Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Shot Tuesdays!!!

Classic plot line where Bella loves Edward... yada yada, but this time, she kidnaps his school paper and manages to get cum on it. Okay, maybe it isn't THAT classic.

Bella’s life is like the famous Charlie Brown comic strip… boring. One day while sitting next to Edward Cullen, the man of her dreams, in her Biology class, Bella contemplates who she would be in the famous comic. Charlie Brown? Or the little Red Haired Girl? When she comes close to figuring out who she would be, Bella realizes that she has been got staring by the man himself. Embarrassed to the core and saved by the bell, Bella tries to gather all of her things to make a quick get away. Unfortunately, her back pack foils her plans and ends up ripping and spilling everything on Edward’s lap. Mortified beyond belief, Bella attempts to gather all of her things again and makes a mad dash home.

When Bella arrives at home, she goes through all of her papers to make sure she recovered everything.

Paper on the French Revolution.
Biology homework.
Spanish homework.
Multiple page essay with Edward Cullen's name on it.
Ch- what?
I stared down at the large essay with wide eyes.
Fuck, like I needed to embarrass myself even more, I stole the poor boy's homework too…
Someone alert the media, Bella Swan did something embarrassing.
I sighed, wondering what I should do. Well, I knew I had to give it back to him, but what I didn't know was how. I looked at the title, curious as to what this was for.
Attitudes Towards Premarital Sex Now and Fifty Years Ago

Bella attempts to do her homework but can’t stop thinking of Edward. She makes one more attempt but is distracted by a song that is playing on her iPod. She tries to skip to the next song, but she can’t. Bella comes to the conclusion that the universe is trying to tell her that she needs to relieve some of her tension by masturbating, which she does.

The next morning, Bella wakes up to find an unfortunate incident occurred.

I definitely didn't feel like going to school today, or facing Edward, but I had to give him his paper back. Speaking of paper, where was his paper…?
I found it in my bed. I guess I was too lazy to put it on my nightstand. Luckily, it didn't have too many creases, so I just smoothed them out and made sure it looked good as new. I got dressed for school and brushed my hair. I noticed I looked a little brighter today.
Gee, I wonder why.
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my backpack, taking out my folder to put Edward's paper in. I picked it up and-
"Oh holy fuck! Oh no no no no no no no no no! This can't be happening! Shit!"
Right on the smack dab center of his paper, that was most likely due today, was a smear of my fucking cum.
I tried in vain to wipe it off with my sleeve, but it was already dry, and there was no hope of getting it off.
Well, at least you got yourself off.
Shut up, shut up, mind!
I groaned in desperation, noticing that it even smelled like my uh… you know.
What a time to get modest.
I moaned in defeat, knowing that I had zero time to rewrite his essay. I'd have to give him this one.
I stuffed it in my folder and pinched the bridge of my nose. Life sucks.

Will Bella be able to return Edward’s paper back to him without him noticing what happened? Will she even give the paper back at all? Well, I’m not going to spoil the story for you. You need to read it for yourselves! This is One-Shot is going to have you laughing out loud. This is one of those One-Shot’s that I wish that it would get expanded. It is funny and one quick easy enjoyable read.



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