Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teaser Sunday 8/7/11

Hey everyone, its Sunday and yes that means Teaser Sunday...This week we only have two teasers :( but thats okay I know everyone has been busy so here we go...its time to jump into the world of Twilight fan fics!


Like two magnets, we gravitate to one another, our fill of bourbon liquefying our limbs and causing our sensitive skin to tingle with every libidinous touch. Edward wraps himself in me, pouring and draping his overheated body onto mine. Our groans deepen as moans lose themselves, thick and impenetrable, gathering upon the humid air hanging heavily above us. And as a slight sweat dances and glistens over our dewy nakedness, my mouth devours his. My fingers roam his roped, muscled back, his skin taut and tight under my blunt nails. And as I pull him tighter, his tongue penetrates my awaiting moist heat. Hard and wanton, this kiss is strong and powerful. As need and longing dance viciously upon my swollen lips, they tingle with anticipation. Edward's dominance demands my obedience, and as a hard, heavy groan escapes his lungs, I eagerly and willingly submit.

The kiss is long and hard. Names fall as prayers are answered. Edward pants and pulls, pushes and puffs, his breath moist and hot, making my skin tingle with anticipation. My head spins with excitement. I feel my nipples harden as his lean, strong fingers explore my heaving chest.


Driving toward work I couldn’t get that dream out of my head.   I let my eyes close as I thought about him and the drive to his house.  I couldn’t stop thinking of that damn tie and his hands as they creased across my body from head to toe.  I could feel the silk of the tie as he wrapped it around my wrists.  The thought of it was making me crave the tug of the tie as he pulled me into him and toward his bed...

Gah! Opening my eyes back up as I heard the horn of a car blaring, I jerked the wheel just in time before I slammed right into them.   I couldn’t be thinking of my boss that way, I had to clear my head of these thoughts and be ready for work today.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I sat in my car, attempting to relax I inhaled a few deep breaths and unintentionally kept staring at the building. My attempts to de-stress were not working.   

“Time to start my new life,”  Taking one last breath I stepped out of my car and shut my door behind me then proceeded to walk into the building. As I made my way to the office door, I recalled the engine noises I heard during my nighttime fantasy. I turned around to see THAT car and him behind the wheel... WHAT THE FUCK?!?  How could this be happening?  I muttered to myself.


Alright so that's it for the day...I hope you all had a great weekend!!! And don't forget to check us out tomorrow for Classic fic Monday!


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Jesus Fucking Christ! lol
Ya sure know how to lure us in...
Ya got me line hook and sinker......But I have RL to deal with at present......BUT don't worry Im a gonna hunt down this lil ole storaaayyy! lol
and just have a read.........


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