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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Shot Tuesdays!!!

Classic plot line where Bella loves Edward... yada yada, but this time, she kidnaps his school paper and manages to get cum on it. Okay, maybe it isn't THAT classic.

Bella’s life is like the famous Charlie Brown comic strip… boring. One day while sitting next to Edward Cullen, the man of her dreams, in her Biology class, Bella contemplates who she would be in the famous comic. Charlie Brown? Or the little Red Haired Girl? When she comes close to figuring out who she would be, Bella realizes that she has been got staring by the man himself. Embarrassed to the core and saved by the bell, Bella tries to gather all of her things to make a quick get away. Unfortunately, her back pack foils her plans and ends up ripping and spilling everything on Edward’s lap. Mortified beyond belief, Bella attempts to gather all of her things again and makes a mad dash home.

When Bella arrives at home, she goes through all of her papers to make sure she recovered everything.

Paper on the French Revolution.
Biology homework.
Spanish homework.
Multiple page essay with Edward Cullen's name on it.
Ch- what?
I stared down at the large essay with wide eyes.
Fuck, like I needed to embarrass myself even more, I stole the poor boy's homework too…
Someone alert the media, Bella Swan did something embarrassing.
I sighed, wondering what I should do. Well, I knew I had to give it back to him, but what I didn't know was how. I looked at the title, curious as to what this was for.
Attitudes Towards Premarital Sex Now and Fifty Years Ago

Bella attempts to do her homework but can’t stop thinking of Edward. She makes one more attempt but is distracted by a song that is playing on her iPod. She tries to skip to the next song, but she can’t. Bella comes to the conclusion that the universe is trying to tell her that she needs to relieve some of her tension by masturbating, which she does.

The next morning, Bella wakes up to find an unfortunate incident occurred.

I definitely didn't feel like going to school today, or facing Edward, but I had to give him his paper back. Speaking of paper, where was his paper…?
I found it in my bed. I guess I was too lazy to put it on my nightstand. Luckily, it didn't have too many creases, so I just smoothed them out and made sure it looked good as new. I got dressed for school and brushed my hair. I noticed I looked a little brighter today.
Gee, I wonder why.
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my backpack, taking out my folder to put Edward's paper in. I picked it up and-
"Oh holy fuck! Oh no no no no no no no no no! This can't be happening! Shit!"
Right on the smack dab center of his paper, that was most likely due today, was a smear of my fucking cum.
I tried in vain to wipe it off with my sleeve, but it was already dry, and there was no hope of getting it off.
Well, at least you got yourself off.
Shut up, shut up, mind!
I groaned in desperation, noticing that it even smelled like my uh… you know.
What a time to get modest.
I moaned in defeat, knowing that I had zero time to rewrite his essay. I'd have to give him this one.
I stuffed it in my folder and pinched the bridge of my nose. Life sucks.

Will Bella be able to return Edward’s paper back to him without him noticing what happened? Will she even give the paper back at all? Well, I’m not going to spoil the story for you. You need to read it for yourselves! This is One-Shot is going to have you laughing out loud. This is one of those One-Shot’s that I wish that it would get expanded. It is funny and one quick easy enjoyable read.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Classic Fic Rec Monday

Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past. What happens when the past catches up with him and throws them both into the unknown?

This is one classic that you can get addicted to

Alice and Rosalie drag Bella out for a night out with their boyfriend’s, Jasper and Emmett. Tired of feeling like a third wheel, Bella decides to call it a night but stops by a bookstore on her way home. While in the bookstore, Bella can’t help but notice the beautifully dangerous looking man in the next to her. He is everything she wants in a man: tall, lean, and handsome. Before she loses her nerve, Bella goes up to him to say hello.

