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Less Known Fic (6/6/2011)

Hey everyone its time for the Less Known Fic rec of the Week.  Make sure you check this out.  Oh and I'm so excited to let you all meet our new Less Known fic girl...IllicitWriter.

This week, I am recommending an unknown taboo fiction called: From Rampant Rabbit To Holy Habit by Beckysparkles. Yes, I am speaking of an act that is considered a ‘no’ ‘no’ by the norms of society. This story has captured my attention and interest since day one and I am giddy like a freaky fan girl when it updates. *squueeeee*

 Bella is a promiscuous girl. Sexy and beautiful, she can have any man she wants, and usually does. That is until she meets Edward. Handsome, perfect, and completely unobtainable because...well, you will have to read to find out. Rated M. AH
This story is fantastically written both in development and character. It’s a bit of romance, wrapped up in unresolved sexual tension, seasoned throughout with humor and baked to story perfection.

The premise of the plot: Bella finds herself uncontrollably lusting after her own Priestward, Father Cullen—a.k.a—Edward Cullen—a.k.a— Father Fuckable (those are Bella’s words, not mine). Yes my dears, your priest has arrived looking like Rob Pattinson on a bad day. Keep in mind that he has none.

Father fuckable Cullen has a bit of yearning for Bella as well and throughout the chapters we see these two lust birds tip toeing slowly towards the forbidden line.

The following excerpt is from Bella’s first interaction with Father Fu Cullen in confession:
Now hold on a minute. That's not the frail, trepid voice that I usually hear at confession. This voice is smooth and deep. This is a voice that makes you sit up and listen. This voice is sexy. Can you say a priest's voice is sexy? Well, it is. It's a sexy voice.

"Father, I have taken the Lord's name in vain this week—on many occasions." Let's start him off easy. With Father Aro, I would usually dive right in with the gory stuff: the drinking and sex. Actually, I had been taking the Lord's name in vain during sex, but I don't want to hit him with that double whammy during our first time together. What would he think of me?

"Is there anything else, my child?" he asks.

"Yes, father. I was awful to my father during an argument and blasphemed.” This is also pretty tame. By now, I would usually be onto positions and locations, but something had me feeling a little shy. It was that voice, I realize, that Goddamn (sorry) sexy voice! I want the owner of that voice to think well of me. No more confessing for me today. I reason that I will come back later, and seek out Father Aro.
Isn’t she just the pinnacle of sin? This next little snippet is my favorite line. I, along with others, tweeted about this until the humor went dry. Then we just came up with other nonsensical dirtiness related to taking the virtue of a priest.
"Bella, I want to introduce you to my friend. Edward." I turn around ready to play nice, at least, for a while. Oh my God! It’s Father Fuckable in the flesh, and looking finer than ever.
Ha. See? Her words. Not mine. So, if you’re looking for something different under the genre of I cannot believe they are going to cross THAT line, then From Rampant Rabbit to Holy Habit will be just your type of read. Enjoy!



I love this story. BeckySparkles writes her humor so well and this story is romantic, sweet, and a little different! Check it out!

aww thanks Stacy, I love writing it.

What an entertaining review! You had me laughing and now I can't wait to check out the story. Father Fu--I mean Cullen? I'm there! And Bella sounds hilariously fun. Love stories with humor.

Hope you are enjoying it ;) Thank you for leaving some luv in a comment!


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