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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly Story Rec.. By DiamondHeart78

Hey everyone, its that time again....Here is a great story Rec by DiamondHeart78.  Hope you all enjoy it and check out this amazing story!


This weeks story is called An Angry Man by katinki

Summary: Edward is a bitter, angry man, a man suffering the sins of his past. An emotional & physical recluse, he pushes everyone away. That is, until Bella, a mysterious woman with her own demons, enters his world and forces him to face himself. AH
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 102,421 - Reviews: 2153 - Updated: 11-14-10 - Published: 4-9-10 - Edward & Bella

I stumbled upon this story while reading a post on a fanfiction discussion board a while back and was immediately intrigued by the summary. Told from Edward’s POV, Edward is essentially a damaged, bitter man who is dealing (or not dealing, depending on the reader’s perspective) with a tragedy from his past. The guilt and self-loathing drives him to self-exile: away from the people who are supposed to love and support him.

He pushes everyone aside, drinking his demons away practically every day. However, when his very patient housekeeper must take leave because of a family emergency, Edward is left to tend to a brand new and mysterious tenant, Bella Lovelace, who is renting the small cottage on his expansive property.

At first, they’re abrasive towards each other- they’re both hiding secrets, choosing to keep their distance until Bella opens up and invites him to help her with some home improvements to the cottage. Their precarious relationship continues to evolve as they spend their time getting to know one another. Both Bella and Edward divulge little tidbits of information regarding  their respective pasts, and their budding trust in each other sprouts other, more romantic feelings. Here’s a great clip from Chapter 14 that really sums up the overall conflict in Edward’s mind regarding his self-hatred and his fear of hurting Bella in the process:

"I'm not your friend, Bella," I whispered, shaking my head. "Trust me, you don't want that. I don't want that."

Bella cocked her head to the side, still oblivious to the chaos swirling inside of me. A strand of chestnut hair fell and hugged the curve of her jaw. Her lip quirked and without blinking, she pressed, "Why not?"

"Just, no. I'm not what you'd call friend material," I rasped, gulping again. God, how I wanted a drink, something to bring me back down to earth and rationality. My throat throbbed, recalling the familiar soothing burn.

Her gaze slid up and down my face, roaming, searching for something. I wasn't sure what she saw in my features, but abruptly, a small, pale hand darted out, and before I could react, reached up and smoothed back one of the unruly tufts of hair standing out from the side of my head. Softly, even tenderly, her fingers skimmed down the side of my face, slowing when her fingertips hit the grit of my days-old stubble. My breathing caught, and as much as I wanted to duck and dodge her advance, my body froze beneath her willing touch. Just as it had been before, it was like nothing else, the feel of her touching me, willingly, gently. Where her skin departed, mine felt hot, almost feverish. For a fragile, fleeting moment, my body sighed, relishing the feel of something so different, forgetting everything. That second of contact was so unexpected and so… good, I had to suppress a groan of longing.

"What are you so afraid of?" she whispered, her watchful eyes following the trace of her fingers. Her lips were parted just so and I could only stare stupidly as they moved.

I wanted to shove her away and tell her to leave me the fuck alone. I wanted to wrap my hand around hers and touch her the way she was touching me. I wanted to leave. I wanted to stay. I wanted to understand what the fuck was happening to me. But more than anything else, I wanted to fucking breathe again.

With the latest chapter update in this WIP, Edward still has a lot of issues to deal with, and after Bella’s sister, Alice comes to visit, Edward is given more clues to the mysterious puzzle that is his beautiful neighbor. Even though Edward and Bella have shared a mutual and intimate closeness, they still have not crossed the line that could potentially complicate things even more.

Of course, this being a Hurt/Comfort/Romance fanfiction, sparks are sure to fly, and it’s almost a given that Edward and Bella will, at some point, cross that invisible line into something that could either potentially destroy them, or put them both back together.

I’m really loving this story so far. Edward’s point-of-view is of course rather skewed, so we only get one side to the story, which could cloud the reader’s judgment as to what’s really going on. Remember, Edward’s a broken man, in more ways than one. His perspective on life translates into every facet of his world at the moment. Bella, however, is breaking him out of his funk in a way, but she has so many issues herself, that their journey to reach self forgiveness and redemption will not be without bumps in the road.

I really cannot wait to read more from this really gifted writer. Give it a go, I’m certain you’ll love it too.


