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Classic Fic Rec Monday

Edward is a 32 single father of 7 year old twins Maddie and Masen. After literally crashing into Bella in Central Park, he realizes everything he has been missing in his life. Is Bella really what he has been looking for or is she hiding who she truly is.

 Known to everyone as Isa, sportswear model for Twilight Sportswear and current cover model of this year’s Sports Illustrated, Isabella Swan, is tired of being alone and hiding from everyone. The only people she is allowed to be herself with, is her friends: her agent - Jasper, her bodyguard – Seth, and Jasper’s assistant and sister - Rosalie.

God, I loved her, and missed her with an intensity that made my heart hurt. She and J were in California. Jasper was my agent and Rose, his assistant. She also owned a car shop, but not just any car shop. No, our Rose rebuilt classic muscle cars. She also, for a few select people like me, customized cars as well. Don't ask me why the Suburban Seth drove me in had missile-proof glass and could go faster than I could blink or had tires that were bulletproof, but it did; thanks to Rose. I missed them both so much, and I knew Seth did, too.

Seth and I had lived in New York City for almost five years now. I loved it there, I really did. There was so much to do and for a closet nerd like me, there was never a shortage of libraries or museums to wander through at any given time. But, I missed my family. Jasper and Rose were all I had left, besides Seth and his mom, Sue. Sue came to visit when she could, but getting her out of Washington was like pulling teeth I tell you! I wanted them there. I needed them there so much. Seth kept telling me it was only for six more months, just until I turned 25. I knew he was right, but it didn't make it any easier.

Wanting to cheer up Bella, Seth surprises Bella with puppy.

Standing there by the door, and looking nothing like the innocent little boy he was trying to get to come across, was Seth holding, and I shit you not, the cutest fucking dog I had ever seen. It was a golden brown and white Bulldog puppy with a tiny, red bandana tied around its neck. The puppy was wiggling and wagging its tail trying to get down.

"Um, Seth, what is that and what is it doing in my house?" I asked him, trying to keep my temper under control.

Of course, I was also trying to keep the laugh that I was trying to hold in from bubbling out of my chest, too.

"Bella. Baby. This is for you. I hate that you are by yourself up here in your apartment all the time. I thought this little guy might be able to keep you company," Seth tried to tell me over the damn puppy licking all over his face.I was quite literally shocked by this. Speechless. Well. Damn. Now what did I do? It was the cutest fucking thing I had ever seen in my life and it would be nice to have company up here sometimes.

"Seth, really? You got this for me? Why? I mean, thank you, honestly. I don't get it, why now? What brought all this on?" I was throwing questions at Seth faster than he could blink.

"Shortcake, hold it. Just wait a sec okay?" He put the little guy down and the puppy immediately started barking and running through the house.

Seth looked at me and walked toward me, reaching out to take my hand. "Bell, you are alone entirely too much. I know we spend time together and all, but at night, it's just you. I worry. I know you are a big girl, but you will always be my little Strawberry Shortcake and I can't help it. I think this will be good for you. You love taking care of everyone, now you can take care of this little guy, too. It will give you an excuse to get out of the house when you have to take him for walks and to potty. Please, just try it. If you don't want to keep him, I'll give him back, I promise. My friend Vince breeds them and he has a waiting list, so if you decide you don't want him, he will find the puppy a good home. Please, for me?"

"Seth. Did you really just use the word potty in a sentence?" I blurted out at him.

"What am I going to do with a dog when we have to travel, Seth? I am not carting a little puppy all over the country or across the world; that would really suck. But, he is pretty damn hard to resist. Okay, I'll try it, but you are going to help with the potty duty as well as the walking, buster," I told him as I stood on my tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks, big brother, really. I love him!" I squealed to him as the little guy came running back into the room, sliding on the paws that were too big for his body.

On her first outing at the park with Rufus, her new puppy, Bella gains the attention of cute little boy named Masen.

About an hour later, I heard a little giggle off to the side of me. I peeked up from my book and saw the most adorable little boy making faces at Rufus. He looked like he was about 7-years-old and had the greenest eyes you had ever seen. His hair was an unruly mess and was the strangest color. It was not red and it was not brown, but somewhere in between; like a bronzeish color. It reminded me of a penny. He had the biggest smile, and was missing at least two teeth. Dimples to die for and the cutest pair of Vans on his little feet.

He heard me laughing at him and looked in my direction. He was sitting on the ground next to Rufus, petting him and letting him lick his hand. When he saw me look at him, he looked scared, like he was doing something wrong.

"It's okay, little guy. He won't bite. You can pet him if you want to," I softly told him.

There was something about this little boy that was just pulling at my heart. He didn't look sad exactly, but he was not overflowing with happiness either.

