Monday, July 25, 2011

The Twigasm NICU

This will be a new feature here on The Twigasm, the NICU is for stories that are newer but not many people know about it.  These stories are amazing and need some major love and care.  So make sure you head over to this weeks story and give it the tender love and care it deserves.

A Question of Time by KikiTheDreamer is set in 1996 and the pace of this story is awesome.  The author gives you both Edward and Bella POV in the same chapter.  What I love is you don’t have to wonder what Edward was thinking or how he felt about something because Kiki gives it to you immediately.  The electricity in this story rivals the same feeling that was present in the dance clubs in 1996.  I highly recommend this new and exciting story and don’t forget to give it some love and show your appreciation.
An excerpt for Chapter 1:


I come out of my dance high only to feel as if I'm being watched. I turn around and see a tall, skinny guy with seriously fucked up hair. He's wearing black jeans and a worn out Dead Kennedys tee shirt, but it's as if he has saved his brilliantly green eyes for me last. I want him, now, tonight, 20 years from now. But instead of telling him this, I smirk and flip my glossed black bob at him.

I'm trying to look like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction, but I don't have her amazing large eyes. That's not to say mine are small, but definitely not Uma eyes. I turn my back to the lovely man and continue to dance, but my usual thoughts are not there. Instead I need to see his face again.

I turn to see if he's looking, but he's disappeared. My heart clenches. I'm done with dancing. I walk up to my favourite bartender in the whole wide world: Deb. She's older than all of us but no matter. She can still rock out her big curly hair and long red fingernails. She hands me two more rye and gingers. Haha! She knows what I like.

The feeling of being watched has come back. I turn around, only to see my friend Steph puke into his hand. Oh no! I roll my eyes. Another teary cab ride home for him. I contemplate how to get poor Steph out of the bar without too much of a scene.
Hot breath touches my right ear.

"Do you know who you look like?"

EPOV: Ah, I left London and for what? A bloody raining town. Alice did promise me we would go out and get shitfaced at some place called "Grind Machine" so that's where we are now. Of course, she's disappeared. Probably dancing with some git with black eyeliner and a shiny shirt. Thankfully, I fit in with my normal tee shirt and jeans.

I glance around the room. A tall slender brunette is wearing a long black skirt. And its got pockets on the bottom. Oh well. I won't pretend to know girl fashion. It's her thick-soled mary janes that catch my eye. With the massive heel, she's got to be at least 5"11 in them. I absolutely adore tall skinny girls. So what if they lack boobs? More than a handful is a waste, right? Their long legs make up for it in leaps and bounds. She looks delicious. Good enough to bite! Her big brown eyes scan the room.

I need to talk to her. For what seems to be the first time in my virgin loser life, I need to be inside a girl. No, not just any girl. I need her right the bloody hell NOW!

And trust me folks the story only gets HOTTER!!!!



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