Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slashtastic Thursday with Layne Faire

Oh, this is like stepping in new snow! *SIGHS* So my first post for this new feature on the Twigasm. Each week, I will be bringing you a slashy little one shot, along with a full length story that should not be missed in the fandom. First up this week, a little bit of fun inspired by a banner adoption from the TwiFicPics Banner Garage Sale.


After his ex's betrayal, Jasper had withdrawn into a life of isolation. But one night, stranded by the side of the road, he finds himself rescued in an entirely different way. Slash, M for lemons, AH, Jasper/Emmett

First off, Jasper/Emmett? Definitely not a pairing you see too often, but after reading this little bit of deliciousness, its one I want to read more of!

Jasper is driving home from performing a gig. It’s after midnight, the middle of nowhere, and his old, beloved truck gives up the ghost. Pulling to the side of the road, he checks to see he has no cell phone service. Resigned to spending the night in the truck, he settles in, expecting to find help in the morning. Instead, he is awakened a little while later by the sound of an approaching truck, containing the answer to his prayers—a sexy mechanic in tight jeans. When the mechanic, Emmett, catches him “adjusting” his obvious interest, the fun begins.  The prospect of two days to replace the radiator, and the offer of a barter system to cover the costs, leaves Jasper with only one thought—“when you found a good mechanic it would be foolish to let him go.”

Now, on to our full length choice of the week. It is a current WIP that I was sucked into immediately.

Edward, a tradesman by day, is transfixed by a blue eyed man he meets on the dance floor every Friday night. Jasper has his reasons for hiding who he really is, but Edward wants to show him he can have the best of both worlds. J&E Slash.

Owenic is one of my favorite slash writers. Her amazing ability to convey so much with so few words in her drabble fics never ceases to amaze me. Her latest offering, Best of Both Worlds, is more of the same awesomeness that is becoming synonymous with her penname.

Jasper and Edward, both construction workers, come from diametrically different backgrounds. Edward’s family is supportive of his life choices, whereas Jasper was disowned by family and physically beaten by his co-workers when they discovered he dared to come out. The two meet one night at a club, drawn to each other, but never going beyond dancing together, until the day they end up on the same jobsite. Both determined to protect their privacy at work, they manage to build a relationship. Two back to back crises will test their feelings for each other and the strength of their commitment. Will they be strong enough to survive and truly have the Best of Both Worlds

I know, a very small review, but honestly, I don’t want to go into a ton of details. The intricacies of this story must be read to truly be appreciated.  I hope you’ll give it a shot. 

So, that’s it for this week and my very first post! If you know of any slash stories and one shots you’d like to rec, please check in at the Twigasm Forum on FB or tweet them to me at @LayneFaire. Until next week, much love!   



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