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Teaser Sunday (7-2-11)

Hey...I hope you all had a great weekend, well its now time to be teased.  Sit back and read lol.  Today we have a few teasers, plus a teaser/preview to a story that is upcoming in the fall of this year.  


Chapter 12 of Breach by Catastrophia

“Oh, my God. Could you quit flaunting your tits around? I’m getting so sick of looking at yours I can hardly stand to look at my own! And, by the way, if he hasn’t taken the bait yet, he isn’t going to!” Kate exclaimed, attempting to get the point across to two B.S. members, Tanya and Bree.

I was having a very difficult time not spitting out my coffee. In fact it was in my mouth and I was attempting to swallow it, but all I wanted to do was laugh. That would have resulted in coffee all over my desk and files and there was nothing worse than coffee stained documents.

A chanced a glance over at Edward who was also attempting not to laugh, his hand covering his mouth, concealing his upturned lips. His eyes betrayed him, laugh lines crinkling in the corners.

Laugh lines.

I wanted to see those more often.

It was short lived when Emmett’s booming voice rang out around the walls.

“Morning!” he greeted with a huge grin accentuating his dimples.

He and Edward exchanged a brief glare before turning back to me and smiling. The ‘boob squad’ thankfully took that as their cue to leave.

“Hey, Bells, guess who I ran into last night?” he asked, plopping down on the chair in the corner of our office.

“Who?” I questioned, curious as to who we both knew that he would run into.

“Carmen,” he stated


“Why on earth did you just take my picture?” Shocked, I tried to grab his phone, but he stretched his hand away, tightening his other arm around me to stop me from scrambling across his body. “Jazz! Please delete it, it has to be awful.”

“Not on your life. I promise, it isn’t revealing, just suggestive.” Trying to mollify me, he lifted his mouth to mine, taking possession of my lips in a soft kiss. “Besides, I needed a picture to go with your phone number.”

“But,” I shook my head, “couldn’t you take one when I look more human? At least let me take a shower so my hair isn’t a mess.”

“Nope, this is perfect.” He rolled me onto my back, moving over me and resting his weight on his elbows. I shivered when his mouth dropped to my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin at the curve of my shoulder. “Now,” he kissed my shoulder, “I can” his mouth moved to the skin under my jaw, “show people,” he slid his tongue to my ear, tugging the lobe between his teeth, “how hot” teasing kisses across my cheek to my mouth, “my girlfriend is.”


New Story: The Untouchables by Lady Ali Coming This Fall...

 “Are you sure you can handle this one, she’s slipped through every other agents hands.  I’m not sure if you are up to this task, McCarty.  Do you really think you can handle this?”

“I can handle the cocky blonde.  I got this, Ali.  Seriously the little sly fox has nothing on me.  Like I said, I  got this.”

I walked past the boss lady with a smug smile on my face.  Her on the other hand, well she didn’t even trust her own brother.  Yeah my boss is my twin sister.  But I could do this case, this was my shot to win my family over and really show them I could handle the family business.  I would catch the one that always got away. 
I will be the one to take Ms. Rosalie Hale down once and for all.  I would get the girl, no I don’t mean take her to my bedroom and do naughty things to her, no i mean i would exterminate her.

“Even if it’s the last thing I do.” Snickering to myself.  “I love my job.”

I’m Emmett McCarty…Assassin! 


Well I hope you all liked what you read.  Please check out these amazing stories and let the writers know what you think.  Also remember, Teasers need to be into us by Saturday the 9th at 5 pm.  Fill out this: Form to send them in.

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