I was about to stomp out of the store when something caught my eye. Something bronze coloured came into my view from in between the shelves. It was hair, I realised, beautifully mussed and dishevelled hair. The hair belonged to a male, that much was obvious, but his back was facing me. I shuffled a few steps along the narrow row of shelving so that I could get a better look. He was wearing a short sleeved t- shirt and snug fitting black jeans.
My eyebrows shot up as I noticed the muscles even from here, rippling along his back and his arms. Not overdone, but lithe, agile. I felt the need to run my hands up and down his arms, to see if he was real.
Stop it Bella!
I wanted him to turn around.
It was as if he heard my thoughts as he slowly turned in my direction. I gasped and grabbed a book from the shelf I was standing at.
He started to head over to where I was standing, but I could see that he wasn't looking at me. I studied him as much as I dared. I noticed he had strong, manly features; he had such a sharp jaw that I found myself wanting to kiss the edge of. He had beautiful, wide honey-gold eyes that sported a quizzical and grim look, a smooth forehead and straight nose, full lips and perfect eyebrows. He was also incredibly pale, I noted, but he was so gorgeous that it practically knocked the breath out of me.
As he got closer, I also got a better look at his body, which not-so-secretly pleased me. Power radiated from his rippling lithe body. Not the type of muscles that screamed "I live at the gym everyone!", but subtle and very sexy. Ah, washboard abs. He was tall, lean, and handsome.
Everything I want in a man.
His dark expression and brooding eyes made him look mysterious, and incredibly sexy. Not only was he completely gorgeous, but he looked beautifully dangerous.
I felt a tightening in my stomach as I watched him gracefully and swiftly walk over towards where I was ogling him. As he approached, I blushed and turned away, acting like I wasn't at all gawking at him but browsing around.
I felt, rather than heard, him stand next to me; he was so quiet I wouldn't have noticed him had I not been so infatuated with his presence.
I caught the smell of his cologne, which sent my emotions into a frenzy. I already felt a little crazy, but his aroma was intoxicating. I felt another unfamiliar ache in my belly, although this one travelled even further down, causing me to squirm a bit.
I looked at him from the corner of my eye, braving a glance at the irresistible aura of him. He was staring at me, his golden eyes holding my gaze for a few seconds. I flushed and looked away at once, running my finger across the title on the book I'd picked up earlier. I pretended to look at the title of it and not let him know that I knew he was watching me. But it was like trying to ignore a superstar staring at you; you couldn't look away for too long. His gaze was pretty much burning a hole in the side of my face. I shifted my gaze to look at his face, my eyes traced his chiselled features, and I felt another pang of desire.
I should have been lit on fire, staring into his eyes, they seemed so dark and intense. The sensations he was causing were curious, my heart beat picked up, colour flooded my cheeks and I started to quietly pant. His impossibly golden eyes were hauntingly lovely, full of curiosity and… desire?
Before I could lose my nerve, I spoke up.
"Hi," I squeaked, smiling sheepishly.
His face broke out into a smile, dazzling the crap out of me.
"Hello," he said politely, his velvety voice stroked my senses alluringly. I felt another squeeze in the pit of my stomach. He inclined his head at the book I was fingering slightly. "You like books like that? Dark Prince?" His tone was slightly amused.
I looked quickly at the book and flushed even more. I saw that under the title of the book there were words in small print that stated, 'An Erotic Story.' I immediately withdrew my hand and tucked it in my pocket, giggling with chagrin.
"Umm, actually, no," I said quietly, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.
I heard him chuckle, a deep sound that riled up my emotions once again. I looked up at him, once again amazed by his smouldering good looks.
Was it hot in here, or was it just me? I tugged on my collar, feeling a little shifty.
"I'm actually just escaping from my friends," I admitted honestly.
He raised one perfect eyebrow curiously. "Why?" His voice was so smooth.
I bit my lip; I didn't really want to admit that I was a lonely girl; that would seem like I was begging to get laid or something.
Although, I would not be at all opposed to a lay in the sack with you.
I saw his eyebrows rise on his smooth brow and he swallowed hard. I was surprising myself. I usually didn't find men this attractive, and I certainly never hinted to myself that I wanted to sleep with him. Not once did I get aroused from just the sound of the voice from a man. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, saying a few Hail Mary's and smiled at him impishly.
"Shopping," I lied, trying to cover it up with my smile. I prayed to God that he believed me; I was always useless at lying.
"Liar," he said, his voice laced with dark amusement and curiosity. I flushed even more and wondered how he knew. I thought I did pretty well with the lie.
Damn it, Bella.
My eyes kept darting around the room, looking anywhere but at him.
"Hey," he said softly, his voice unintentionally demanding my attention. Oh boy, did he know the effect he had on me? "We didn't even introduce ourselves. My name is Edward Masen." He smiled at me, a crooked smile that made my legs shake.
Shit, Bella. Control yourself.
He held out one long-fingered, pale hand, and I gripped it, shaking it a little too hard, my nervousness showing in a most stupid way. The most curious sensation shot through my hand and up my arm, seemingly to go straight to my heart. It was a shock, like my body was trying to tell me something about him. I wondered whether he'd felt it too as he quickly withdrew his hand and ran it through his already mussed hair.
I licked my lips; I wanted to run my fingers through his hair.
I smiled at him weakly. "I'm Isabella Swan," I murmured, raising an eyebrow. "But everyone calls me Bella."

Little does Bella know that by approaching this beautifully dangerous looking man, she unknowingly finds herself swept up into a life that involves romance, vampires, aswangs, and dhampires.

This is one awesome story! Lizzylillyrose does one fantastic job of taking the characters of Twilight and spinning them into a world of her own. This story is filled with intrigue, mystery, and snarls and growls. Did I say snarls and growls? Yep! This Edward loves his Bella and he likes to snarl and growl like the true vampire he is. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him. Addictward even has his own twitter… @addictward.

All I can say is that this story is truly an original classic and a must read! Go and be addicted!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Can't Walk Away from Friday

Edward's the single father to an amazing little girl... with a hearing disability. "Imagine my surprise when she crouched down to Emma's level... and began signing with hands.

 Unable to rise to the challenge of raising a child with a hearing disability little Emma Cullen mother abandoned her. At the age of 24 Edward Cullen found himself alone raising a precious little girl alone.
Edward is overly protective of little Emma and very guarded of his own heart. People treat her differently because of her disability. 

I tried dating a few times, but it always ended in disaster. It was when I brought someone home with me to introduce her to Emma that everything went to hell. The date or girlfriend or whatever would start walking on eggshells around Emma, and simply shy away – no matter how many times I told them to just relax, because my girl is not only smart, but she's also easy going, and you don't need sign language to convey simple things. But yes, they shied away, which in turn made my girl believe people didn't like her.

