Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Shot Tuesdays!!!

Bella's blood sings to Aro, but her body sings to Edward. As head guard to Aro and his empire, will Edward follow his head or his heart? Rated M.

Edward has been sent by Aro to prepare his new bride for her wedding. Enraged that he was interrupted and prohibiting him from having his meal, Edward was not a happy camper. When Edward reaches the room that contains Aro’s bride, he was far from being angry. Edward knew that Aro’s bride was not going to survive the night because she was Aro’s singer. Her blood sang to him. Aro was going to marry her, take her to his bed, and feast on her – sexually and drain her of her blood. What Edward didn’t expect was that Aro’s bride spoke to him, too. Her body sang to him and he wants her. Does Edward do as he is told and prepares Aro’s bride for the wedding or does he take her and makes her his?

Everyone needs to read this one-shot quickly! Talk about amazing. This one-shot has it all. There is suspense, mystery, action, intrigue, and romance. If you love reading about vampires with a dark edgy-side, then you will love this Edward. And like her Edward in, “Addicted”, this Edward also has a case of the growls. I am not going to spill the details about what happens. You need to read this for yourself and perhaps help me convince Lizzy to expand this one-shot because where she leaves this ending at… will make you scream for more!



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