Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Week at a Glance...

Hey everyone, I am going to be doing some different things on the blog in the next several weeks to see what works best for me and The Twigasm Chicks... One being this post on Mondays...I also plan to make sure something is posted every day! (I hope *keeps fingers crossed*) So here is our week this week at a glance...

  This Week at a Glance.... (a post that tells you all the things that will be happening on the blog through out the week.

Also Posted on Mondays is our Classic Fic Rec. This weeks fic is The Red Line  by WinndSinger .  Make sure you check this rec out.

Wednesday is our Less Known fic Rec day.  This weeks fic is Theories of Bellativity by kikki7.  I hope you check this one out! This fic needs some great reviews.  

On Thursday we have guest reviews and also my book shelf once a month.  This month I am reading Catching Fire  (the second book to the Hunger Games) and Torment by Lauren Kate.  I will be posting a review on Torment.

 On Fridays, we rec a story that either made us laugh, cry or one of those fics that you just couldn't turn your computer off b/c you couldn't stop reading even when it was like 3 am lol.... 

This weeks Fic is Ride The Wind by Iadorepugs


On these two days we do mainly two things that is our Writers Chat, where any of you can come in and do a writers chat any time you want to right on our own chat system. Or sometimes we have a WC set up and you can join that.  
Plus we also do a monthly read along...This Month we aren't going to have one b/c we are revamping the Read Along here on the blog.  So starting next month we will be having one! Make sure to put in your input on what you might want to read with us. 

Okay so that's our week at a glance Now to some announcements as well. 

Also this week on The Twigasm is Name that Fic:    Remember you must fill out this form to win.  The form has to be filled out by: Friday the first of July.  This little hint is also on the bottom of the blog all the time!!!  Here is this weeks fic for you all to guess.

Transferring the files to a memory stick, I delete all evidence of Isabella's travels and my shadowy trail. Reporting her is the last thing I'd do. No, I have other plans for you, Princess.

So now lets get to guessing what fic this is from.... Do you think you know??? 

 Also we are fully supporting a great cause.  Junkin for Joplin...Make sure you check this out and donate to the auction. 

Not sure if you all know but up at the top of the blog there are a few other sections like writers chat, meet the twigasm chicks and a few others.  There is one up there that is really important and was just added... Events! That is a calendar you can look at to see upcoming contests and events...Make sure you check this out!!!
Also we are in the middle of a contest here on the blog called the...The Twigasm Vid Awards not sure if you all know about these or not so here is The Rules and post   for the Awards here on the blog.  Make sure you check this out!!! 

Thanks everyone so much for reading the blog and I hope you are enjoying it as much as me.  I hope you all have a great week!!! 



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