Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ali's Book Shelf (Mocked by Faith)

Well it is that time again, for me to let you know what I am currently reading from my bookshelf. It’s a brand new gem of a book and the kicker is… this amazing book hasn’t been released yet. Yes, you heard me correctly. I was lucky enough to receive a sneak peek at this amazing book. Mocked by Faith is a beautifully written gem from Michele Richard

It’s never easy saying “I do” to someone you don’t know ~ Mocked by Faith 

This review has been moved to Ali's Bookshelf (it now is on its own blog) Make sure you check it out!!!


Amazing review for an amzing story. I agree with you that Michele Richard's pulls you into a whole new world with her words. Great job:)

Awesome, you have talked me into reading this one. Can't wait.. wondering, questioning, want to know what happens... Thanks.

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Now it is I who am left speechless. Thank you for such a glowing review, and I am so happy you loved reading it as much as I loved writting it. These two characters hold a special place in my heart, and I am so glad they have affected you in such a profound way. Thats the bet praise you could have given me.


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