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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nominations are now OPEN!!!

Hey everyone, The Tomato Soup Awards Nominations are now open...Make sure you head over there and nominate your favorite stories! I am one of the validators over there and also created the blog for the awards.  I hope you all will take the time to nominate your favorite stories!!! Thanks...

One Shot Tuesday...Bonus!!

Hey everyone, this is a bit shocking but for some reason this one shot didn't post when it was supposed to, but I am fixing it right now!!! I'm so sorry Wendy thanks so much for all your hard work, I have no idea why it didn't post!!!

Rated/Genre:           M – Romance/Family
Characters:              Bella & Edward
           When Bella became a police officer against Charlie's wishes, he forbid any of the male officers from dating her. Will he ever forgive her and accept her as a police officer and accept it when she meets the man of her dreams, Sergeant Edward Cullen.

While celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary with their new friends, Rosalie and Emmett, Bella and Edward are asked if the rumors were true about the beginnings of their relationship and how they managed to get married. As Edward tells their friends about how things came to be; to Bella, it seems like yesterday. Due to Edward being her training instructor while in the academy, Bella and Edward were forced to keep their relationship quiet. Its not until the morning after graduation where the secret is to released to Charlie, Bella’s dad and commanding officer, in a way that Bella was not expecting of.

All I Ever Wanted” is an excellent example of how one-shots should be written - straight and to the point. Don’t get me wrong. I love how one-shots can be fun, (at times) thought provoking, sexy, and plain just HAWT. But, one-shot’s to me, should also tell you a quick story and not leave you wanting or wishing for the story be expanded. There is definitely a story here. A story of a father’s stubbornness and love for a daughter gets in the way of being who he should be… a supportive father. “All I Ever Wanted” is a fic that needs to be read and enjoyed.

Teaser Sunday (7/31/11)

Its that time of the week again, Teaser Sunday!!! So sit back and relax and read some Teasers.  


Chapter 13 oBeautiful Sorrow by DreamOfTheEndless  

 “Look at you; you look dehydrated. Did you have a proper meal on your flight?” She fussed over his appearance, brushing her old, gnarled fingers affectionately through his slightly out of place hair – a feat no one in his employ would dare to attempt. Carlisle was the embodiment of cold and distant to his employees; physically invading his personal space was utterly unthinkable.

“I’m fine Carmen. I thought I’d take you out to dinner and celebrate your last day at work, but what do I now hear about you stowing away this girl? Why didn’t you let security toss her?” he whined.

“Because I read the piece she wrote and I think she deserves a chance to have you hear her out,” she stated sagely. “Carlisle, the child thinks you are a hero. And she is far too young to find out what a Scrooge you really are. So, just give her a chance and hear what she has to say. If she wants to apologize, let her.”

He groaned audibly.

“That’s what this is all about? You want me to keep helping the Swans? Why didn’t you just tell me? If it means so much to you, I’ll call Jenks and set it up again. I don’t want to listen to any sob story now. Would you please just get rid of her?” he tried to reason with her.

“Aw, come on kiddo. It won’t kill you to give her five minutes of your time. The poor thing’s been waiting since noon. Be nice for a change, ok? I know that you have a decent heart in there, take it out for a breather every once in a while, eh?” She spoke with the tone that she used when he was a small boy. She was the only one in the world who’d still call him a ‘kiddo’, and could make him feel like one too.


Chapter 8 of Collide by branchirps

I clear my throat and loosen my tie. Perhaps I had tightened it a bit too tight. She revs the engine and the radio begins to blare some crazy music with the singer declaring, “How you doing, young lady? That feelin’ that your givin’ really drives me crazy” Then crazy-Swan screeches again.

“Ohh I almost forgot…” Reaching her hand into the front of her shorts by her hip, exposing even more of her bare skin, she produces my Amex card. “Thanks for the plastic.” She wiggles it at me between her fingers. I grab and replace it instantly into the third slot within my leather wallet, snapping my mouth shut. The insane ghetto music is making me a bit jumpy with lyrics constantly referring to “hitting it.”

“You okay, Mr. C? Weren’t you able to take care of your needs in the restroom? Are you still backed up?”


“Hey, Edward,” Miranda said from the doorway.

“Yeah?” I replied, setting the tape on top of the box.

