives hard. Bella grew up in an unstable home, where Edward’s family can’t understand why things changed so much. The O/S is based off of Emminems song by the same name. Luckily Bella is able to escape the apartment that Edward has set on fire. Unfortunately not everyone was safe from the fire. A small child is injured during the fire causing Edward to go to jail. The story then goes into how they learn to adjust being separated, as well as healing themselves emotionally and purging their bodies dependency on the drugs and alcohol.

The story is very OOC at the beginning, so if you are looking for the sweet classic Edward you aren't going to find him in this story, but he still has redeemable qualities. Bella is stronger than she appears at the beginning. She learns that she doesn't need to depend on anyone and she could do things on her own.

As one of the pre-readers I am lucky enough to know where the story is going and how it will end, but that is not something I will share here. You will just have to go and read to find out if Bella and Edward can both make big enough changes in their lives to survive as a couple. Also are they strong enough people to deal with all the things life throws in direction, and not go back to their lives before.

Bnjwl updates Love The Way You Lie weekly on, so I ask/ beg/ plead for you to run and read such a wonderfully written story. Leave her a review and let her know where you heard all about it.

I hope you all head over to this amazing story and check it out! If you know of a story that you love and would like to write up a guest review for it.  Please fill out this form: Id like to be a guest reviewer.

Thanks so much One of Eddies Girls for writing this amazing review and sharing a great story with us. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking for New Staff!!!

Hey everyone, this is going to be a short post, but we are currently looking for some new staff.  If you think you have what we are looking for, or you think you could bring something new to The Twigasm.  Please fill out this form: Join Our Staff!

Thanks so much,

Less Known Fic (6/28/2011)

This weeks Less Known Fic is brought to you by our very own IllicitWriter herself.  So sit back, grab you a drink and get ready for this one!!! And I got to say I love the banner for this story!!! 

Okay, Kiddies. This week I bring to you a less known fic called: Theories of Bellativity by Kikki7. There are presently eight chapters, all of which were a fantastic read. For those of you who love a good Doctorward, then this is the pick of the puppy litter.

NO, 10 Chapters posted...

Bella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year. Add Dr. Edward Cullen, a cocky, irresistible ob/gyn resident. Throw in some chocolate, sprinkle with a few of Bella's quirky theories about life, and see what happens.

Do any of you readers fancy a good jackass? No, not a donkey people. I’m talking about Edward Cullen a.k.a Dr. ob/gyn jackass. Yes, he comes in all shapes and sizes, both charming and infuriating Bella to no end. The following excerpt is from chapter two. In this scene, Bella is a standing observer during a medical procedure in the operating room.

"Excuse me, Miss Swan?"
"Um…yes?" Fuck. I suddenly feel like a kid with her hand caught in the cookie jar. I even sound flustered. I inwardly smack myself on the side of my head.
"Do you need to use the bathroom?"
I stare at him dumbly. I blink. Several times I think. Words. He's expecting words. An answer. Brain kicks in and gives my mouth a shove. "No thank you, I'm fine."
He looks back down again. "Very good. Then could you please stop shifting around like a five-year-old that needs to pee? It's a bit distracting."
No, he didn't.
It just got infinitely hotter in here, and I can't tell if it's from embarrassment or indignation. I know the look on my face says it all because now he looks rather amused with himself.
Stupid, pretty green-eyed jackass.

What pulled me into this fic was the excellent writing prose of the author. She delivers character depth, intelligent medical jargon and my all-time favorite— humor. For those of you who know my tendency to flounce at the drop of a dime, Theories of Bellativity actually had me craving for more. Why, just the other day I was rocking back and forth in a corner. I needed a fix and I called my drug of choice chapter nine!
Last but not least, this is my favorite scene that comes from chapter three:

I rifle through my pocket and take out one of my last chocolates. Not wanting to be rude, I decide to be nice and offer him one. His eyes brighten, and he nods, so I hand him a Krackle bar.

He looks at it, and then looks at my dark chocolate. Nodding towards it, he asks,

"Do you have any more of those?"

"What, you don't want it? That's alright, I can take it back…" I say, extending my palm out.

"No, I didn't say that," he pulls his hand away protectively. "I'm just asking if you have any more dark chocolate."

I shake my head. "Nope. Sorry." I say with a shrug.

Clearly undeterred, he furrows his brow. "Really? You didn't even look."
I narrow my eyes at him. Unappreciative little shit. Who the hell does he think he is? "I think I know what is or isn't in my pocket. And I believe they say beggars can't be choosers."