"Thanks," he told me. "What is his name?"

"Rufus," I told him. "I just got him today as a present from my best friend."

"Wow, lady, you sure are lucky to get a puppy! I wish I could have one, but my daddy says we have to wait until me and my sister turn 8 before we can get one," he told me.

"Well, little guy, you can play with Rufus all you want for right now, okay? Speaking of your dad, are you here at the park all by yourself. You look pretty small to be running off all alone," I told him, looking around to see if I noticed a man looking for a little boy.

I could just picture some dad running up to me thinking I was trying to lure his little boy with my puppy. Great job, Bella! I smacked myself in the head. Now I had to figure out how to get this little boy back to his dad without causing a big scene. That, I did not need. I knew Seth was around here somewhere, just waiting for me to mess up somehow.I put my book back in my backpack and stood up, grabbing the leash for Rufus. I looked down at the little boy, who was staring at me, by the way.

"My name is Bella," I told him. "Let's see if we can find your mom and dad, okay, buddy?" I tried to cajole him. "What is your name?"

"Um, I'm not supposed to tell strangers my name," he mumbled to me. "I don't have a mom, just my daddy," he said quietly.
Oh God, kill me now. No wonder he didn't look happy. I wondered what happened to her and what he meant by not having a mom.

"Well, let's see. I don't think I am a stranger, so you can tell me. Besides, Rufus will need to know who you are if you want to play with him another day," I said trying to get him to tell me so I could stop calling him little guy and buddy.

"Oh, I guess that's okay. My name is Masen Cullen and I am 7-years-old. How old are you?" he sweetly asked me.

"Masen, I like it. Okay, here's the plan Mase face. I'm going to let you hold the leash for Rufus as long as you hold my hand in the other and we are going to try to get you back to your dad before he sends a search party for you," I teased him.

"Oh, and I am 24, old huh?"

He laughed at the Mase face comment. "I like you, Bella smella."

"I like you, too, Mase face. Let's hit it." I laughed back at him.
We started down the path toward the playground and as we got closer I saw a little girl that looked almost exactly like Masen. That had be the sister, which meant that a very angry and scared dad was not too far away. I took my sunglasses off with the hand that was not hanging on to Masen and put them on my head. I looked down at Masen to ask him if the little girl was his sister when I felt something slam into me, knocking me to the ground.

"Oh shit!" I heard as I fell.

God, that voice. I had never heard anything like it. It sent tingles up my spine and down to my toes. What the hell was that?

I felt warm hands reaching for me, trying to keep me from falling. I heard Rufus barking and Masen squealing. I knew I was on the ground, but my brain couldn't seem to catch up with everything going on around me.

"Bella smella, are you okay?" I heard Masen yelling at me.
Laughing at the insane situation I had just found myself in I told him, "Yeah, Mase face, I'm fine. Are you and Rufus okay, you're not hurt are you?"

"Nah, we're okay, Bella, promise," he told me.

I heard a throat clear from above me and turned my gaze from Masen to look up. Bracing for the worst, I found myself looking up into the same eyes that I saw 30 minutes ago, in his son. I noticed that instead of a scowl, I saw the sexiest smirk ever. The sun was shining so I couldn't see all that great, but from what I could see, Masen Cullen's dad was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Ever! My heart was beating so hard in my chest, I was sure everyone in Central Park could hear it. My palms were sweating, and I felt this weird electric current all around me. What the hell was that? I shook my head to try to get my bearings, when I heard that voice again.

"Here, let me help you up. You look like you could use it. My name is Edward Cullen."
When Bella meets Edward the attraction is instant. It’s like two lost puzzle pieces finally meeting their match. Little did Bella know that this chance encounter with Edward and his kids would have her meeting her future and bring danger to those who she loves the most. There is more to this story than just Bella and Edward meeting and falling in love. Both Bella and Edward have a back story. Bella comes from a family that is broken up due to jealously and hate. Edward has a story of struggle and having to mature quickly.

“The Path We Choose” is what I would consider an excellent example of what makes a story a true classic. This fic is loaded with action, suspense, drama, mystery, heartache, and romance. If you are not familiar with any of les16 stories, you are sorely missing out on some awesome fiction. The majority of her fic’s begin with a life changing experience. All her characters seem to go through a sense of metamorphosis as the story develops.

I won’t give you any hints on the changes that take place or even what happens to the characters in this story. That is something you will have to discover and enjoy. I do have to warn you though; you will need a box of tissues. I cried throughout every chapter. And if you are like me and love blogs that go along with a story, check out the blog, . The blog is loaded with character pic’s, location and story images, and a downloadable PDF copy of the story for offline reading. A TOTAL SCORE!



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