“Your phone was in the kitchen – it’s Alice.” She held my cell phone out to me.

“Thanks,” I replied, taking it from her. “Hello.”

“What are you doing?” Alice asked.

“Packing – you?”

“I umm… I was at Angela’s tonight and...well...please don’t be mad.”

I lay on the bed, wondering what she had done and why I’d be mad. Her voice seemed a little shaky, which wasn’t normal for her. “Alice, what the hell are you talking about?”

“AngelainvitedBellatothewe​dding.” She rushed the words out, and I almost missed them, but then...”

Did she just say Bella?

My heart raced. “Alice, what about Bella?”

She let out a deep breath. “Angela invited Bella to the wedding.”


Chapter 16 of Breach by Catastrophia


The next morning my alarm went off, but I was already awake. My eyes were glued to the ceiling, staring blankly at the white expanse. In the time I had been staring I had noticed the nail pops, small cracks in the plasterboard, and the all consuming ache in my chest.

I had slept terribly; tossing and turning, fighting nightmares, and periods of insomnia.

As I laid there, I realized it was the first night in months that Bella wasn't next to me in the bed. Her wonderful freesia scent and warmth filling the room. It had been months since I had awoken without her soft body curled into mine, our limbs entangled.

Instead, this morning, the bed was cold.

No good morning kisses.

No morning sex with my goddess.

No sweet smiles.

No Bella.

My Bella.


Just after Samantha’s first birthday, Jasper had to start working more often. It wasn’t anything like how he used to be, but one or two nights a week, he’d miss dinner because of meetings at WhitPharm. I understood though, the economy was on a shaky footing and even thought the medical industry was relatively secure, there was still some damage control and some pre-emptive decisions that needed to be made.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back though was when the economy completely and utterly tanked. It was a threat to WhitPharm’s future. A crappy economy meant less people willing to fund or invest in the research that Whitlock Pharmaceuticals engaged in to develop new drugs, a situation which could spell disaster for the company. Jasper was back to working crazy hours and I could already feel everything we worked so hard to build starting to crumble around me.

I tried to stay positive, but Jasper was stressed from work, and I was stressed from trying to manage three kids and a home on my own again now that Jasper was working all the time. The distance between us started to rear its ugly head again. I attempted to make plans for Jasper and I, or for all of us as a family, but Jasper would just tell me not to bother, that he had too much going on at work that he needed to deal with. Within the blink of an eye, the old Jasper was back.

Teaser for Dirty Cheeky Monkeys' Squeeze My Lemon post by busymommy

Unable to refuse her anything, I scooped her up, struggling to my feet in the wet sand. I claimed her mouth with mine, my tongue caressing hers, while I walked into the crashing waves. Once I reached waist deep water, I let her body slide down me, pulling her hips up against my throbbing erection. She kissed me once more, before pushing away to dive under the swells moving in. She surfaced a few feet further out, her dark hair almost ebony under the waning sun. My beautiful water nymph. I dove under and swam out to meet her, my hand wrapping around her ankle and pulling her under. We both surfaced together, Bella’s seductive laugh swept away on the ocean winds.

We swam together, our bodies slipping across each other, our touches becoming bolder with each pass. Gliding up behind her, I slid my fingers under the thin fabric of her panties, teasing across her silken skin, before pushing the wisp of fabric down her legs. I felt her sharp intake of breath, he body melting against mine. My lips blazed a trail across her shoulder, up her neck, to whisper in her ear.

“You sure you want to swim?”

She shivered, turning in my arms, my hands moving to cup her ass and pull her closer. Wrapping her legs around me, she leaned back, her body buoyed by the waves, tendrils of hair floating around her head. With my arms supporting her, I leaned forward, my tongue tracing lazy circles around her navel, lapping away the salty water, her muscles twitching under my mouth.


Well everyone, that is it for today's Teaser Sunday...I hope you all had a great weekend!!! 

Annoucement: Augusts Read Along Information....

Hey everyone,!! With two days left of July its time to introduce our read along fic for next month.  I didn't have one last month b/c well to tell you the truth the first one didn't go as planned.  So we are going to try it again.  

Augusts Read Along fic is:

Alright so here is the date for Boys of Fall Read Along...August 17th at 8PM EST.  

The read along will be held on Twitter and we will be tweeting after every chapter you read.  You will need to type #TTReadAlong before each Tweet though, that way we can link it to the blog and we can all follow along.  

