Friday, August 12, 2011

The Twigasm NICU

This week in the NICU is Scarlettplay's Time of Salt.  

This story takes place in 2024.    The story begins and something has definitely happened to the world, as we know it.  Bella is trying to escape but the reader can't really tell what or who she is trying to get away from, and that is part of the intrigue.  Our hero is also trying to run, and as the story progresses you can't really determine who is saving whom between Bella and Edward.  The pace of the story is so refreshing, I find myself reading so quickly when Bella is running, I love the way I get so caught up in the journey.  Edward in this story is a bit of a surprise, but do not let his appearance fool you, you will fall in love with him and ache to touch him just as Bella does.  Edward, or Messiahward, seems to have an effect on people where they want to be around him.  Yet, we find that Bella is almost afraid to be touched and scorns herself for doing anything more than protecting Edward.  This plot is so very original and exciting.  

Take a look at Chapter 1 where Bella finally turns to see who is running behind her:

I decide that running isn't working, nor is my erratic pattern.

My only choice is to scramble up the branches, take the high ground and shoot this motherfucker in the head!

The minute I'm grappling with branches and lugging myself up, I feel a firm grasp on my ankle, pulling me back down.

I kick my assailant in the face, hard and hear him quietly curse.

"Calm the fuck down! I need your help!" he hisses quietly at me.

Why is he whispering?

"They're after me," he adds, "and I can't take them all on by myself. Please, help me!"

I grab the gun in an instant, turn and aim right at his skinhead.

The greenest, most piercing eyes I've ever seen meet me and I smirk. Stupid fake contacts. What's with people? Does he really think that that eye color is going to give him a super secret identity? Good thinking Clark Kent—the glasses throw me every time. What a moron!

I give a loud, hearty sardonic laugh. He's mine now! I'm done running.

"It's you!" he gasps and lets go of my leg.

What the hell

I beg you to go and take a look at this FANTASTIC story and show some love from the NICU!!!!  Stick with it, and you will be reward some deliciously good stuff!

~Cullen Concession~



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