Monday, August 15, 2011

Teaser Sunday

Hey everyone...I'm so sorry this wasn't posted yesterday my goofy net went down b/c of storms and it wouldn't come back up.  But here is Teaser Sunday on Monday lol


Chapter 2 of  Sins of My Mother by yesmrcullen

 I grabbed the keys and letter that led me here and exited the car, walking toward the front porch. I had no clue what to expect, and cursed my body for making me so anxious.

I knocked twice.


As I headed back toward the car an old, red truck pulled into the driveway. I stopped and watched a man get out and walk around to the back. He didn't seem to notice me at first. After he had gathered his fishing pole and tackle box, he turned around and stopped in his tracks. His face turned pale, as if he'd seen a ghost.


Chapter 12 of Time of Salt by Scarlettplay

Why is she doing this?

She’s shutting down and I don’t know why.

We touched, we connected. And it was unearthly. I’ve never felt such an electric charge rush through me from a simple glance off of my skin by another person. But that wasn’t the only factor in sealing the deal. The way she looked straight into my soul; there was none of that bullcrap. She truly saw me and understood who I am. None of this ‘chosen one’ insanity. I was simply Edward, not running from God, not fleeing. I was still, and it was beautiful. I’ve never felt so at home in my skin and it was all because she slowed down enough to be with me.

Oh how I want to rip this door down by the hinges and force her to see what we have!

“Bella! Please, will you just talk to me?” I yell more forcefully.

I’m starting to panic a little. She’s been down there for over an hour and not a single sound. What’s she doing?

“I’m sorry if you’re scared but I don’t regret what we did. I don’t want you to either. Now open this door before I start breaking it down!” I threaten to no avail.

No movement. Nothing.

“What can I get you to drink? I have coke, wine, or, being a good Southern boy, a pitcher of sweet tea.”

I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped; he pronounced tea like tae, drawling it out. “Some tea would be great,” emphasizing the pronunciation of tea.

“Well, darlin’, you say tea, I say tae. Either way, it’s sure to quench your thirst.” He stopped to give me a lingering kiss, before pulling the pitcher from the refrigerator and filling two glasses. My knees melted, making me grateful for the wall I leaned up against. “Now, put down the beast; dinner is served.” I set Wicket down, laughing when he shot Jasper a condescending look. “Great, you’ve won over my cat. He was incorrigible before, he’ll be unbearable now.”

Washing my hands again, I joined him at the table, where he’d set the plates and glasses, before lighting a pair of candles. The wicks were fresh, indicating he’d never used them. I found comfort in it, a fluttering in my stomach that he’d meant everything he had said earlier about there being no one else.

“Are you trying to seduce me with romance and candles, Mr. Whitlock?” I asked, while he held my chair for me to sit down.

“Only if you wish to be seduced, Ms. Swan,” he murmured against my neck.

Thanks so much for the teasers for this week...hope you all enjoyed them and check these amazing stories out!!! And don't forget to leave some love for the writers... Thanks! Until next Sunday.  We hope you all have a great week!!! 



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