I'm so excited to read this story with everyone and hope you all are excited as well.  More Info will follow closer to the read along date!!! 

Thanks so much!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Made Me Laugh Friday..(or Saturday)

Hey everyone, sorry this is posted late its my fault my comp went nuts on me again but here it is Made me Laugh Friday on Saturday lol...

A comedy about trying to find your way in life, while trying to 'rescue' your high school sweetheart from hers, only to discover she doesn't want to be helped.

I love this story. I actually had a lot of fun reading it. I am a huge Coldplaywhore fan girl and have loved everything she has written so far.  I must admit that I have been putting this story on the back burner for some time now because of the name. I'm a devoted Bella and Edward follower and I really didn't want anything to do with Bree Tanner. BIG mistake! I have been missing out on something pretty awesome. I'm glad I finally gave this story a fair shot because not only did I find a story that I couldn't walk away from, it was also hilarious and a great read.
Edward has just graduated from UW with degree in accounting. Headed back home to Forks with his newly acquired degree in hand he's ready to join his father in the family business. Tagging along is his best buddy from College Emmett who he's going to share an apartment with. One night when Edward walks past the T.V he catches a glimpse of a girl who looks like his high school sweetheart. Bella Swan ,the one that got away. Til this day he's still in love with her and thinks of her often. This couldn't be her. Edward and Emmett do some research they find out the girls name is Bree Tanner. She looks just like Bella. Could this be her and if it is does she need help. Together Edward and Emmett forge a plan to head LA and find Bree Tanner who might be Bella Swan and rescue her.
Emmett is the comedian is this story. His hilarious and quick witted humor are a constant torment to the stuffy uptight accountant Edward.
"Wake up and smell the pussy, Edward. Your girl Bella dines at the Y."

"What the fuck are you talking about."

"She's Lebanese, Edward."

"No she's not. She's all American."

"She's a carpet muncher. If she was a dinosaur, she would be a lickalotapus."
Emmett's wisecracking banter will keep you in stitches.
When they finally track down Bree Tanner will she even want them there?.... and just maybe they find more than they bargained for.
Join Edward and Emmett in "Finding Bree Tanner" and find out what Bella Swan has to do with this all. As always read and review.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slashtastic Thursdays with Layne Faire

Hey darlins, I managed to escape for another week to bring you some more tidbits of slashy goodness that you don’t want to miss.  I’ve got another great little one shot, along with a full length story that should not be missed in the fandom. This week’s one shot I read a couple of weeks ago, after it created a lot of buzz in the Slash Fanfiction Lovers group on FB. 

Edward and Jasper are gaming buddies. And then they do other stuff. Geekslash written for AG because she's awesome.

Edward and Jasper are the geeks of Forks High School. Their mutual interest of video games has made them friends and social outcasts. They kind of like that way, too. One weekend, Jasper’s mom gives him the newest game, Rampage, and everything change. Filled with graphic violence and sex, the boys become aroused and can’t hide it. The take the situation in hand, and over there course of their next few gaming weekends, things progress from there. Then, when new girl Bella takes an interest in Edward, their gaming time falls apart. Both feel awkward with the new feelings they both are experiencing due to Edward and Bella dating, but its not until another person enters the picture that the truth finally comes out. If you love geeky boys and their toys, give this one a read! 

Edward x Jasper. A lonely and somewhat demented Edward longs for Jasper to belong solely to him. A twist of fate brings the two together, and now Edward will do anything to keep his fairytale from ending.

Edward surreptiously watches Jasper daily at a corner cafĂ©, mesmerized by the younger man’s happiness, openness, and physical beauty. When he comes across him in an alley being beaten by two large, narrow-minded bigots, Edward jumps to his defense, chasing off Jasper’s attackers after getting in a few hits of his own. He then takes Jasper back to his home, providing for his every need and want. But what is it Edward wants in return?

At only seven chapters in, there are still so many unanswered questions for this story, and most of them revolve around Edward and his elusiveness. Who is he? What is he? What is he hiding in the west wing? The only thing clear thus far is his all-encompassing passion for Jasper. I can’t wait to watch this story evolve and see where the journey is taking us.