He leans on the table toward me, and raises his eyebrows at me. "Wanna trade?"
I lean back, folding my arms across my chest. "Nope." I say, enunciating the P at the end, and quirk my eyebrow in challenge. "And even if I had more, you wouldn't be getting any."

His lips twitch, trying to hold back a smile. "That's not very nice," he retorts.

"Didn't your mother teach you that sharing is caring?"

I bite the inside of my lip, and feel my nostrils flare. Part of me wants to kick him in the shin and another part of me wants to straddle him and have my wicked way with him.

Stupid ovaries.

"My mother taught me lots of things. Including manners. And for the record, I do not give my dark chocolate to just anyone. And you don't deserve."
His face is a mask of mock indignation. "I'm not sure, but I think I may be offended."

"Oh, I think you can be sure."

That fuckhot lopsided grin makes its appearance again. "Well then, please enlighten me. How exactly does someone achieve deserving status in your book?"

"You have to earn dark chocolate status, Dr. Cullen. And at this point, you barely make Krackle status."

He tilts his head to the side and rubs his chin. "Oh really? So you're telling me there is a hierarchy in chocolate status? How exactly does that work, then?"

I consider it for a moment. "Well, Krackle is pretty much entry level. Mr. Goodbar would be the next level, then milk chocolate. You have to be pretty darn special to be worthy of dark chocolate status."

This is a public service announcement. *cue the obnoxious high-pitched tone* As an author, I understand the importance of reviewing. For most, it is not a means for popularity by way of numbers. It is chicken soup for the soul.
In my humble opinion, this is what a reader tells me when they review: “I appreciate your hard work. I am excited that you updated. I am letting you know that you did a great job with this chapter.” It takes less than fifteen seconds to hit the review button, jot a few words down and hit submit. This is your contribution to us, a payment if you will, for our services. Take fifteen seconds of your time to validate our story; it honestly makes us euphorically giddy. With that said, show this author that you are validating her time, efforts and hard work at providing you with an entertaining read. Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week at a Glance...

Hey everyone, I am going to be doing some different things on the blog in the next several weeks to see what works best for me and The Twigasm Chicks... One being this post on Mondays...I also plan to make sure something is posted every day! (I hope *keeps fingers crossed*) So here is our week this week at a glance...

  This Week at a Glance.... (a post that tells you all the things that will be happening on the blog through out the week.

Also Posted on Mondays is our Classic Fic Rec. This weeks fic is The Red Line  by WinndSinger .  Make sure you check this rec out.

Wednesday is our Less Known fic Rec day.  This weeks fic is Theories of Bellativity by kikki7.  I hope you check this one out! This fic needs some great reviews.  

On Thursday we have guest reviews and also my book shelf once a month.  This month I am reading Catching Fire  (the second book to the Hunger Games) and Torment by Lauren Kate.  I will be posting a review on Torment.

 On Fridays, we rec a story that either made us laugh, cry or one of those fics that you just couldn't turn your computer off b/c you couldn't stop reading even when it was like 3 am lol.... 

This weeks Fic is Ride The Wind by Iadorepugs


On these two days we do mainly two things that is our Writers Chat, where any of you can come in and do a writers chat any time you want to right on our own chat system. Or sometimes we have a WC set up and you can join that.  
Plus we also do a monthly read along...This Month we aren't going to have one b/c we are revamping the Read Along here on the blog.  So starting next month we will be having one! Make sure to put in your input on what you might want to read with us. 

Okay so that's our week at a glance Now to some announcements as well. 

Also this week on The Twigasm is Name that Fic:    Remember you must fill out this form to win.  The form has to be filled out by: Friday the first of July.  This little hint is also on the bottom of the blog all the time!!!  Here is this weeks fic for you all to guess.

Transferring the files to a memory stick, I delete all evidence of Isabella's travels and my shadowy trail. Reporting her is the last thing I'd do. No, I have other plans for you, Princess.

So now lets get to guessing what fic this is from.... Do you think you know??? 

 Also we are fully supporting a great cause.  Junkin for Joplin...Make sure you check this out and donate to the auction. 

Not sure if you all know but up at the top of the blog there are a few other sections like writers chat, meet the twigasm chicks and a few others.  There is one up there that is really important and was just added... Events! That is a calendar you can look at to see upcoming contests and events...Make sure you check this out!!!
Also we are in the middle of a contest here on the blog called the...The Twigasm Vid Awards not sure if you all know about these or not so here is The Rules and post   for the Awards here on the blog.  Make sure you check this out!!! 

Thanks everyone so much for reading the blog and I hope you are enjoying it as much as me.  I hope you all have a great week!!! 