Thanks so much DiamondHeart78 for this amazing story rec... I hope you all enjoyed this and check this story out!!! Don't forget to comment if you liked this rec, let us know what you think!!!


A huge sorry goes out.....


Hey everyone, I want to say sorry to you all.  School has been kicking my butt that is why I haven't posted anything in a long time, but we are going to jump right back in and get back to work for you all!!! 

A story rec will be posted today...also I will be posting all teasers from now on but they will be posted on Saturdays so send them to us...

From now on one large post will be posted on Saturdays and a weekly rec will be posted every week...

~Lady Ali~ 
The Twigasm Creator

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have an idea!

Hey everyone...I need your opinion on something... I've been thinking of doing a post about the new fics that come out that need recd and reviews.  Not sure what I'm going to name it but I am going to do this for you all.  So go onto facebook and help me come up with some names!!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teaser Tuesday...

Hey everyone, are you all ready to be teased...Well I hope you are, so get a drink or food and sit down and get ready. 


Chapter 20 of Parachute by KitsuShel

The song slowed and came to a stop, but Edward's arms did not let her go. She gazed into his deep green eyes and fell into their depths. Emotions flicked across them that she couldn't quite comprehend. The song's beat soon turned deep and dark. A woman's soulful voice washed over them like silk.

"I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced a crown"

As they continued to sway, Bella's fingers flexed through his hair as one of his hands pressed into the small of her back, bringing her close to him. His other hand worked it's way into her hair, at the base of her neck and lower his face to hers.

"I just want to try something," he whispered. "Stay very still."


Her face blanched for a second as her eyes flashed to mine. I knew why. I knew that she was wondering if I’d told him about the baby, and I shook my head as subtly as possible, silently letting her know that I hadn’t. Her eyes then flashed with anger and she directed her attention back to Edward. “You asshole!”

“Alice, stop,” I interrupted, and proceeded to tell her what I’d just disclosed to Edward.

“Oh, that motherfucking shady bastard!” she exclaimed, and Edward’s eyes widened at her colorful outburst. “If I’d have known that, I would’ve castrated that jerk a long fucking time ago!” I sat silent, letting her vent. “You didn’t have to…do what you did.” She pointed at Edward, who hung his head and ran his hands through the beautiful disaster that was his hair.

“Alice,” I warned, but she ignored me.

“But, HE put the bullet in the gun. Oh! What a fucker!” She threw her hands in the air. “You…” She looked at me pointedly, “are not going home tonight. You are staying with me.”

“But the kids…” I’d started, but was interrupted by her shrill tone.

“I’ll pick them up; damn it, Bella, you and the kids are not going back there tonight at least. Do not argue with me on this one.” I nodded, too exhausted to fight with her anymore.

“Okay,” I stated mechanically, “I’ll call the school.”

“Oh no.” She shook her head and smirked, leaving me confused. “You’re not calling the school.”

“But, they won’t let you just…”

“I know. Listen, I’ve been holding this in all day, but not anymore. First of all, Ang and I were going to go get some lunch. Are you guys hungry?” Edward shook his head silently and I just looked at her. So fucking typical that she would change the subject suddenly before dropping some bomb on me. “Are you sure?” She looked to me and I huffed.

“Yes, Alice, I’m sure! Now, what the hell are you doing?”

“Fine, then Ang and I will go have some lunch out…and you two can chill here for a while.” She raised her eyebrows at me and I glared. Like I was going to fucking have sex in Angela’s bed. God, she’s an idiot sometimes.

Edward cleared his throat as Angela giggled quietly behind Alice and my face caught fire. Good Lord, we’ve all lost our minds. I opened my mouth to berate her for yet again not answering me, as well as embarrassing the shit out of me in an epically inappropriate way. Then she spoke up.

“But first…I’m calling that prick and giving him a piece of my mind before I make him call the school and tell them the twins’ Auntie Alice will be picking them up day.”

“Oh, Alice, please don’t,” I whispered weakly and leaned into Edward.

“Alice, come on,” he said, forcing his protest, but the underlying tone he had was in total agreement with her.


Sorry everyone that is all we have today, but they were amazing!!! I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did.   

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly Story Rec/Review

Hey everyone, I am so sorry this is late this week.  But I started college this week and it's been a little crazy around here.  But anyway, this weeks story rec is Somewhere In Between by Kessiah.  I am absolutely in love with this story and can't stop reading. I have three tests to study for and don't want to stop lol. (click banner below to take you to the story)

Here is what the writer had to say about the story: 

A tragic accident separated Edward and Bella, forcing them down paths they never envisioned. What happens when they find themselves torn between having what they always wanted and honoring commitments made? AH, Rated M for language & lemons

I'll let you all see for yourselfs what I'm talking about, but here is a clip from the story itself...

