Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slashtastic Thursdays with Layne Faire

Hey darlins, I managed to escape for another week to bring you some more tidbits of slashy goodness that you don’t want to miss.  I’ve got another great little one shot, along with a full length story that should not be missed in the fandom. This week’s one shot I read a couple of weeks ago, after it created a lot of buzz in the Slash Fanfiction Lovers group on FB. 

Edward and Jasper are gaming buddies. And then they do other stuff. Geekslash written for AG because she's awesome.

Edward and Jasper are the geeks of Forks High School. Their mutual interest of video games has made them friends and social outcasts. They kind of like that way, too. One weekend, Jasper’s mom gives him the newest game, Rampage, and everything change. Filled with graphic violence and sex, the boys become aroused and can’t hide it. The take the situation in hand, and over there course of their next few gaming weekends, things progress from there. Then, when new girl Bella takes an interest in Edward, their gaming time falls apart. Both feel awkward with the new feelings they both are experiencing due to Edward and Bella dating, but its not until another person enters the picture that the truth finally comes out. If you love geeky boys and their toys, give this one a read! 

Edward x Jasper. A lonely and somewhat demented Edward longs for Jasper to belong solely to him. A twist of fate brings the two together, and now Edward will do anything to keep his fairytale from ending.

Edward surreptiously watches Jasper daily at a corner café, mesmerized by the younger man’s happiness, openness, and physical beauty. When he comes across him in an alley being beaten by two large, narrow-minded bigots, Edward jumps to his defense, chasing off Jasper’s attackers after getting in a few hits of his own. He then takes Jasper back to his home, providing for his every need and want. But what is it Edward wants in return?

At only seven chapters in, there are still so many unanswered questions for this story, and most of them revolve around Edward and his elusiveness. Who is he? What is he? What is he hiding in the west wing? The only thing clear thus far is his all-encompassing passion for Jasper. I can’t wait to watch this story evolve and see where the journey is taking us.

So, that’s it for this week! I need to bolt before they realize I’ve gotten loose again. If you know of any slash stories and one shots you’d like to rec, please check in at the Twigasm Forum on FB or tweet them to me at @LayneFaire. Until next week, much love!   



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