This Weeks Classic Fic Rec (6-28-2011)

Hey everyone, you know the drill by now….sit back, relax and enjoy the rec!!! This weeks Classic fic rec is a bit late, I’m sorry for that but this weeks fic is brought to you by ME : )

Okay so I want to play a little game, lets see how many of you can guess this fic with just the first few lines of it. I know you all can. That’s why this one is a classic. This fic is one of my all time favorites and I know a lot of you will feel the same. So lets play…

No kid ever stands up on the stage at school and says, "I want to be a whore."
Back then, I used to say I wanted to be a doctor. My friends would say cop, fireman, soldier…those are nice dreams too.
But this is the real world…and dreams just don't come true. I know that now.
I am a whore. My name is Edward. There are no last names when you're a whore so I am not a Cullen right now. It's time to punch in for work.

See, I knew you all would guess it.  That’s right it’s The Red Line by Windsinger,  one of the all time best writers.  This story always kept me at my computer and I just recently reread it and it did it all over again.  

You all know this fic and if you don’t where have you been?  

Edward is an exotic male dancer. Bella is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. Bella pays Edward to belong to her for 2 weeks so she can study him. Things soon get very interesting between them.

Come on if you don’t want to read this story after just the summary, I know I did!!! But anyway, I can’t ever say enough about this story, its amazing and wrote amazingly.

"Such a good girl…" he purred, whispering as his hands moved up and down the sides of my hips, curling in and rubbing my butt cheeks again, "You're behaving sooo nicely, not giving me any resistance at all…I'm so proud of YOU, fair Bella…"
Edward was doing a good job with me on my sessions and I was glad to know I was being equally behaved during his sessions.
My mouth and brain couldn't form words at the moment, all I could so eloquently say was, "Ohhhhhhhhh….." and gasp.
"Everyone is drooling over you…watching me feel you up like a little bitch in heat right before their eyes…" his voice moved like smoke into my ears, so low, so sexual and deep, "They're all wishing they were me…they can almost see me in their minds…bending you over the seat, yanking your jeans down…KISS. BITE. LICK. ..shoving my cock deep inside you and pounding you…"
OH, SHIT! This boy can TALK! His voice is doing things to my body! I had no idea hearing something could make you so wet and hot!
I exhaled a deep breath, closing my eyes as my body trembled harder.
"Again…and again…" he growled in my ear, "Taking you…making you scream while everyone just sits here and watches you being fucked…no one will help you…no one will stop me from having you, Bella."
His hand wrapped once around my long hair, holding my face up a bit, the pole between my breasts as he pushed me gently against it.
"Mmmmmm…" Edward purred, looking down at me from his point of view, "So sweet…and innocent…the way you shiver and blush…it just makes me want you all the more…I want a peek at the little slut inside you…"
"Oh my God…" I was panting and felt the wetness between my legs right now.
"Fuck God, you're in my clutches now, little girl…" he was so wicked and hot I wanted to rape him right here and now. What is he doing to me? I'm not like this! Am I ?
I told you, I love bad boys. And Edward was doing a wonderful job at being bad right now. I didn't know he had this side to him. He is just full of surprises!
"God might have mercy on you, but I won't." he whispered deeply into my ear, taking a firm bite on my earlobe as I clenched the pole harder, my fingers reddening.
The door opened on the train and Edward grabbed my hand, pulling me behind him, getting out of the car and into the platform area.
"This is our stop, let's eat!" his voice went right back to normal in an instant, and he was dragging me behind him up the platform stairs, towards the street.

I remember after that part I was panting for more. You will be glued to your computer if you haven’t read this one and if you have try reading it again!!!

Fundraiser We Are Supporting: Special Announcement!!!

Hey everyone...I want to take a few minutes and let you all know about an great cause and auction that is going on right now.  This auction starts on July 1st. 

Junkin for Joplin is a fundraiser/auction started by the FanficAholics Anon.  Please go to their blog and check this out and please donate to this cause.  I will be donating something to the action so make sure you check this out.    Just click on the words Junkin for Joplin on this post and it will take you to all the details!!

Please and Thanks,

Friday, June 24, 2011

This Weeks Rec

Hey everyone, its time for a story Rec!!!! This story rec comes from Dominatall.  This story is a short min fic.  I hope you all check this out!