Not slowing his movements, he began to plead, "Please, Bella, come…I love you, I just want to make you feel..."

Letting out an exaggerated, breathy moan, breathing in deeply as I attempted to center myself, I was suddenly assaulted with his scent–cloying, strong, overpowering. Not the one I craved. The dual sensation of smell and sound pulled me back. Moaning again, the sound of my voice seemed so foreign to me.


He continued to swirl his tongue furiously over me, my body beginning to shake as my earlier desire miraculously started to strengthen again. Maybe I wouldn't have to fake this–maybe I could feel the complete and maddening rush of pleasure right now, with him. Focus Bella, he loves you, he wants you... Humming out another moan against me, causing my body to arch into him, his tongue delved deeper, propelling me further.

Opening my eyes just a sliver and glancing over to the dresser, I avoided looking into his piercing eyes. Instead, my gaze automatically snapped toward the image in the silver frame, immediately picking it out: a flash of green. The memory was enough to send me over the edge, the constant reminder of another green, a deeper green. My eyes closed and I was engulfed, the feeling of being tossed headlong into a pool with waters of the deepest emerald causing my body to stiffen.

Harder and more intensely than ever before with him, I came. The smarter part of my brain screamed at me to keep my mouth shut, the reckless side of me paying it no mind. Struggling to quiet myself, taking deep, gasping breaths in an effort to steady myself and stop from crying out, I moaned long and low, the immensely enticing memory proving to be too much in the end.

"Oh god, y-y-yes, don't stop, please, E-Ed- oh! Don't stop..."

Head snapping up, eyes fierce as stared back at me, a look of hurt and anger twisted his normally handsome features into something scary and unknown.

He'd heard me.

Like I said amazing.  You so should check this out, trust me....

Here is a bit more...This story  I love the way the writer tells this story and the way she writes each point of view. 

This couldn't be real.

My foot tapped against the floor below me as I impatiently waited for the elevator. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around my body in an attempt to literally hold myself together. I struggled to take a few deep breaths in an effort to help clarify things, but found that I could hardly breathe. It was as if I were drowning.

The events that had taken place in just the last few hours muddled my thoughts, flashing through my mind in rapid succession: the anguished look on my husband's face as I drove away, the animosity I felt coming from him when I called out another man's name, and the devastation I saw on his face as he realized that I couldn't stay in our home with him when we found out that – I couldn't even form the words in my own thoughts.

Edward was alive.

It couldn't be real. Could it?

The quiet ping of the elevator alerted me to my surroundings. Everything felt so surreal. Each step I took toward our apartment, the same one that I'd shared with Edward, the place we had planned to start our lives in, awakened a time lost. Memories flooded my mind as my feet were cemented in the very spot I'd been standing in when I got the news that he was gone and never coming back to me. My eyes spanned the few steps remaining in the hallway as I pictured the walls of our home that became my refuge when I learned of the life growing inside me. The weight of my betrayal pressed down, smothering me, as I thought about my decision to move out in an attempt to start my life over with James.

Now it was the comforting place I would return to in order to wait for more news. My mind raced with countless worries and fears. He was coming back. What if it wasn't him? What if it was? What would I do?

What were we all going to do?

The silence that pressed down on me like a lead weight was broken as I slid the key in the lock and turned it. The familiar click sounded my homecoming, awakening every cell in my body, welcoming me back. Throwing my keys in the bowl on the table, a move I had done countless times, comforted me somehow.

I hope you all check this story out, I am hooked and I know you all will be also!

More Contest Info!!!

Hey everyone, I forgot there was one more contest to tell you all about.  So here's the information for the One Shot Contest on Free Writers and Readers. Click the pic below for all the details. 

freewriters oneshot

This contest theme is all about 'Unlikely Pairings.' Shake up your preconceived notions about what Twilight characters and species might be paired up in a one-shot. Vamp and Wolf, Wolf and Volturi, Volturi and Human...the only limitation is your imagination. Any pairing...any species...any rating.

*Full details and contest rules are on the site*


Submission Dates: Entries will be accepted from October 1, 2010 until midnight EST on October 20, 2010. **The Deadline for use of our beta services is October 18, 2010.