Bella Swan is a 20 year old dance student. She was raised by a mother with a hearing disability, so she learned sign language at an early age.
A chance meeting in the grocery store sends their lives into a new direction.
"Edward," Rose smirked. "This is Bella. We work out together at Emmett's gym. And Bella, this is my brother, Edward."
I smiled, offered my hand. "Nice to meet you, Bella."
She smiled brightly and shook my hand as she replied, "Nice to meet you, too, Edward… I take it little Emma here's yours?"
"She is," I grinned, looking down at where Emma was watching us curiously.
That always tugged at me, to see her so curious about what she wasn't hearing.
Apparently Bella noticed as well, and when she spoke again, she signed at the same time. Once again shocking the hell out of me.
"She's an adorable little girl. Rose told me about her niece, but I'm afraid her words didn't do her justice," she smiled, winking at my girl.
Emma's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and it was for such a simple thing as being included.
"Thank you," I chuckled, still stunned.
"And Bella, you didn't tell me you could sign," Rose said.
"Guess it didn't come up," Bella shrugged. "But seriously, what do we talk about when we're on the treadmill, Rose?"
It was a pointed look that told me this was not for a brother's ears.
I was however disgustingly intrigued about Bella's part of those conversations.
"Alright, alright," Rose conceded with a chuckle. "So, how come you know then?" she asked curiously. And I had to say I was curious myself.
"My mother taught me," Bella replied softly. "She was born deaf," she added without signing.

Edward needs someone to look after Emma while he works. Bella is looking for a job. A match made in heaven, more than they ever know.
Bella is so good with little Emma.  Edward finds himself very attracted to her. He can't help but fall in love with her. Unfortunately Edward assumes Bella's not interested in him . Mistake after mistake ....will poor Edward get his act together before Bella walks away for good.
"Look, I know you have feelings for me, Edward, and after my recital, I'm sure you know I feel the same if not more, but I just… I'm done with this."
Fucking shit, this pain is unbelievably… painful.
"A part of me wish I could keep this little game going, but I can't. I can't deal with your mood changes anymore. It hurts me."
Uh… right… what?
"Um… mood changes?" I asked quietly, lifting my head to face her.
Still that blank expression.
She cocked an eyebrow at me then, silently asking me if I'm serious.
I am, because I have no fucking idea what she's talking about.

"It's a sign" is amazingly sweet story about about family, and the pitfalls of learning to open your heart and love again. CaroNo is a accomplished, skillful writer. I have enjoyed everything that I have had the pleasure of reading of Cara's . Read "It's a Sign" and leave CaroNo a review.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Twigasm NICU

WOW! That's all I'm going to say! When Cullen Concession told me she wanted to rec one of my stories I was so honored and so excited, then I read this today when she sent it to me and I cried my eyes out! Thanks so much.  

~Lady Ali~ 

Most of the Characters from Twilight are in the service of saving people. Most are Firefighters. Chasing Fire is a all human story. Edward and Bella are the main characters of course, but all the characters are in it. What fires will he have to chase.

 This week I had the pure pleasure of reading Chasing Fire by our very own Lady Ali.  I love Firefighterward.  I started reading this and was immediately drawn in by the opening scene, even a touch of citrus in there.  In the very beginning, the reader is told pieces of Edward's past that make him want to be a firefighter.  The story starts with Edward with his current girlfriend Lindz.  I became attached to Lindz pretty quickly, even though I kept waiting for Bella to appear.  Even when I thought I knew who Bella was, I was intriguied when the real Bella did appear.  The best part about this Edward is his desire to persevere, yet he doesn't realize how strong he truly is.  He has to endure several traumatic experiences.  I love how Lady Ali didn't let Edward give up!  I also enjoy the dynamics of the group in this story.  Nothing is rushed and that makes this story feel so real.  I really love the varying points of view of this story as well.  I can't wait for the next update!!!!!
 Here is a tid bit from Chapter 7 where Edward and Bella are talking and the reader gets a hint that there maybe a little something more to these two:

"Call me Bella, please. So what does your place look like and why don't you live there or do you?"

"No I don't live there anymore. The place was just to big for me and held way too many memories. I'm not home that much with being a firefighter so I thought just a small apartment would be better for me. It's a beautiful two story house, three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms. Its actually two streets away from your old place."

I watched as her face fell again and I couldn't help it this time, I went closer to her and sat down next to her and took her hand.

"What is it Bella? You look like you just need to talk. I can tell you I do know what your going through, I know people always say that but really they have no clue. I seriously do, I lost both my parents and little sister in a fire when I was very young."

The look on her face when I told he that part of my story just about crushed me, making my heart go into my throat yet again. Tears started to fall down her porcelain cheeks. I wish I could take all the pain away for her. Just make it all go away and it killed me that I couldn't."

Please take a look at Chasing Fire and show it some love from the NICU!!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ali's Book Shelf (Mocked by Faith)

Well it is that time again, for me to let you know what I am currently reading from my bookshelf. It’s a brand new gem of a book and the kicker is… this amazing book hasn’t been released yet. Yes, you heard me correctly. I was lucky enough to receive a sneak peek at this amazing book. Mocked by Faith is a beautifully written gem from Michele Richard

It’s never easy saying “I do” to someone you don’t know ~ Mocked by Faith 

This review has been moved to Ali's Bookshelf (it now is on its own blog) Make sure you check it out!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Shot Tuesday...

Its Tuesday and you all know what that means... One Shot Rec day!!!

