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Can't Walk Away From Friday

Its time again for our can't walk away from fic sit back and check out this amazing story.

In 1918 Edward survives the Spanish Flu only to find his world forever altered. He goes on, playing piano in a speakeasy during Prohibition, struggling to find meaning in life. Meeting Dream Girl gives him hope. He gives her a new take on "life".

This weeks "Can't walk away" rec is a wonderful story I discovered  as a rec in a Facebook group. It's a period fic and that's what peaked my interest. Some of my all time favorite Fanfics are period fic. So I was excited to say the least to find this little gem. I'm thrilled to say this is a true can't walk away. Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down. I was up all night reading this.
Deb starts the story back in 1918 just before the Spanish flu outbreak in Chicago. We get a brief glimpse into Edwards life before his world is turned upside down. Edward is father make it through the epidemic, but sadly his mother does not. Before she dies she secures a promise from Dr Calisle Cullen to look after Edward and to make sure he lives.  Edwards and his father are devastated by the loss of Elizabeth Masen. His family has crumbled part so he leaves for college. His father not being able to cope with his grief turns into lonely, bitter,drunken man and they lose touch over the years.
After college Edward secures a job at a speakeasy playing the piano.Every night he dreams of a faceless brunette beauty he calls his "Dream Girl". He satisfied with his life and isn't looking for a woman to fill any holes, unless of course dream girl were show up. When one day she does. A beautiful brunette catches his eye. Could this be his "Dream Girl?" Her face is more beautiful then anything he could have ever imagined.
Each day I waited on the bench in the late afternoon. Each day Dream Girl walked by and each day I got up to follow her. On the second day she glanced back with a shy smile before turning into the residential street where I presumed she lived. On the third day she shook her head and giggled as she walked by. On the fourth day she actually waited for me to catch up when I got stuck behind a delivery truck which backed up and blocked the sidewalk. I watched as she climbed the stairs of the grand house she lived in. I watched, furious with myself, as she glanced at me and sighed before disappearing behind the ornate front door.

Bella Swan has come to Chicago to visit her Aunt and to escaped her life in New York City. Her parents have set up an arranged marriage and she wants nothing to do with it. Bella wants to travel and experience all life has to offer just like her Aunt. She's not interested in falling in love,but fate has something different in mine for her. One day while out for a stroll she meets the devastatingly handsome Edward Masen. The two have a strong undeniable connection and fall in love very fast.

"What's happening? What is this?" She whispered in awe.
She felt it too. I moved to take off her hat but she beat me to it, removing it slowly and placing it on the porch swing. She took one step to close the distance between us and put her hands on my chest, her eyes looking up to me. I saw wonder and trust …I slid my hand along her neck and swept out the mahogany waves hidden in her collar. Then my hands were on her back, on her neck, in her hair. I bent to put my lips to hers and she sighed into our kiss and finally the kaleidoscope of my dreams was real, the pink lips, the brown eyes, the mahogany hair, she was there with me. Our lips moved together, sweetly, teasing, wanting so much more, knowing this wasn't the time but that there was a lifetime for more.

Just when these two are about to run away and travel the world together tragedy strikes.

My mind catalogued the scene in a detached sort of way, unable, at first, to comprehend the emotional impact. Bella's blue coat was darkened by blood, so much blood! Could there possibly be any left in her body? The truck's front tire pinned her legs to the ground and I knew they must be crushed. Her cloche was gone, thrown off by the impact and her hair spilled darkly, dark over more blood, blood bright red against the white of the snow.

Suddenly after not seeing him for over a decade Dr Cullen appears. Edward believes he's there to help, but suddenly Dr Cullen scoops up Bellas lifeless body and runs away with her.

"Stop! I know you hear me. Wait, for the love of God, Dr. Cullen – WAIT!" My voice was hoarse now, raw, and the cold air burned my throat. None of that mattered.
The car door was opened from the inside and Dr Cullen slid into the seat without looking back. I screamed as the car shot forward. Why wouldn't he wait? I ran after it, knowing it would have to slow before turning into the street. The car did slow, but barely, and with a final burst I threw myself at the back of it, meaning to grab hold. He wasn't going without me. He hadn't even said which hospital.

Where is Dr Cullen taking Bella?After dreaming about her for many years is Edwards dream girl gone for good? This story is quite a rollcoaster of emoitions and thats why I had such a hard time putting it down even for a minute. 
Read 1929 and send deb24601 a review.



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