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Teaser Sunday (6/12/2011)

Hey everyone, its that time again, time to get teased....I hope you are ready we have some good ones, including a new story teaser hehe.  So sit back, relax and get to reading. 


*New Story* Chapter 1 of  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by CharliDenae

Warnings: This story contains violence, graphic sex, language, spanking and non-consensual sexual innuendos with a minor. Please read at your own risk. Written for the' Afraid of the Dark' contest.

"What have I gotten myself into?" She thought as dread and fear filled her chest and made it hard to breathe. She watched his face as he stood in the doorway. She thought his face was so handsome, even with the rage that contorted his features, and she wished she knew what she had done to anger him so.

"Alice." He bit out. "I have brought you into my home. I have fed you and given you a place to sleep. I expect certain... things from you."

Alice's heart raced as her stomach dropped to her toes. "Oh no... " Alice felt sick to her stomach. How could she have trusted him, a stranger, and now she was in his home and no one knew she was here.

Standing rigid next to the bed, Alice waited for Jasper to tell her what he expected. She saw his eyes shift to the bed and she had to fight with everything she had not to throw up. Her eyes watered and she blinked lest he think she was crying. His eyes went to her face again and she tried to keep her face perfectly still as he watched her. He walked purposely toward her, his eyes locked on hers...


The cameras were mounted around the house nearly fifteen years ago after an untoward security breach, and had gone through periodic upgrades throughout the years. He hadn’t had much use for them before and never thought he would. But then things changed. He’d changed. He found himself spending hours observing his wife’s every movement within the house, getting a deeply depraved pleasure from knowing she couldn’t hide anything from him, even when she thought he wasn’t around. Not that he spent every available moment watching her, but enough to get a sufficiently good idea of her routine.

She used to be somewhat restless during the first half a year or so of their marriage. She would pace around the room a lot, like a caged animal. Then she’d huddle in a corner and cry. She used to spend an impressive amount of time crying. She had settled down considerably later on, doing little else other than sitting by the bay window with her knees hugged close to her chest.

Back then, she also used to do something that was a matter of great curiosity to him. In those early days, her constant pacing and crying would often be punctuated by her picking up the phone and staring at it with a pained, indecisive expression, before putting it down and resuming her looped marching, or weeping. He was very keen to figure out whom she was thinking about calling: 911? Her parents? Or was it his brother? He had considered disconnecting the land line, but the suspense of this particular tryst was too great for him to put an end to it. And after a fashion, perhaps he was just as eager to find out if she had the nerve to call for help. She never did


Chapter 12 of Irrerversible by LFC Hotstuff 

Bella must’ve seen the hesitation in my face for she took the pillow from my hands to reveal Willy still actively standing at full attention. Bella spread my legs apart, taking extra care in handling my left leg before wedging a pillow underneath it. She began rubbing my inner thighs with her hands, gently kneading them one after the other. I didn’t feel a thing, that was for sure, but I could tell by the slow heaving of her body and mine that she was doing a good job on relaxing the rigid muscles in my thighs.

I watched her face intently while she continued massaging my thighs and felt a different form of arousal. This was something I hadn’t felt before. This was mind numbing. I felt my blood rushing at an unbelievable speed within me, jolting all me. I couldn’t stop myself that very moment when I reached for her arm and tugged her down to me.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the teasers... Until next time, I hope you all have a great day. Remember just smile :) 




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