Edward finds out that his new girlfriend Bella, is an exotic dancer. Things might get pretty steamy in The Twilight Lounge. Rated M for sexually Explicit Content. E&B. A/H. Entry in the TLS Lyrics & Lemons Contest.
Rated/Genre:     M – Romance
Characters:         Bella & Edward

"She's still the same Bella that you've been talking to for three weeks. Just go and watch her dance and be supportive. She trusted you enough to invite you, so you should put on your Team Bella panties and jump on the ho train! … figuratively speaking…." He cleared his throat sensing that I was not amused.

Edward has been invited to see Bella perform in a show at the club, Twilight. Taking Jasper along as his wingman, Edward soon finds out that Bella will be performing at a gentlemen’s club. After securing their VIP bands to the lounge and secured drinks, Edward eagerly looks for Bella. The girls that were dancing leave the stage and the lights gone black, there is an announcement of the next dancer… Isabella. The music is playing loud and lights are twinkling everywhere as Bella takes to the stage. Edward is mesmerized by Bella’s presence on the stage and feels that she is dancing just for him. She leaves the stage and proceeds over to Edward and gives him the dance of his life.

This one-shot needs to come with the warning – EXPLOSIVELY HOT!  You may need to talk a cold shower after reading this. From the beginning you are immediately swept up into the excitement and mystery of seeing Bella and what she has planned for Edward. The action and flow of the story is quick and the story itself is enjoyable. This is one one-shot that I wish would be expanded because I’m curious to see what else they plan to do with Edward’s “sexpenders”. This is a definite must read!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Classic Fic Rec Monday

Hey everyone...its time for our Classic Fic Rec of the week...

This is my version of New Moon and beyond if Edward didn't return for 2 years. Jacob is NOT the sweet boy everyone thinks he is. What kind of Bella did Edward come back to? How does she react? AU/OOC-somewhat...Future LEMONS! Rated M for a reason.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Edward didn’t return when he did? What would have happened if Bella and Jacob did become a couple? Would it have been filled with happiness and sunshine?
This first installment of the Angel series is an addictive read! Did I say series? Yes!!! After “Broken Angel”, there are 2 more installments plus outtakes that are equally addicting and enjoyable to read.

In “Broken Angel”, when Edward left Bella, he left behind a broken Bella. She became an empty shell of a person but turned to Jacob for support and friendship. Tired of denying Jacob what he longed for, a relationship, Bella gives in. What she doesn’t know is how deep Jacob’s jealously towards Edward runs. She soon finds herself in a middle of an abusive relationship, learning how to cover up bruises with lies and make-up, and a victim of mental and physical abuse. She also learns that she just doesn’t love Jacob the way he needs her to, not like the way she still loves Edward. No matter what she does to try to convince herself to move one, Bella can’t stop from loving Edward and this drives Jacob to the point of madness and rage.

With his other hand, he gently brought my face up to his and lightly touched his lips to mine. He started slow enough, but as always, slow wasn't good enough for him. He became rougher. He shoved his hand to my hair and forced his tongue into my mouth. My fists clenched in my lap, and my stomach lurched.
I pushed him away, gasping for air. I realized that I had been holding my breath the whole time. It was all wrong. So very wrong. The kisses I wanted were supposed to have cool lips. And Jake was warm, too warm. When would this craving go away? I wondered if I was destined to be tortured with the ghost of an angel for the rest of my life.

Jacob sighed with desperation and frustration, running a rough hand through his still very short hair. I could tell he was on the verge of exploding.
"Sorry," I whispered. I was trying to calm back down from the panic that had threatened to rise in me.
"Jesus, Bella! Am I that repulsive?" he shouted.
"No," I said in a small voice, "that's not it, and you know it." I put my shaking hands over my face to hide…to try to get a grip on things.
Jake jumped up from the couch, walked into the kitchen, and got a soda from the fridge. He popped it open as he came back and fell back down next to me. He was shaking his head.
He turned his face me. His eyes were angry…no, they were pissed, but I couldn't find it in me anywhere to care. Even though I knew exactly where this was heading, I was powerless to stop it.
"Do you ever think that you could forget that bloodsucker for five seconds?" he spat at me. He knew exactly what button to push. It was mean, and he knew it would cause a reaction. I guess at this point, any reaction from me would do.
"No, Bella, I don't think I will stop. I don't understand. I don't understand how you could still care for that leech after all this time and him leaving YOU!"
Me either, I thought, but my pulse raced, my breathing picked up, and I started to shake.
"DON'T call him that!" I shouted back. Why I still defended him, I'll never know. A little rip in my chest just accentuated the pain. My arms flew up to cover myself. It felt like my chest would explode from the pain of it.
Jake blew out an angry half huff, half laugh. "Look at you!" he blurted out, smiling, but the smile didn't reach his eyes.
I didn't say anything. There wasn't anything to say. I know what it looked like. It looked like I was imploding in on myself. And I was helpless to stop it. I tried to stay still; I knew what happened when his temper flew. I couldn't help but blame myself.
"I know! Why don't I just say the name, huh? We all know what that does!" Jake sneered.
I hated this side of him, but I had no desire to stop him. I'd often wondered if it is the punishment I seek for not being enough to hold on to the heaven I had…if I take it just because I feel I deserve it.