Voting Dates: Voting will take place from October 25th through October 30, 2010, at which time the poll will be closed and the winner announced.

*The admins reserve the right to adjust contest submission and/or voting dates if necessary.

So there you go, one more contest you all can enter or read the entries for!!! I hope you all check this one out.  
~Lady Ali~

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Contest Annoucement!!!

Hey everyone, I have a annoucement to make about two contests....(you can click on the pics to take you to these contests as well)

One Contest is coming up and is going to be taking Entries on the 10th of this month till November 11th, this contest is called After Your Heart Stops Beating.  Its on and its a little different then all the other contests I've seen.  Its a Jacob Bella contest.  Here is the promt so you all can see what I mean...

*Prompt* (Taken from the movie Eclipse)
Bella-"You know I love you."
Jacob-"You know how much I wish it was enough."
Bella-"Should I come back?"
Jacob-"I need some time... but I'll always be waiting."
Bella- *laughs quietly and whispers* "Until my heart stops beating."
Jacob- *Pauses* "Maybe even then."
So mainly you will write about what if Jake did end up with Bella after she was changed.  Its a one shot contest and all the rules and guidelines are posted Here!

Make sure you all check this out, even if its just to read the entries when they are finished! This sounds so interesting to me.  I never even thought about how that would work out. I know one thing I don't think the pack would be too happy about it!  But that's my opinion whats yours?


FFFW profile page contest

Okay the other announcement I needed to make is that yesterday was the last day to add anything to your pages on FFFW profile page contest.  Good luck to any of you that are nominated!


I hope you all have a great day today! 
~Lady Ali~
The Twigasm Admin

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Hey everyone its that day again, sorry this is being posted a little late...I started school today and didn't get home till after 5:30 but here we go, lets get ready to be teased! 

Chapter 19 of Parachute by KitsuShel

Bella turned, modeling the black dress that showed slightly more cleavage than she was comfortable with. Esme sat between Edward and Jack on the larger couch.

"I knew it would fit perfect, Bella! You're going to knock his socks off!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Bella noticed Edward's uncomfortable look at his mother's comment and wasn't sure what to make of it.

"Do you really have to go? Why can't you just stay home with me and Dad?" Jack frowned.

"Sorry, kiddo. I'm just going on a date. I'll be back later," she laughed. Jack narrowed his eyes.

"Fine, but you better be back by ten, okay?"

Bella shook her head and laughed. She looked over at Edward when she heard his chuckle and gave him a questioning look. He smiled and shrugged.

A moment later, the doorbell rang and Esme excitedly pounced to answer the door.

Bella ran her hand over the front of her dress nervously. She looked up and noticed that Edward was staring at her.

"What? Do I look okay?"

He smiled uncomfortably and stood up. He walked over and touched a strand of her hair.

"You look better than okay, Bella. You look beautiful," he whispered.


He slowly made his way to his right and used his tongue to trace around my nipple though he didn’t touch it. He did this a couple of times, almost making me snap from the lack of actual nipple touching.

“I swear to God, Jackson…” I panted.

Before I could go on, his tongue flicked my nipple before he finally took it in his mouth. He sucked on that puppy for a bit and then went back to using his tongue.

I didn’t even realize it, but my hands had moved from their position and ended up in his hair. Before I could beg or whimper or threaten him with his life to continue, he pulled back and playfully glared at me. He took my hands out of his hair and then placed them back above my head. He leaned down, making me think he was going to kiss me, and then moved his mouth directly next to my ear.

“I told you not to move them,” he whispered. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

Chapter 4 of  Brighter than Sunshine: Northern Light by Jay's World

“Who was that, honey?” she asks, stepping closer and kissing my cheek.

I feel awful, for lying and betraying her like this, but it’s something I have to do. Omission and straight out lying is the only words that comes out of my mouth lately, like when we went to Central Park and had our relationship blessed by the Bethesda Fountain angel. While she asked for hopes for the future, I stayed silent and prayed to God he’d make the pain go away.

But then, when I was alone with her those first weeks, I was on a mission. Selfish reasons yes, but a part of me wanted to experience the world with her, even if that world would be restricted to our queen sized bed that kept us so close. Now though, I realize I’d done wrong.
I’d held her so close, only making it harder to leave.

I tell her it was friends from work – the work I’ve quit and avoided – and she looks so pleased. She likes me having friends, and I urge her to go out to be with her own. The lie of the night is that I’m going to a bar, when in truth I’m going to see Jake.

