Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One of our own has be plagiarized,...

Hey everyone I have a announcement...please listen up! One of our own has been plagiarized by a bitch named amber-kitty. nails233 the writer of  When the Missing Come Home has been copied.  Srsly people this shit has to stop I am tired of it!!

This person has stolen other stories as well and might target some others...lets take care of this now and report her!! Please! Before this happens to you.



Reported. I can't stand people like that. Good luck and I hope this gets resolved soon.

I am completely disgusted that someone had the balls to do this. She not only copied the story, she even kept nails' A/N's! I mean, come on, talk about being blatant. How could she possibly think someone wouldn't figure it out?? The question I have, though, and I already PM'd nails about it, is if we report the offender, will it bring unwanted attention to nails' stories? With the way FFn is pulling stories for the least little thing, I'd hate for that to happen to her. The story is BDSM, right? I've seen stories taken down for less that that, though I haven't read it (yet), so I really don't know. I just see it's labeled as "dark". I'll be happy to report her if that's what nails wants us to do. I hope the idiot plagiarizer gets kicked off and banned for life.

I just heard from nails233 and she wants everyone to report the plagiarizer. I feel so bad for her. It's gotta be really infuriating to have your hard work stolen. I hope it's all resolved very soon.

Yeah nails233 def wants us to report it. Its not fair that she did all the writing and then the other person steals it. I feel so bad for her I know how this feels its happened to me twice. I hope will fix this soon, I think its ridiculous they haven't already!


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