Oh God, please no…
"EDWARD is not coming back, Bella, and you can't face it! You don't even realize that you are wasting away for nothing. You are wasting everything for nothing!"
Don't I know it, I thought to myself, squeezing my eyes shut. Don't I know that my beautiful angel will not be coming back. Don't I know that I will never feel his cool arms around me while I slept ever again. That I will never stare endlessly into those deep topaz eyes again, feel his hand in mine, his lips to my hair, his lips to mine…
That did it. The memories flooded my soul. It ripped my heart wide open right where it was still weeping. The pain was excruciating. I closed my eyes and realized that the tears already begun to flow. Flashes of the past flew through my mind silently, like an owl on the hunt…seeing him in the cafeteria for the first time, the feel of his arms around me as he pushed a van away, the sight of his car stopping on the street of Port Angeles, the meadow, his house, his brothers and sisters, his parents, his music, the feel of that first kiss, the feel of his hand in mine, dancing at prom, Edward humming my lullaby in the dark of my room…I fell into the abyss.
I hardly even heard Jake stand up to tower over me on the couch. He was fuming. He was also starting to shake. He would transform at anytime if he didn't watch it. He could lose it and lash out at me…just like Sam had done to Emily. And still, somehow, I didn't care. There was a part of me that welcomed it, hoping for an end to the pain. There were days where death would have been welcomed.
"Where is EDWARD now? Who picked you up and dusted you off? Who put you back together? And who is it that you want to be with, huh?"
It was barely a whisper. I couldn't believe I said it out loud. God help me, but it was the truth, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was just so tired and weak from fighting it. It was becoming a day to day struggle to stay on track with my life and not wither away to dust.
Seth Clearwater walked in the door at the same moment the slap resounded through the house.

She may have not belonged in his world; when Edward left Bella, he thought he was doing the right thing. Edward kept his promise of no reminders but he did check up on her from time to time. The times he saw her, she appeared happy and moved on. It’s not until he checks up on her this one time that Alice receives a vision of Bella encountering Victoria… alone and with no one to protect her. Edward races against time to hopefully prevent Victoria enacting her revenge and killing Bella.

My phone buzzed in my pocket.
"Alice," I said when I flipped it open. I did not see my family much these days. I had taken on an explosive personality. I was miserable; there was no need to subject my family to it. For a time there, I could barely move with the anguish of the loss of her.
Carlisle and Esme had gone back to Alaska. Emmett and Rose were living as a married couple in New Hampshire. And Alice and Jasper were researching her bleak past that was revealed, in part, by James two years ago. They were traveling all over the south. My family had divided to the four winds.
"She's not going to class today, Edward. I just saw her taking the Waterfront Trail again," Alice said.
I knew what she meant with that statement. Bella had taken to sitting by the sea and reading or just staring. I didn't know how long she had been doing that, but since I had only been here the last week, it was more frequent. How I longed to hear her thoughts. I didn't know what brought her here, but for the last week that I had been watching her, I'd followed her there. It was torture to be that close and not touch her, confess my love to her again and again, beg for her forgiveness. It was punishment I deserved. I would take it.
"Thank you, Alice," I said. I was grateful for Alice. She had been distant with me for making them all leave Forks. She was angry with me that I had caused the whole family to scatter. She was missing Bella, too—her best friend—but she would give me updates. Unfortunately, I was too selfish in my own misery to share in her grief. I think that she was secretly hoping that I would break when seeing Bella or make a mistake and let her see me, so they could come home.
"She's not as happy as you think she is, Edward," she said not so kindly. "And I only see her half the time these days, and I don't understand it."
I gripped the phone when she said this. We'd had this argument over and over.
"She's moved on, Alice," I said, groaning to myself as I said it. "She loves another."
"That's just it, Edward! I can't see this 'other,' ever!" she exclaimed. "I can see her everywhere else, but when she is with this Jacob guy, it's blank…nothing. It doesn't make sense."
"I know," I said and hung up the phone.
I made my way to the top of the forested hill. From this advantage, I could see the spot where she comes to sit. I leaned against a tree and prepared to wait and watch.
My breath caught when I saw her. My Bella was as beautiful as ever, but something in the way that her shoulders hunched in on her made me think something was wrong. She sat down and stared out on the water. She was as still as any vampire I had ever met. It was all I could do not to fly to her, wrap my arms around her, and kiss away whatever troubles brought her here. I wanted to steal her away and keep her forever.
It was some time before she moved. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a cell phone, and then set it aside. I studied her as she slowly got up and stretched. She wiped her face with her hands. Was she crying? She turned to head back up the trail, and that's when I saw the biggest bruise on her face. Her face! Her beautiful, flawless, warm face was in pain! I couldn't help it when I gasped.
Bella stood still for a moment, staring up into the woods towards me. She had heard me! It took all the strength I had not to go to her. She shook her head and continued up the trail towards the parking lot. My frustration overtook me. The tree I was leaning against before, and was now holding onto for support, shattered beneath my hands. Bella looked again, and she looked so…sad. Then she left the trail.
My phone buzzed again as I walked away from the remains of the sapling I had destroyed.
"Alice," I whispered. I could barely say anything thing else.
"Ed—" She paused for a moment, and I knew that she was seeing something else. I waited patiently for her. Suddenly, she gasped.
"What? What did you see?"
"Oh, no, Bella!" she gasped.
My still heart sank. "Alice, talk to me!"
She only had to say one name to me. The one person I had been tracking for the last two years. Over and over, she'd slipped through my grasp. Time and time again, she had escaped the fate I had planned for her. Her breaths on earth were numbered. A low growl escaped me.
"Victoria," Alice whispered.
If New Moon was written from the angle of Edward not returning when he did, THIS is how I would have imagined what would have happened. The writing in this story is phenomenal! Written with alternate POV’s (Edward and Bella), “Broken Angel” will drag you in and leave you spell bounded. Drotuno, also known as the Queen of Action, has this ability to draw you into the story and create action scenes that are so exquisitely detailed; you will feel like you are watching a movie. I cannot tell you how awesome this story is. I promise you, that once you start reading this series, you will become hooked and become a complete and total fan girl over anything that drotuno writes and I place that blame with this story. If you have not read this classic, you are missing out!

