Friday, July 22, 2011

Can't Walk Away From Friday

After several failed relationships, Bella Swan had never imagined that she would fall for hot-headed, bull riding, Edward Cullen. Will Edward be able to recognize his true feelings for Bella? Can Bella break this wild cowboy or will he never be tamed?

Not yet: 10 chapters in
Yeeeehaw ladies....Saddle up because this week we're riding out to meet a Bull Riding Edward. Complete with Stetson, Cowboys boots and chaps, what more could a girl ask for. With a Marlboro hanging out of his mouth, this dirty talking, bull riding Cowboy is about to steal Bella Swans heart and probably yours too. Neither are looking for love, but but they find it a the rodeo. Bella's visiting the Cody ,Wyoming to see her best friend Alice's boyfriend Jasper  in the calf roping competition at the rodeo. Alice has never gotten along with Jasper's rodeo teammate Edward. After seeing Edward in a very compromising position she warns Bella he nothing but trouble to stay away from him. When Bella and Edwards eyes connect from across the arena  for the first time neither of them could have known how much that one look would change their lives. Sneaking behind Alice's back the couple starting seeing each other. Neither are looking for romance and keep telling themselves over and over it's just a physical relationship. Will they realize it's love before it's to late............

It's funny how things can change in seconds, though. How you can be hotter than crack head's spoon one minute and scared shitless the next? Or how you can be as confused as a hooker is cheap and then all of a sudden you know in your heart exactly how you feel. I had watched Edward get thrown before, but this time something in me ignited when I watched it happen. The bull came down on its front legs, sending him through the air and landing on his front, causing him to slide through the dirt and nearly collide with the wall.

Alice and I both sucked in a breath as we watched him continue to slide, arms and face buried in the dirt.

"Oh my God," I said in a course whisper, waiting for him to get up and run out of the ring to the safety of the gates. He just laid there, though.

"He's not moving Bella," Alice gasped, looking at me with a worried expression.....................

Will Edward walk away this time or it to late? Will Bella ever get the courage to tell Alice she been seeing Edward behind her back?
Read "Riding for the Fall" and find out. As leave a Review.



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