Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Shot Tuesday (7-19-11)

Hey everyone, its that time again! One Shot Rec Tuesday :) So sit back and relax...

Penpals since the age of eight, one in Chicago, the other in Forks, they never anticipated finding their best friend. Will the friendship survive from miles apart when it's put to the test?

As a school project, shy little, Edward, writes a letter hoping that his new penpal may become a true friend. After his other classmates receive their letters before him, Edward fears the worst. When he does finally receive his letter, his fear comes to fruition – his penpal is a girl who lives in a city named after a utensil in Washington State.

Kyla713, the author of “Late Night Encounters” and “Anything, But Conventional”, brings to us a sweet story about Edward and Bella who become penpals at the age of eight. I’m so glad that my friend, prettykittyartist, told me to read this fic!  Come and read about Bella and Edward friendship develops into a deeper relationship that is filled with love and friendship. This fic will have you laugh, cry, and cheer out loud. It may even bring up some childhood memories…


PS Love Always was a collaborative effort by kyla713 and myself ericastwilight. Thank you


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