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WE WON!!!!!

OMG...I'm so excited! The Twigasm won four awards on The Fandom Spotlight Awards.  That's right four and a few other honorable mentions as well...Check these out!!! 

These four awards mean so much to me you all have no idea!!! Listen to what they say... The Twigasm is the: Most reliable, Most addiction site, Has the best Contests and is the Best Overall Site!!! 

Thank you everyone that voted and gave us these amazing banners! Thank you to all the staff here and to the Fandom Spotlight Awards for these awards.  They are beautiful!!!

This seriously had me in tears!!!!

Teaser Sunday (8-21-11)

Hey everyone...its Sunday so that means its Teaser time :) So here you go...


Hearing Edward’s name being uttered aloud brought him to his knees and even his unimpeachable skill of keeping his face impassive, perfected over a lifetime, couldn’t keep him from visibly flinching, as though he’d been hit by a bullet. Even after three years, the gaping wound that he carried within bled afresh.


My brother.

My assassin.

Carlisle hastily stood up and turned his back on Eleazar. He could feel the presence of impending tears in his eyes that he steadfastly refused to let escape past his lids. He couldn’t let his uncle see him like this. He couldn’t let anyone see him this broken.

No one in his office ever spoke of Edward in his presence; they never had any reason to do so. Isabella would never dare to either. Sometimes it was almost possible for him to imagine that Edward never existed. Most days he was able to cling to that illusion; most days he could go through a meeting or a merger without letting himself think about the past. But Eleazar had opened the floodgate with a single magic word, and he could feel the ground being washed away beneath his feet in the torrent of emotions and memories.


Chapter 2 of Something in Red by busymommy

Bella paid little attention to the rest of the conversation, her mind whirling at the implications of Ro’s words. With a non-committal answer, she hung up the phone, her nerves strung taut while she considered what she knew. Then, a burning anger set in. She’d be damned if she’d let someone from Jasper’s past ruin the future they were building together. She’d make certain Alice knew she’d lost her chance; she’d send her back to England with her tail between her legs. Grabbing her purse and phone, she snatched the contract of her desk, carrying it out to her assistant.

“Angela, here is the Madison contract. I’ve cleared my desk, and I will be at the Hales for the weekend. I have some things to take care of this afternoon, but if there is an emergency, you can reach me via my cell phone, okay?”

“Of course, Ms. Swan. I’m sure anything that comes in can wait until Monday. You have a nice weekend.” The attractive young woman responded, taking the papers Bella handed her.

With an agitated wave over her head to acknowledge Angela’s response, Bella stormed toward the elevator. Stepping inside, she slammed her hand against the old-fashioned button, her blood boiling at the thought of another woman coming between her and Jasper after she’d just gotten him back. Not gonna happen! She fumed to herself. No way in hell am I backing away from the only man I’ve ever loved. Walking out into the bright summer sun, she dragged her sunglasses out of her purse and shoved hem over her eyes, before debating her next move.


“Damn it Ben, that’s not fair. Let’s be honest, opportunity wasn’t exactly beating a path to my door. Hell, it didn’t even knock very often. I’m just not the guy women are looking for.” I gestured at myself, pointing out my obvious faults. “I’m a computer geek, right down to being color-blind and myopic.”

“Jazz, at the risk of having my own sexuality called into question, when the hell was the last time you looked, and I mean really looked, in a mirror?” When I tried to wave him off, he persisted. “No, I’m serious. Dude, you’re a good-looking guy. Add in your intelligence and bank account and really, there are few negatives.” He chuckled then, before continuing, “Even my own wife

“I…I…I just don’t know,” I stammered, still trying to absorb everything he’d said. Grasping for something to bolster my confidence, I repeated his words from earlier, “You really think she’s interested?”


Have you ever sliced your finger open deeply? Think about that pain, how did it feel?  Well take that pain and times it by a thousand…no wait that’s not enough multiply it by a million.  Yeah that’s better…but not really close enough.  This pain is a pain that is unimaginable by any mere human.  That’s the kind of pain this is.  It was unimaginable tortuous pain and I was swimming in it.  I was drowning in the dark burning flames that ravished my body.  The pain dragging me down into the bottomless pit I was in.  


Chapter 2 of Hidden Aria by Lady Ali 

“Aria it’s me.  Let me in.  I just seen Sirius and he told me what happened.  We need to talk.”

Dumbledore always meant business and always got straight to the point with me.  So I knew I could talk to him.  I trusted him!

Slowly I walked over to the door and let him in not wanting to anger the one person that did teach me most of the magic I knew. 
“Hey,” I didn’t really know what else to say to the man.  I just turned around and headed back into my place of solitude.  

He followed me all the way into my mother’s library and set down on a fluffy chair acting like nothing was wrong till I spoke.
“Why are you here? He lied to me! “
“Yes he did and so did I, so why did you just let me in and push him out?” 


Alright so that's the Teasers for today...I hope you enjoyed them and will check out these amazing stories if you haven't already! Have a great week!!


