Friday, August 5, 2011

Made me Laugh Friday

On Saturday morning, Bella wakes up to a broken hand, a trashed apartment, and no memory of what caused either of them! When the photos show up on-line, Bella must figure out what—and who—she might have done last Friday night. AH, fun/fluff

 Bella and Alice wake up to the monster of all hangovers, a trashed apartment, and no memory of what the hell happened the night before. Bella's hand is broken, there is a roll of condoms laying out on her night stand, and her truck is missing.With the help of friends, text messages from night before and pictures that start showing up on the Internet Bella and Alice start piecing the night together.

I hit the icon for my email and wait for it to load. When it finally does, my brow furrows.
"Holy shit!" I exclaim.
"What?" they both ask.
"I have a shitload of email. It looks like at least ten alerts from Facebook and…" I pause to mentally calculate. "Probably double that from Twitter."
I open a random message from Facebook, which directs me to a page with a photo.
"Oh, f%ck."

As I was reading this I found myself laughing at situation these girls got themselves into. In fact I've found myself in some of the same places after a night alcohol induced debauchery. 

"Trust me, Bella. Those pictures didn't tell the entire story. In fact, they barely scratched the surface. Most of those were pretty tame. I didn't post the really naughty ones; I wouldn't do that to you. But the way you went down on that pole… Well, in some states, that's probably illegal. You did make a buck or two when you flashed your panties at some of the guys, though."
"What!" I sputter. Wait. Is that why there was a handful of singles in my pocket this morning? "Oh, my God," I groan. "This isn't happening. This isn't happening…
I enjoyed the little mystery this story produced, and loved that it was funny and fluffy. No angst in this story and it's only 10 chapters so it can be read completely on a free afternoon. So send the kids to grandmas house and take the afternoon off to read "Last Friday Night".


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