Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Shot Tuesdays

Sex. It's all anybody ever talks about except when they're busy having it. Edward hides his inexperience and ends up accepting a little well-meaning help from Alice and Rosalie. Enter Bella. AU/AH. Won Best Canon in the Devirginizing Edward O/S Contest.

High student, Edward Cullen, is beginning to feel the pressure of missing out on the joys of sex. His fellow classmates and even his siblings are enjoying being intimate with their girlfriends. One night before dinner, Edward is suspiciously left alone with his brother’s girlfriends, Rosalie and Alice. Every time he tries to leave them to their gossip, Edward is dragged back, or in his case – forced to be remain seated, to the conversation at hand. The girls want to set Edward up on a date with Bella Swan, an old friend of Alice’s and daughter of the Chief of Police.  Bella will be moving to Forks from Arizona and will be new to the school. Edward, however, reluctantly agrees to the date.

What will happen when Edward finally meets Bella? Will Edward and Bella hook up? Will one thing lead to another on this date and leave Edward feeling not behind the game? I could tell you more about Edward’s date with Bella, but I won’t. You are going to need to read this one for yourselves. This one-shot is a fun, quick, and entertaining read. It’s no wonder why this one-shot won for best Canon in the Devirginizing Edward O/S Contest.



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