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This weeks Classic Fic Rec... (6-20-2011)

Hey everyone, its time for out weekly Classic fic rec.  So here you go, this is brought to you by our Classic fic chick, Taylowendy.  So this weeks fic is...

YES: 27 Chapters

Edward Pattinson is the enigmatic leader of his up and coming band "The Pattinson Project". He meets Bella Swan while she interviews his band and subsequently fall in love while dealing with the pitfalls of both fame and love.
If you are in the mood for a Musicianward, then this is a story for you.

Bella is a journalist for LOUD Magazine and is on her way to interview a new upcoming band called, “The Pattinson Project”. Not much is available on the band, not even one picture from the bands website. The only thing she knows is that the band is gaining interest across the country and the music is extremely good.

While she is on the plane, Bella encounters a good looking guy carrying a guitar case on the plane from Los Angeles to Chicago. She is instantly attracted to him and so is he. They strike up a conversation and talk through the entire flight. The flight ends too soon and neither of them gets each others name. However, what Bella did not know was that she was talking to Edward Cullen, the lead singer of “The Pattinson Project”.

Having to deal with crazy fans, press, band mates, and travel, Bella and Edward’s relationship is given the ultimate test of making it work. This story is written with alternate POVs (Bella and Edward) and… there is a SEQUEL and one OUTTAKE! This is one beautifully well written story that you sure DO NOT want to miss out on. The real ultimate test of their relationship does not happen until the sequel. If you fall in love with this story, like I did, and decide to read the sequel, make sure you have a Kleenex box handy. I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t wait for the next update (lucky for you guys – the sequel is complete also).

Go and read the “The Pattinson Project by Bettygale… You will be glad you did!



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