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Teaser Sunday (7-24-11)

Its that day again...ITS SUNDAY!!!  You all know what that means...Teaser Sunday here on The Twigasm.  So get ready...sit back and relax and read!!! 


The beast tamed a bit thriving in the fact he or we’d been Bella’s first, until Alice tackled Bella to the ground. The urge to rip her head off had me snarling and growling our displeasure of someone touching her. I flinched one muscle toward them when Jasper leapt on my back pinning me to the ground.

Pulling my head back by my hair, he demanded my attention. “Just watch. They’re not fighting.”

I looked back, groaning at the sight before me. Alice had flipped Bella over. She laid nestled between Bella’s legs palming her perfect, perky breasts. “Alice,” slipped from Bella’s rosy pout as she raked her hands through her hair, pulling Alice flush against the creamy flesh.


“Good afternoon, Mr. Cullen, what can I do for you today?” Harold Jenk’s eager voice came through the line.

“I asked you to handle an account a while back; to take care of the medical bills of one of my security guards.” Carlisle went straight to the point; he rarely bothered with pleasantries. It wasted so much time, he felt.

“Yes… if I recall correctly, it was a certain Swan family? Yes, I set up an expense account for them, as per your instructions. Have there been any problems, Mr. Cullen?” Harold asked with apprehension. He had inherited the Cullens’ business from his father and would hate to lose his highest paying client over some stupid oversight.

“Did you make it perfectly clear to the family that I had certain expectations with regards to them not blabbing to the media?” Carlisle asked.

“Of course, Mr. Cullen. I explained it quite thoroughly. In fact, I have it on paper too. Mrs. Swan understood and agreed to all conditions, and signed a standard non-disclosure. Has she been talking to the tabloids?”

“Something like that; their daughter wrote an article for a local newsletter. Stupid kids! I want you to handle this immediately, Jenks,” Carlisle instructed.

“Yes, absolutely. The Swans are clearly in violation of the agreement they’d signed. You have very good grounds to bring legal action against them. I will file for a civil suit immediately,” Harold answered enthusiastically, eager to demonstrate his usefulness in managing the Cullen personal finances.

“What? No, don’t be ridiculous! What will I be suing them for? A used bedpan? Use your head, for once.” He didn’t hold back his annoyance at Harold’s stereotypical enthusiasm for frivolous lawsuits.

Carlisle continued in a more calm fashion. “Just cut them off. And let them know in writing why they are being cut off. Close the account.”


Chapter 6 of Music of the Heart by wmr1601

“I know that tone, Isabella Marie,” she chides me. “Remember, you’ve been like a daughter to me since you were six years old; you can’t keep things from me. What’s happened with you? I can just feel it in your tone that there’s something you want to tell me.”

I smile broadly, feeling a bit like the Cheshire cat. “I kind of met someone. I mean, it’s too early to know anything for sure, and of course I wasn’t looking to find someone—I know it’s much too soon—but, oh, Miss Lydia, he’s so… so…” I trail off, sighing.

“Well, tell me about him,” she says, sounding much younger than her sixty years. “Where’d you meet him? What’s his name? What does he do? What did you guys do? And anything else I need to know.” I giggle at her enthusiasm; anyone listening in might think she was a teenager again, just looking for the latest gossip.

“Do you remember the piano music I told you about? That I heard coming from the other side of the wall of my living room?”

“I do. ‘Oh, Miss Lydia, it’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard,’” she quotes me.

“Right. Well, that’s him. That’s the guy I met. My neighbor, the piano player.”

“Well, well, well. I like the sound of this already. Music is good for the soul, Bella."


Chapter 13 of Over The Rainbow by Equivamp

“Do you think these Amazons would mind if I stole a couple apples?” I asked Scarecrow.

He shrugged. “I don’t see why they should. Its not like they do a fruit count before they’re picked.”

What happened next was like something out of a bad horror movie. My hand reached out slowly to appreciatively caress a silken apple skin, when I realized that the tree was watching me. What I had disregarded as knots in the bark were actually eyes, eyes that stared, eyes that blinked.

I yelped in shock and leapt back, but the tree was faster. A bare branch whipped through the air, a hand with spindly twig fingers, and wrapped around my wrist.

“What do you think your doing?” a voice came out of the tree in great gravelly bellow.

I had to pee again.

“Let go!” Scarecrow shouted reaching for the twigs wrapped around my wrist.

“Watch out!” I screamed at him, crying in my fear, but my shout wasn’t soon enough.

Another branch, from another tree reached out


Chapter 13 of The Inheritance by iambeagle

"I need to go pick up Seth."

"Okay." Bella shrugged and kept her focus on the cereal she was eating.

"Will you be at Emmett's later?"

"I'm kind of busy later," Bella said easily. She brought the bowl to her lips and gulped down the leftover milk. "Maybe if I get home early enough I can stop by or something."

"Oh." I paused, gauging the tone of her voice. It was off, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was lacking. "What are you going to do?"

Bella stared at me for a second too long before replying. "I have a date."

"A date?" I asked too quietly and too accusingly. My mouth was suddenly too dry and it wasn't cottonmouth. I could only fucking wish. "With, uh...with who?"

Bella rolled her eyes and said, "It's not like you know who he is, so what's the point of knowing his name?"

Well, she had a point. But she also has some fucking nerve. I didn't actually care if Bella went on a date, did I? We never specified, well, anything. I couldn't justify why I was upset over the thought of Bella going on a date with someone else and that pissed me off even more.

"Okay." I cleared my throat. "Have fun with that."

"Don't act like that," Bella scoffed.

"Don't act like what?" I snapped and ran a hand through my hair. "The way you acted when Tanya was waiting for me at Emmett's?"

Bella fell silent.


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