So, that’s it for this week! I need to bolt before they realize I’ve gotten loose again. If you know of any slash stories and one shots you’d like to rec, please check in at the Twigasm Forum on FB or tweet them to me at @LayneFaire. Until next week, much love!   

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Twigasm's Member of the Month (July)

Hey everybody! Thank you for joining us again for our Member of the Month special! This month's member is Mina Rivera!

Mina is currently following us in our Twigasm Facebook group, and in our Twigasm Facebook Forum. You'll often see her comment and "like" various posts.

Mina also writes for our fandom, and has donated several one-shots and outtakes to raise money for many different causes, such as; Fandom Fight the Floods, Fandom Fights the Tsunami, and Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness. You can also find Mina on

We just wanted to take a moment to recognize an important member of our group(s) and let her know we appreciate her and all that she does.

Thanks Mina Rivera! :))

The Twigasm NICU

This will be a new feature here on The Twigasm, the NICU is for stories that are newer but not many people know about it.  These stories are amazing and need some major love and care.  So make sure you head over to this weeks story and give it the tender love and care it deserves.

A Question of Time by KikiTheDreamer is set in 1996 and the pace of this story is awesome.  The author gives you both Edward and Bella POV in the same chapter.  What I love is you don’t have to wonder what Edward was thinking or how he felt about something because Kiki gives it to you immediately.  The electricity in this story rivals the same feeling that was present in the dance clubs in 1996.  I highly recommend this new and exciting story and don’t forget to give it some love and show your appreciation.
An excerpt for Chapter 1:


I come out of my dance high only to feel as if I'm being watched. I turn around and see a tall, skinny guy with seriously fucked up hair. He's wearing black jeans and a worn out Dead Kennedys tee shirt, but it's as if he has saved his brilliantly green eyes for me last. I want him, now, tonight, 20 years from now. But instead of telling him this, I smirk and flip my glossed black bob at him.

I'm trying to look like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, but I don't have her amazing large eyes. That's not to say mine are small, but definitely not Uma eyes. I turn my back to the lovely man and continue to dance, but my usual thoughts are not there. Instead I need to see his face again.

I turn to see if he's looking, but he's disappeared. My heart clenches. I'm done with dancing. I walk up to my favourite bartender in the whole wide world: Deb. She's older than all of us but no matter. She can still rock out her big curly hair and long red fingernails. She hands me two more rye and gingers. Haha! She knows what I like.

The feeling of being watched has come back. I turn around, only to see my friend Steph puke into his hand. Oh no! I roll my eyes. Another teary cab ride home for him. I contemplate how to get poor Steph out of the bar without too much of a scene.
Hot breath touches my right ear.

"Do you know who you look like?"

EPOV: Ah, I left London and for what? A bloody raining town. Alice did promise me we would go out and get shitfaced at some place called "Grind Machine" so that's where we are now. Of course, she's disappeared. Probably dancing with some git with black eyeliner and a shiny shirt. Thankfully, I fit in with my normal tee shirt and jeans.

I glance around the room. A tall slender brunette is wearing a long black skirt. And its got pockets on the bottom. Oh well. I won't pretend to know girl fashion. It's her thick-soled mary janes that catch my eye. With the massive heel, she's got to be at least 5"11 in them. I absolutely adore tall skinny girls. So what if they lack boobs? More than a handful is a waste, right? Their long legs make up for it in leaps and bounds. She looks delicious. Good enough to bite! Her big brown eyes scan the room.

I need to talk to her. For what seems to be the first time in my virgin loser life, I need to be inside a girl. No, not just any girl. I need her right the bloody hell NOW!

And trust me folks the story only gets HOTTER!!!!

Classic Fic Rec Monday

Hey everyone, that's right its Monday and time for our Classic Fic Recs. This weeks Rec is...

Edward Cullen is an Army brat, who has his entire life planned out perfectly, and can't wait to get out of this utterly dull town of Forks, WA. But then a whirlwind in the form of Bella Swan enters his life… AU/AH, some OOC

When Bella’s dad, Charlie, decides to relocate them to place where the crime rate is low, Bella was extremely unhappy. Coming from a city where you can get easily lost in a crowd to a small town where everybody knew your business before you even knew it yourself, was difficult for Bella. Bella worried about being ridiculed for being the “police chief’s’ daughter and not making any friends.

