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Teaser Sunday (7-10-11)

OMG I am so sorry everyone...I had this posted already and have no clue why it didn't actually post.  I had it set up for automatic posting this morning but it didn't do it.  So I'm sorry!!! Here is this weeks Teaser Sunday...we have 3 teasers for you this week.


The more time that passed, the further Jasper and I drifted apart. I was desperate for us to reconnect. I loved my husband and I knew that deep down he loved me too, we just seemed to have gotten lost along the way. I tried talking to my parents about it but all they told me was to make the best of things, that no marriage was perfect, and that I shouldn’t talk about my feelings the way I was because airing my dirty laundry like that wasn’t appropriate. I was so afraid of losing Jasper. I couldn’t imagine life without him. We had known each other all of our lives, and had been together since we were sixteen years old…


Chapter 12 of Over The Rainbow by Equivamp

Cullen leapt from the bushes in a crackle of leaves and branches.

“Stop this nonsense!” Cullen yelled, his eyes wild in their sockets.

“Cullen, where have you been!”

“Shhhhh….” he hissed. “Listen!”

A sound carried in on the wind.

I was reminded vaguely of the sounds coming from Auto-Shop class. An earsplitting metallic shriek as a high-powered buzz saw sliced through unwilling metal; I could almost see the sparks in my head. But as I listened I realized it wasn’t exactly like sound I was thinking of. This sound, as far away as it was, rose and dropped, fluctuated… Soon it was joined by other similar sounds. The shrill chorus caused my goosebumps to rise and sent a tremor down my spine.

“What the hell is that?” I whispered.

"The hunting party."


He looked around the apartment with keener eyes than the last time. It was clean despite being cluttered. There were no signs of affluence in any of the articles that furnished the room. If Elizabeth Masen had leeched off of his father, she was hiding her secret stash well. Or could it be that she was just showing him a façade that she knew would make his heart melt?

Well played, Ms. Masen.

It wasn’t lost on him that he was radically veering off the path that he’d hoped to adhere to when he decided to confront Elizabeth Masen. Her welfare was the last thing on his mind when he walked in through her door. Even as she was recounting her history with his father, he couldn’t help but feel skeptical about her motives.

However, his brief meeting with Edward had changed all that. He felt a strong kinship to the infant that he couldn’t shake off with cold reasoning. More importantly, he didn’t want to.


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