My only hope is that she won’t smell him on me when I get home, because I don’t intend on leaving his arms at any point of the night.


Okay I hope you all will check out these stories and let the writers know where you seen their teaser!

Thanks :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stories that Updated This Week!!!

Every week I will posting a complete list of all fics that have been updated this week...I will be posting this list on Saturdays! So make sure you pop over and check out the list and see what fics have updated.  You never know you might find a new fic to read!!!  Some of these stories updated more than once this week, but they will only be on the list one time! (The Links for the stories will take you only to the story not the writers page.) 

So for this week.....These Fics Updated: 

If you would like to be added to the list when we update fill out this form and will make sure you on our list and we will add you when you update. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Story Rec...Rec'd by Lady Ali

This time I am going to rec a story that I have totally falling in love withParachute by KitsuShel is a story about Bella and what happens when she finds a little boy on the street and takes him in and raises him. But what happens when this little boys father is found.  Will it break Bella's heart or will love endure.

This is how the writer explains the story:    After finding an abandoned child on the streets of Seattle, Bella Swan raises him for five years as her own. What happens to their life when his biological family is found? AU/AH

I just started reading this story last week and I am totally hooked.  I am always looking for something different to read, something not the same as all the other fics I've read.  And I have found another amazing story that has hooked me and now I can't and wont let go.

The way she potrays the little boy Jackson and Bellas relationship is beautiful as well as Bella's and Charlies relationship.  It just makes me want to swoop in and hug them all lol. 

Quiet immediately enveloped the small place. Bella continued to walk, stepping around trash littering the ground and broken bottles. There was graffiti along the wall and a dumpster that was pressed against a wall at the end of the alley. Next to it was a worn down door that was boarded up. In the small space between the dumpster and the wall, a tiny form was curled up into a tiny ball, shaking like a leaf. Her brows furrowed in confusion. The body was too small to be an adult, but why would a child be hiding in a filthy alley?

She reached out and touched the child's dirty hair softly. Their head jerked up and she found herself staring into the greenest eyes that she had ever seen. They were staring back at her, wide with fear.

"Pp-ple-ease, don't hurt me," a voice asked, barely above a whisper. Bella felt her heart break and tears sting her eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you, sweetheart," she said as calmly and gently as she could. "I want to help you. Are you hurt? Where are your parents?"

The child started to sob again and threw himself into her arms. Bella was startled and fell back on her behind. She wrapped her arms around the kid and felt something burn in her chest. In that instant, she felt something shift. She knew right then and there that nothing would stop her from helping this little one. She ran her fingers through his crusty hair and wondered again how one so young could just be all alone like this. Both his clothes and hair were caked with mud and the smell was like urine and vomit.

When the boy quieted a little, Bella tried asking her questions again.

"Hey, Little Bit, I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help you. Can you tell me your name at least?"


"Well, Jack, my name is Bella. Are you hurt, sweetie?"

"N-n-no, but I hungee." The boy's statement was punctuated by a loud grumble from his stomach. Bella started to shift to stand up and Jack tightened his hold on her neck.

"Ssshh, don't worry, Little Bit, I'm not letting you go. We're going to get off of this dirty ground and go to my friends outside of this alley. Then we're going to go get something to eat, okay?"

"Yes, please," he said. Bella wondered once again where his parents were. The kid was terrified, yet still polite, so he had to have a decent family somewhere, but then where the hell where they?

My heart was seriously tugging at me when I read this part and when the little boy tells Bella he is hungee and when he asked her not to hurt him I was bawling my eyes out.  I just wanted to reach into the story and slap his mother for leaving him. 

Later in the story you get to find out what actually lead to little Jackson being left alone in the ally and you get to meet his grandparents and everyone....I love Carlisle in Chapter 12, when Bella arrives there...

A little while after the decision was made for them to stay the night at the Cullen home, Carlisle followed Bella out to her rental to grab her and Jack's bags. Carlisle grabbed the two suitcases from the trunk while Bella grabbed her carry-on bag and Jack's backpack from the back seat. Carlisle shut the trunk and smiled tentatively at her.

"You didn't bring much," he observed. She shyly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I wasn't sure how long we were staying. My friends who are driving here have some of our other things with them. I figured we could buy whatever else we needed." She shrugged.