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Oh My lookie lookie...A little sneak peak into Boys of Fall's next chapter

Well tonight was one of our monthly Read Alongs, we are reading Boys of Fall by Cullen Confection! So she has been so kind enough to grant us a little sneak peak into the next chapter of the story before she posts it!!!! So sit back and relax and check this out...

Chapter 16

Emmett POV

Man, I was fucked up. I had never seen anything like that call before in my life. It was interesting to watch Bella after that night. She slept most of the next day but then she was back to normal. I kept looking for clues that she needed some help but none came. I finally broke down and just asked, “Bella, are you really ok?”

“Yeah, I really am. I know it seems odd, but this is the way I have learned to deal with things and not lose my mind. I want to talk about it but I can’t dwell on it or else I am handing my life over to that disease. It’s better now. I’m with Charlie and Edward.” Looking at me, she smiled.

I nodded to her in return. I didn’t understand everything, but I could understand letting the past stay there – in the past.

The Halloween dance was right around the corner and luckily this year, there were no elaborate costumes. I was just going to be a gunslinger from the Ole West. I had even worked it so my Rosie could be a saloon gal. Memories of the way Bella had turned Alice’s idea into a fundraiser had me chuckling. Bella had a handle on the whirlwind known as Alice and we were all glad.

I was having fun watching ole Eddie. He was wrapped around that girl’s finger so tight, I doubt she went to bathroom without him knowing. But he was happy and in my book that was all that really mattered. I couldn’t resist picking on them either.

A month after the ‘Jizzfest’, I sent out invitations for an anniversary party. I cut it down to the Jfest and even posted the notes on their lockers. Of course in the end, it was just the six of us but still, it was fun. I had to hand it to Bella though, she took it like a champ. She even went so far as to mess her hair up and have gel hanging off of her like that movie, Something About Mary. Well, I hoped like hell it was gel.

Shaking my head at my wandering thoughts, I made myself laugh. Senior year was a riot so far and I couldn’t wait for more. Walking down the hallway of school, I probably looked like a fool. It was about this time though that I walked by the janitor’s closet and heard a noise. I had to stop. My feet would go no further.

I leaned my ear against the door and sure enough, I heard some rustling. I couldn’t help but grin. Who had I caught? I had nothing against anyone in there. Hell, if Rose was here, I would have her in there as often as she would let me. But I didn’t, so I was gonna spoil somebody’s fun. I silently laughed in maniacal glee.

Moving closer to the door, I tried the handle but it was locked. I just grinned wider cause I knew there was a key over the ledge. It paid to be friends with everyone, including the janitor.

Putting my ear to door again, I heard a female moan. Pressing harder, I heard the telling sound of a slurp before the male whisper yelled, “Fuck!”

Hell yeah, somebody was getting a BJ and I was gonna witness this walk of shame. I knew I had to time this just right cause I didn’t want to see nobody’s pecker.

Listening closer, I could hear more moans and whimpers. Wow, these two were pretty good. From his sounds, she must have been deep throating. I couldn’t wait to tell the gang. But that was it, this was between me and this couple and my friends. I couldn’t leave my buds in the dark. I inserted the key in the door, ready to open it.

The voices became indistinguishable at this point, but I could make out, “More?” “Oh, yeah!” “Like this?” “Oh God, yes!”

How much longer were these two gonna be? I was even getting horny listening to them. That just couldn’t happen here at school. Did they forget they were at school? Wonder if it was teachers. Ha! That would make my day.

Finally, I heard the male whisper, “Holy hell, I’m…I’m going to… Fuck …” Then she moaned as he grunted and called her name.

That name froze me. I couldn’t stop myself from quoting Edward, “For the love of all that is Holy!” I must have shouted cause the noise behind the door increased as they moved to cover themselves up.

Committed to this path, I swung the door open and met the wide eyes of Alice and Jasper. I was never gonna let them live this down and I had new material to torture Eddie boy with.

One Shot Tuesdays!!!

Bella's blood sings to Aro, but her body sings to Edward. As head guard to Aro and his empire, will Edward follow his head or his heart? Rated M.

Edward has been sent by Aro to prepare his new bride for her wedding. Enraged that he was interrupted and prohibiting him from having his meal, Edward was not a happy camper. When Edward reaches the room that contains Aro’s bride, he was far from being angry. Edward knew that Aro’s bride was not going to survive the night because she was Aro’s singer. Her blood sang to him. Aro was going to marry her, take her to his bed, and feast on her – sexually and drain her of her blood. What Edward didn’t expect was that Aro’s bride spoke to him, too. Her body sang to him and he wants her. Does Edward do as he is told and prepares Aro’s bride for the wedding or does he take her and makes her his?

Everyone needs to read this one-shot quickly! Talk about amazing. This one-shot has it all. There is suspense, mystery, action, intrigue, and romance. If you love reading about vampires with a dark edgy-side, then you will love this Edward. And like her Edward in, “Addicted”, this Edward also has a case of the growls. I am not going to spill the details about what happens. You need to read this for yourself and perhaps help me convince Lizzy to expand this one-shot because where she leaves this ending at… will make you scream for more!

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Some Important Annoucements and Dates!

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The 17ththat is this Wednesday we will be having our Read Along night on Twitter and we might even have a group on Skype to discuss the amazing fic Boys of Fall by Cullen Confection.  Please join us and read this amazing fic. 
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Classic Fic Rec Mondays

It's the late 1800s in the Wild West. A lonely man seeks companionship; a woman restricted by convention seeks a future. Add those together and what do you get?

