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Classic Rec Monday...

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What would have happened if Edward didn’t meet Bella in Forks but instead met her while she was working on her business degree in Chicago? 

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Bella is a business school student when she meets Edward, a PhD student. Is this handsome stranger too good to be true? AU/ Vampires/Humans. My vamps are slightly different from SM's. Winner of two Winter '10 Indie TwiFic Awards!

"Hello, Alice."

I heard the light little worried voice on the other end. "Edward, I just had a vision about you."

I'll bet she did. "Really? What did you see?"

"A girl… a human girl. Well, not a girl but young woman. Brown eyes, brown hair. Edward, she's important."

Important? I'm sure. She might break my long streak of abstinence.
Since I didn't respond, Alice clued in immediately. "She's there with you now, isn't she?"

"Mmm…" I started to pace a bit.

Her tone grew more concerned. "Don't kill her."

I stopped in my tracks. Kill her. The words were so harsh to my ears. I wasn't a monster and I didn't want to become one - but the scent! And she wasn't even excited in any way. "Well, that's something to consider."

"I'm not joking, Edward. There's something big with this one. Leave her be tonight and we can talk more about this. Jazz and I can be on the first flight out tomorrow to be with you if you need us." I turned back to look at the young woman. She was reading a magazine. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail; some strands had come loose and she took her hair down, shook her long mane once and then gathered it all back up into the band she'd put around her wrist. Her scent wafted over to me once again just from this minute action; she was a virgin, I was sure of it. Ah, so nice.

I realized Alice was still speaking. "Edward, did you hear me? Pay attention! DO NOT HURT HER."

"Let's see how it goes. I'm sure you'll be the first to know. "

Alice's tone changed. "Hmm, looks like the vision is shifting. I think she'll be safe for tonight. Okay, Edward, remember… leave her be."

I stared at the young woman. She was interesting looking. She had a heart-shaped face, pale skin like mine, with brown hair that had subtle shades of red in it. Her lips were full and her eyes were brown, in-between the shades of milk and dark chocolate. "Yes, I'll try. Chances are good right now. I'll talk to you later."

Edward is instantly attracted to the shy, reserved young woman, Bella Swan. Wanting to keep her safe from his world, Edward tries to keep her in the dark. However, Bella can’t help but put the pieces together. Edward is very formal and old fashioned, has a very glamorous, dazzling presence, highly observant, “and you do this thing with your voice every once in a while… like you're trying to verbally seduce me.”  

This first installment of the American Vampire series is an addictive read! Did I say series? Yes!!! After “American Vampire in Chicago”, there are 3 more installments that are equally addicting and enjoyable to read. In each installment, you will see how their relationship develops from simply dating towards marriage. Like every couple, Edward and Bella overcome several obstacles like ex-boyfriends and jealous ex-lovers. On the other hand, their biggest obstacle to overcome is decrypting an ancient prophecy of the Shri and how she is to bring doom to all vampires.

Just4ALE takes the normal Twilight cannon and makes a world of her own. This alternative view of Twilight is intriguing and loaded with twists and turns. If you are looking for something to dig your teeth into, then this story/series is something you definitely do not want to miss out on. 

This is a definite must read classic!



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