Carlisle nodded and stared off into the distance. The house was surrounded by a smattering of trees that turned into a small forest in the back of the house. Bella heard him sigh and she glanced up at his face curiously.

"I apologize deeply for my son's behavior today. He has a bit of temper these days," Carlisle explained. "He's been through so much and it's left scars that you can't see. That doesn't excuse his behavior towards you, but I hope that you can forgive it. Esme and I will talk with him and try to knock some sense into him." He have her a tight smile.

Bella nodded and looked at her feet.
"I understand," she practically whispered. "I can't begin to imagine what's going on his head. I wouldn't have come here if I meant any harm." She frowned.

"I'm worried that it will upset Jack if he continues like this, though. I won't take any more of his disrespect towards me. While I understand he has issues, I am not a doormat." She shook her head.

He nodded in understanding.

"No one wants to hurt Jack anymore than he's already been." Carlisle looked deeply into Bella's eyes and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Everyone's emotions are running haywire right now. Give it some time, please. You are an incredible woman to have done what you did. No matter which way you look at it, you saved my grandson's life and I will forever be in your debt. I will make it quite clear that anyone who gives you a hard time is to answer to me."

See what I mean...You have got to check out this amazing will touch your heart and keep you drawn into the story and not let you go! 
As always if you love what you just read here and you haven't read Parachute then click the link (the word Parachute is the link) and get to reading and don't forget to leave the writer some love.  

Also there is a blog for this story as well Parachute Blog . Make sure you check it out as well...for teasers, pics, and all sorts of other stuff and make sure you hit that follow button! 

Happy Reading 
~Lady Ali~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Its that time again...Time to be teased by some amazing writers....Are you all ready???? I hope you are. As always remember if you like what you read here today, make sure you check out the story and leave the writer some love! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

This Week on The Twigasm...

Alright Ladies, lets check out whats going on this week on The Twigasm...

Today we have a new story Rec...Make sure you check that out!  Make sure you all get those teasers to me by tonight  as well...

Teaser Tuesday... Are you all ready to be teased....

Story Rec/Review...Paper Cutouts Rec'd by DiamondHeart78

Alright Ladies, its that time again...another amazing story Rec/Review for you all to check out.  Please check out this story and leave the writers some love! This story is wrote by two writers... This review is wrote up by DiamondHeart78 :)


After seeing the chatter regarding this story all over Twitter, I finally made the time to to sit and read Paper Cutouts by twistedcoincidence and astilbe13 I’m so glad I did.

It’s not too often I find a Bella that I actually don’t find annoying on some level. In this fic, she is such a refreshing mix of insecurity, strength, wit, innocence and nervous rambling. She hates her mundane job and life, always describing her ‘story’ as nothing worthwhile. Her only friends are the hundreds of voiceless faces on Facebook, and she’s constantly on, chatting usually with her old college roommate, Alice. She secretly dreams of adding a new adventure to the story of her life, and in her little stereotypical cubical, her only solace is looking out the window towards the bar across the street. The constant presence there is a beautiful, tatted-up man taking his dog for a run every day. She’s already totally smitten, and she hasn’t even met him yet.

Bella eventually works up the nerve to walk into the establishment, quickly making a fool of herself between her rambling and bumping her head against the bar. The man, bartender and owner, is quick-witted and a flirt, his confidence oozing through his pores. He invites her to come back the next day for a drink, which she follows through on. Here’s a little clip from chapter three, the day after the incident:

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Twigasm Fic Of the Week

This will be out first Fic of the week here on The Twigasm and I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do...I am going to bring to you 3 fics a week to start with and you will decide which one wins on Facebook.  That's right I said Facebook lol.  Later on we will be taking this and making it into a blog only thing but right now this is the fastest way to get it out there!

SO this weeks fics are: 

Now its your turn to descide which one wins! 



Whats Owning You...

Hey everyone, this is our first What's Owning You day! YEAH!!! 
Okay so this is what I'm looking for, I am looking for a fic that holds you in your spot every time you read it or a fic that you run to your computer just to see if its updated!  

So here are the two that have been rec'd by you all so far! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writer Interview with the funny amazing FL95!

This week we have one of my great friends that I love so much for doing this interview for me.  She is known as FL95 in the Fandom.  That's right ladies, the writer of The Dick In Me, Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire, Cullen Unscripted, Swimming with Swan, Protected, The Cock Hunter, My Life  My Love  My Heart, and Shampoo and Shaves, is going to answer some questions for us! YEAH! (She also writes a lot of collabes with some amazing writers and some superb one shots! )

If you don't know FL95 (Jo) then you need to read this interview and then head over and read her stories.  They are some of my favorites and I know you will love them to!  I love FL95 so much because she don't put up with some of the shit that happens in the fandom and I love the way she says things lol, you will see...

