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Must Read Classic Fic Rec

Hey everyone, its that time again... Time for a Classic Fic Rec by Taylowendy :) 

Complete with 31 Chapters
It's Belfast, N.Ireland and the year is 1972. Bella's worried about her brother and his best friend, Edward, and their dangerous involvement in the Irish Republican Army. Is it really wise to fall in love with a rebel? Rated M.

If you ever, EVER, wanted to learn about why the Irish are fighting in their homeland, then this story will help clear up some of the reasons why.

Volition takes you to war torn Northern Ireland. Bella has been harboring a crush on her brother’s best friend, Edward, for years. It is not until one day, when she looks under her bed to find an unidentified brown bag under bed. This brown bag not only brings the outside world to Bella’s doorstep, but brings her face to face with her long time crush and to admit that she just doesn’t have a crush on him… she loves him.

"Bella," Edward coaxed.

I startled, caught off guard by his proximity. Now he was propped on his elbow, reclining back and facing me.

I eyed him warily. "What?"

His bright, green eyes flicked back and forth between my own, and I allowed myself to be studied. My heartbeat quickened and I leaned up on my elbow, mirroring his pose. Finally he tucked a stray lock behind my ear and smirked.

I wrinkled my brow. "What?"

"You like me," he mused.

"Of course I do," I replied carefully, smiling a little.

"No. You love me." He clarified.

I was shocked and so…caught. Sitting up stiffly, I splayed my palms across my knees, so wracked by nerves that I was nauseated. I did love him, it was true - and I sincerely wished I didn't. Besides a couple of less than stellar high school kisses, I had very little experience with the opposite sex. I also didn't feel like weathering months of torment once my family found out I was hot for the Cullen boy. I felt a tug at my braid.

"Why exactly are you here?" I huffed, yanking my hair away.

Edward sat up and maneuvered so that his body aligned with mine, closing the space between us. I felt his fingers, no longer cold, tickle at my chin and when I looked at him he kissed me right away, a brief brush of lips.

I frowned. "Why-" but he kissed me again, longer, lingering.

It took me a moment to pull myself together after our lips had parted. "Why did you do that?" I whispered, my heart clamoring inside my ribs.

"Because you wanted me to," he answered, his mouth curling up into a crooked grin.

I looked down at my hands, twisting nervously in my lap. Was he toying with me now, amused by my affections? Mortification started creeping in.

"And because I wanted to," he added, his smile fading as I looked up at him.

I glanced at his mouth, perfect really, wanting so much to feel it on mine again. He ran the back of his hand down my cheek and then curled his fingers around the base of my neck, gently pulling me toward him. This time when our mouths came together I let my lips open. His tongue slid into my mouth and it was warm and sensual and overwhelming and my hands grasped his arms of their own volition.

He made me feel desperate and out of control and I didn't want him to stop.

He kissed me deeper still, and gently pried my hands off of his forearms. He placed my arms around him instead, and cupped my face with his rough-smooth hands, our tongues moving together as we tasted one other. He broke away and moved to my neck and I heard myself gasp but I couldn't be embarrassed because I was so aroused it was hard to think.

Volition is a story that should NOT be over looked. Yes, it takes place in the 70’s but if you don’t know Irish history, that is when things really heat up in Northern Ireland. The Irish historian in me loves how well this story is written and how well the facts are laid out. I also love how Rochelle takes the Twilight characters add a little bit of history and makes it her own.

The love story of Bella and Edward in Volition is gripping and endearing. This is one fic you need to read!



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