Yes: 29 Chapters then an extra chapter from the author

I am going to be the one to first to admit, that I was hesitant to read a western. Westerns have never really appealed to me. Whether it is reading about American history, watching a movie, or even reading a one of those Harlequin romance novels, Westerns have always been a huge MAJOR turn off for me. However… my tune has changed once I have read this story about a “The Mail Order Bride”.  

There were about fifty notices in the newspaper, all from men out west who wanted wives. They didn't usually say it flat out like that. They couched it in flowery language and braggadocio, but you could read the desperation and the loneliness between the lines. It seemed as if these men could give her the willies as easily as the local swains.
She folded the paper in two and sat it down on the table just as a line in one of the ads caught her eye. "The mountains have become familiar friends over the years; purple pillars of majesty, icy castles in the winter, and green havens in the summer. I would like to share them with someone who would appreciate them as I do."
She picked the paper back up, intrigued and read the full notice.
"I am E. A. Cullen and I am a rancher in Colorado. The high country is a mystical place where I have found balm for my weary soul. The mountains have become familiar friends over the years; purple pillars of majesty, icy castles in the winter, and green havens in the summer. I would like to share them with someone who could appreciate them as I do." There was contact information listed afterwards.

In “The Mail Order Bride”, Edward posts a notice for a bride in the Matrimonial News. Months pass and he doesn’t receive a response. Sometime in October, however, Edward receives a response from a Miss Isabella Swan from Occoquan, Virginia. She is everything that Edward wants in a bride. She has wit and curiosity but she is also well-read, resourceful, and can tend to a house and farm. After several letters, Edward asks her if she would be willing to commit a life with him.

April 15, 1887
Dear Mr. Cullen,
In a word: Yes.
Please send details soon.
Yours Truly,
Isabella Swan

April 22, 1887
My Dear Miss Swan,
You have no idea how joyful your letter made me.
I've enclosed your round trip ticket. I hope a month gives you enough time to prepare for the trip.
I will be counting the days.
With high hopes,
Edward Cullen

Bella travels from her home in Virginia out towards the Wild West to meet Edward. When she arrives in Denver, Bella anxiously looks around for a man who claims he may not be comely. What Bella didn’t expect was to find him so handsome.

She took a few steps to the right to clear the way for hurrying passengers behind her when she saw a rather intense looking man staring at her. He was tall and lean and wearing a Stetson. Wasn't that what a rancher would wear? He had brown hair and was clean shaven.
She could feel the blush blooming upon her cheek and she looked down. How would she know if that man was Edward? She could not approach him and ask. That would be too forward if he was not. Anyway, this man was certainly very handsome, handsome enough to know he was, so it was unlikely he was Edward. According to his letter, Edward didn't know if he was comely or not. She took a few steps further along the platform away from the staring man and looked for a porter so she could retrieve her trunk.
"Uh, excuse me, ma'am, but are you Miss Isabella Swan?" Her heart started slamming against her chest as she slowly turned around to find the man in the Stetson, the brim of which was now politely being clutched in his hands, looking intently down at her.
"Yes, I am," she said in a shaky voice, "Mr. Cullen?"
His smile spread across his face, twinkling in his eyes, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Swan."

Edward arrives at the train depot and eagerly looks around for Bella. What Edward didn’t expect was to find Miss Bella beautiful and a pure vision.

Soon, he could hear the train along the tracks, its soft chugging growing louder and louder. He went out to the front of the depot and flagged down a carriage man and instructed him to wait. The train was coming to a stop just as he returned to the platform. He began to peer at the people slowly disembarking from the cars. He had to laugh at himself. His heart was beating like a schoolboy's.
Suddenly, he saw a vision climbing down the train car stairs. In particulars she fit the description that Bella had originally given him with the additional fact that she was beautiful. He noticed he was not the only man there who was staring. The platform business ground to a stop as the young woman stepped a few feet along the platform. He could not take his eyes off of her. She looked up and her wide brown eyes met his and he was sure that his heart stopped. Sounds stilled. A sunbeam engulfed her figure in angelic luminosity.
Evidently she realized she was staring and she quickly looked down, a delectable blush reddened her cheeks. She started walking away and that spurred him to move. He walked up behind her and cleared his throat and asked if she was Isabella Swan.
She was.
It was when he took her hand he realized it.
She was the woman he would marry.

Their courtship is short but they both know that they have found their future and both are eager to begin their lives together. Edward takes her to his home, Bear Valley Ranch, and introduces her to his life in the Wild West.

All I can say is that this is one classic that everyone must read! I love how well thought out and researched this story is. Loaded with historical facts about the life and times of living in the Wild West, you will be amazed how quickly this story will own you. The Edward in this story is sweet, protective, at times shy and hesitant, but has a confidence that is needed to help him succeed with his goals of making a life out on his own merits. The Bella in this story is smart, incredibly shy but is strong, and not afraid to pull her own weight and help out around the ranch.

Written from a third person, this story is simply amazing and so well-written. You will find yourself not wanting to stop reading and addicted for more. I am happy to say that there is a sequel. The sequel, “Bear Valley Ranch”, begins where “Mail Order Bride” ends and is just as addicting.

If you have not read them yet, you need to add “Mail Order Bride” and “Bear Valley Ranch” to you reading list today! You will not be disappointed!


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