Monday, June 20, 2011

This Weeks One Shot Rec. 6-20-2011

Hey everyone, its Tuesday so that means its time for our One Shot Rec of the week.  So this weeks story is...

Complete - Chapters: 1

What if Edward never returned to Carlisle after his "rebellious" phase? What if he and Bella were always meant to be? How do you pledge yourself to your mate if your life isn't yours to begin with? AU ExB Vampires...Rated M One-Shot.

I am a complete and total fan girl over anything that drotuno writes and when she posted this one-shot, I HAD to read this one.

Ninety years ago, Carlisle was seeking a companion. He thought he found that we he changed Edward. When Edward discovered his gift of reading minds, he realized that he could “feast” on the evil people of the world and not take up the veterinarian diet like Carlisle. Edward thought he had it made.

One day Edward was caught by the Volturi while he was out feeding. Apparently, Edward was causing quite a scene ridding the world of rapists, murderers, and child molesters. Aro ordered his death but when he found out that Edward could read people’s minds. In exchange for his life, Edward became apart of Aro’s collection of gifted immortals.

When Aro found out that Carlisle created another immortal with an exceptional talent, he had to them. Aro sends Edward to collect Bella. Edward was hoping that this would be his last mission for Aro. What Edward doesn’t know is that there is more in store for him and Bella is the key to his future of love and happiness.

This one-shot is beautifully written and offers a unique alternative to how Edward and Bella meet and become mated. Like most of drotuno’s other stories, this one will stuck you in immediately. When you get towards the end, you are going to wish there is more. I know I did! 




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