Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Story Rec Can't Walk Away From

Okay everyone, here is another story rec just for you... This one is from Dominatalls our resident Make me laugh, cry or just can't walk away from fic rec woman :) 


Always a survivor but barely alive, she has shut herself off from most of the world. What will happen when she risks spending a summer in Miami with friends? Life, and possibly love, will happen to Bella Swan. All Human

I'm usually the kind of person who reads stories the have been rec'd like crazy. After hearing how great something is 4-5 times I will read it. However after a little fic diving I found this little gem. This small fry has less than 155 reviews, but it's big on content and heart. So I took and chance and read it, and I loved it. It's a little different from the usual love story. There's a small twist that makes it a little different. Without giving to much away here's a tib bit......
My name is Bella Swan and I am a freak. I'm not the sort of freak who walks around in the rain in their underwear, talking to an imaginary friend named Ernie. I don't walk around in a trench coat flashing my privates. I've never even caught myself talking to inanimate objects. I'm a natural freak. Born on a rainy day in September in the small town of Forks, Washington, I possessed my freakishness at birth. It wasn't a choice but a gift, I've been told. A gift that I should cherish because it means I'm different from all the normal freaks.

This story is well written and very engaging. I would love for this story to be the next big story everyone is talking about. Take the time a read this and rec it to your friends. On Chapter 23 this is a Work in progress. Give MSJ2779 some love and review.



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