It's that time of year again ..........Summer Time!! With the wonderful change in the weather comes a dramatic change in your schedules. Especially those of you with kids. So this weeks rec is for a short story by Jayeliwood. Computer repair is a story that started as a one shot and evolved in a 11 chapter mini fic.
Edward is a major geek and Bella-well, she isn't. When Edward hears of her computer troubles he offers to lend her a helping hand. He never expected what would happen next and how it turns his world on it's side.
It's light on the angst and a fun easy read for you mom's with not a lot of tome on your hands.
Jayeliwood has retired from writing, but she was kind enough to leave all her wonderful stories posted for us. She has 57 stories posted on  So there's bound to be something for every ones taste. Here are some of my all time favorite's you might want to check out are.....
"The List" Bella is 30 but where has her life really taken her? She's got a job,but no real life. No lover,no kids,nothing. Feeling lost & alone on her 30Th birthday she writes a list of things she's never done before but has always wanted to. Maybe life really begins at 30?
The List .................and my No#1 fave "Blind" I think I'm read this six times now.
 Disability doesn't mean you're not able. Can Edward get over his disability and himself to find true happiness with someone who cares deeply for him. Will he do anything to become whole for her?    The Blind
Thanks so much for reading...Hope you go check out this story and give some love to the writer :) 
Have a great Friday

Monday, June 20, 2011

This Weeks One Shot Rec. 6-20-2011

Hey everyone, its Tuesday so that means its time for our One Shot Rec of the week.  So this weeks story is...

Complete - Chapters: 1

What if Edward never returned to Carlisle after his "rebellious" phase? What if he and Bella were always meant to be? How do you pledge yourself to your mate if your life isn't yours to begin with? AU ExB Vampires...Rated M One-Shot.

I am a complete and total fan girl over anything that drotuno writes and when she posted this one-shot, I HAD to read this one.

Ninety years ago, Carlisle was seeking a companion. He thought he found that we he changed Edward. When Edward discovered his gift of reading minds, he realized that he could “feast” on the evil people of the world and not take up the veterinarian diet like Carlisle. Edward thought he had it made.

One day Edward was caught by the Volturi while he was out feeding. Apparently, Edward was causing quite a scene ridding the world of rapists, murderers, and child molesters. Aro ordered his death but when he found out that Edward could read people’s minds. In exchange for his life, Edward became apart of Aro’s collection of gifted immortals.

When Aro found out that Carlisle created another immortal with an exceptional talent, he had to them. Aro sends Edward to collect Bella. Edward was hoping that this would be his last mission for Aro. What Edward doesn’t know is that there is more in store for him and Bella is the key to his future of love and happiness.

This one-shot is beautifully written and offers a unique alternative to how Edward and Bella meet and become mated. Like most of drotuno’s other stories, this one will stuck you in immediately. When you get towards the end, you are going to wish there is more. I know I did! 


Sunday, June 19, 2011

This weeks Classic Fic Rec... (6-20-2011)

Hey everyone, its time for out weekly Classic fic rec.  So here you go, this is brought to you by our Classic fic chick, Taylowendy.  So this weeks fic is...

YES: 27 Chapters

Edward Pattinson is the enigmatic leader of his up and coming band "The Pattinson Project". He meets Bella Swan while she interviews his band and subsequently fall in love while dealing with the pitfalls of both fame and love.
If you are in the mood for a Musicianward, then this is a story for you.

Bella is a journalist for LOUD Magazine and is on her way to interview a new upcoming band called, “The Pattinson Project”. Not much is available on the band, not even one picture from the bands website. The only thing she knows is that the band is gaining interest across the country and the music is extremely good.

While she is on the plane, Bella encounters a good looking guy carrying a guitar case on the plane from Los Angeles to Chicago. She is instantly attracted to him and so is he. They strike up a conversation and talk through the entire flight. The flight ends too soon and neither of them gets each others name. However, what Bella did not know was that she was talking to Edward Cullen, the lead singer of “The Pattinson Project”.

Having to deal with crazy fans, press, band mates, and travel, Bella and Edward’s relationship is given the ultimate test of making it work. This story is written with alternate POVs (Bella and Edward) and… there is a SEQUEL and one OUTTAKE! This is one beautifully well written story that you sure DO NOT want to miss out on. The real ultimate test of their relationship does not happen until the sequel. If you fall in love with this story, like I did, and decide to read the sequel, make sure you have a Kleenex box handy. I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t wait for the next update (lucky for you guys – the sequel is complete also).

Go and read the “The Pattinson Project by Bettygale… You will be glad you did!


We are here to enhance the Twilight fanfiction community. We are here to help you find a new fic you haven't read, we are here to for entertainment only. No copyright en fragments are intended. We are not affiliated with Mrs Meyer in any way or Summit Entertainment.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy making it. We love Twilight and can't wait to share the stories we rec with you.

Thank you so much,