On her first day of school, a petite girl named, Alice, approaches Bella and immediately begins to ask her questions about herself and her drawings. Alice takes Bella under her wing and introduces her to her friends.

Once we arrived however, Alice insisted on introducing me to her friends, even though I really had not intended to make myself so known. But she assured me it was a small group of people and that they would just 'love me'.
To be perfectly clear, there was nothing about that day that would have given me any indication that there was something different or extraordinary about it. No funny feelings, planets out of alignment or anything ridiculous like that. Just an ordinary day of a high school freshman. But as we walked toward the park behind to the school, I was somehow able to ignore the excited squeal of the girl beside me as he came into my view. His bronze hair gave off a slight glow from the morning sun that had actually broken through the clouds and rain for a moment, his head turning toward us and exhaling a drag from a cigarette as we approached. Just then, something happened to me that had never happened before.

My breath hitched in my throat and my heart started racing at the sight of a guy.
He waited a moment for me to say something, but when all I seemed to be able to manage was continuing to stare at him, his brow knitted together. "Do I have something on my face?" he asked sarcastically, and then began to chuckle when I looked away in embarrassment.

Alice rolled her eyes from her perch around her boyfriend, Jasper's waist. She was so tiny; it was probably no effort at all for him to hold her there with her legs wrapped around him. "Edward, you must excuse my friend here. Seems the cat has a good hold on that tongue of hers," she said with a giggle as I decided that ignoring her, or at least trying to, was my best option. "This is Bella Swan by the way."

Edward and Bella eventually hit it off and become best friends. As Bella and Edward’s friendship grows, so does the attraction they have for one another. They both secretly keep their attraction to themselves and hope that no one will find out, their friends however have another agenda. After several unsuccessful attempts of setting them up on a date, Bella and Edward’s friends give it one more shot. 

We were in the theater for less than five minutes when Alice announced that she wanted some popcorn for the movie, insisting that Jasper come with her. Bella stood to go with them but they assured her they would grab her something and told us to save the seats. She shrugged her shoulders casually and leaned her head against my arm. As the trailers began rolling, Alice and Jasper still hadn't returned and Emmett and Rosalie had never made an appearance at all. Bella began stealing glances over to the door and when the movie actually began, I heard her chuckle and she leaned over to my ear. "I think it's safe to say we've been set up."
I glanced to the two empty seats on her left, and the two on my right and I shook my head. "They are never going to give up, are they?" I said as calmly as possible, making a mental note to strangle the three culprits at the earliest convenience.
Bella was silent for a moment and when I looked over at her, she was staring directly at me; those beautiful doe eyes lightly illuminated by the screen. "Well, there is one way to get them to lay off," she said softly, still holding my gaze. I felt her hand slide through the crook of my arm until it rested in my palm. Our fingers laced together until I enveloped her tiny hand in mine. "We could give this date thing a try and when it doesn't work out, we can tell them to leave us alone. And we can go back to life as usual."

I tried to keep the hurt expression from my face with the words 'when it doesn't work out', and it helped knowing that it was true. We were far better off as friends, exactly the way we always were and I wasn't going to risk losing her. She was as necessary in my life as air and water; I could and would not live without her. I smiled at her and nodded in agreement with her plan, and with the hushing noises by the people behind us, turned back to the movie.

The date goes off successfully, in Bella and Edward’s friends eyes. To Bella and Edward, the date was embarrassing, a total disaster... and the best night of their lives.

It takes awhile for our stubborn best friends to finally open their eyes and wake up to the espresso. They DO eventually get their act together after a little bit of drama and angst, one HUGE panic attack, and one relationship that goes bad.

Anything But Conventional” is an awesome story to read. You will be instantly sucked into the drama and angst. By halfway through, you will want to smack Bella and Edward’s heads together in hopes that they will get over it already and end the madness. Whereas, by the end of the story, you will be crying your eyes out… I know I did!

Anything But Conventional” may be a completed fic, but there is a sequel! Yeah!!!!! “Don’t Ever Forget” picks up right where “Anything But Conventional” left off and is ongoing with 6 chapters live. I can’t wait for the next chapter update! I can’t wait to see what happens next and to see if Bella and Edward can survive the distance they are dealt with and the hardships along the way.  

Anything But Conventional” is a definite must read classic!


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We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy making it. We love Twilight and can't wait to share the stories we rec with you.

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