So get you a drink ladies and sit back and either get to know this amazing person and writer or read an amazing interview of a personal friend.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekly Fic Rec...

Its that time again...Time for a great story Rec/Review! This story Rec is brought to you by PB...Smoking in the Boys Room by CorrinaTFF


So normally I don’t dig high school Edward and Bella’s, but this fic had me hooked from the prologue. I’m a sucker for a potty mouth Edward and the thing about this one, he could be a damn twenty something with his cleaver one-liners, and sex filled innuendos.

The story starts out with Edward relocating with his family from Chicago to a small town called Forks. Ever heard of it?  What I love about the plot is that it’s basically an AH Twilight, with a dirty talking, sexually frustrated Edward and Bella.

Two things I love in a fic; dirty thoughts, and dirty talk. The biggest plus with this story is that the writer happens to be a pro at making it work without it feeling like every other word is the F-bomb.

Edwards thoughts…le sigh… though usually very raunchy… deep down you see he’s an extremely sweet and caring individual which makes him especially enduring. Every girl loves a bad boy and this Edward is just that, but with a delicious soft center once you start to tear his layers away.

Bella is a clumsy snarky smart ass with a mission of leaving Forks behind after she graduates high school and she’s scared to death of getting involved with anything or anyone that may cause her to want to change her life plan. The moment she lays her eyes on Edward she knows she’s in trouble. He’s not part of the future she has envisioned for herself and that instantly makes him a threat in her eyes. The way she reacts to the normal dealings of a teenager in high school is exactly what you would expect. Completely over dramatic without ever realizing the bigger picture of things, or letting things slide for that matter. She’s stubborn as hell just like we all were at that age which makes it all very realistic, she also tends to think one thing then react entirely opposite of how she feels. One more trait we can all relate to I think when we look back at those carefree years of being a self indulged teenager.

This story makes you re-live your own high school years, and that… truthfully… is something I love to do from time to time. The characters are so well written, and so witty with their dialog, I found myself laughing out loud on a regular basis while I got caught up with the chapters.

Edward met his match on that first day of school in a new tiny town, and her name was Bella Swan. Will he be able to tear down the wall to win her over? Go check out this fic. I absolutely adore Button-flyward, and you will too. Please be sure to leave the author some love!

Taken from Chapter 2:

Friends? Is that what we were already? Oh damn! He said 'friends'. "I'm your friend now? You seriously need some work on your people skills, Edward. You must have been a recluse in Chicago because they are sorely lacking. The prick in you seems to rear his head quite a bit and I don't know that I'd like him as my 'friend'."

He gripped the tailgate beside my head and leaned in with his face so very close to mine. I inhaled, smelling woods with hints of vanilla and honey while involuntarily closing my eyes. "If the head of my 'prick' was out with you around, I promise you would be more than a friend, Bella." Holy shit! My eyes popped open and widened as my body stiffened not quite knowing what to say or feel. What I was feeling, was making me ballsy enough to think of pulling him to me and kissing him hard on the mouth before sucking on his tongue.

Make sure you check this story out! Its amazing...

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Teaser Tuesday ( 9-20-2010)

Hey everyone, I hope you are ready to be teased today...we have some great teasers for you! So sit back and get to reading.

Remember if you like what you see, make sure you comment and or go over to the story itself and read the whole chapter or even story.  Let the writer know that you like their writing.  

So here we go! Teasers.....

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Weekly Fic Rec/Review...

This weeks Rec/Review comes to you by ~AYFB~  We hope you all will check this story out its a great story.  But read this review and you can see for yourself just how great it is....

Rating: M/NC-17
Category: Drama, Angst, Romance
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Summary: A wish sends Bella back in time to Chicago, 1918, and to a human Edward.

So I am mostly one who goes for mostly AH fics, but I do enjoy a few AU’s as well. One I particularly enjoyed is Only Human by Amethyst Jackson. The story begins with Edward and Bella coming back from their honeymoon, all blissed out and happy since they are able to sleep together without the whole Reneesme business. They comeback just in time for Bella’s birthday celebration at the Cullen’s house. When she blows out the candles on her cake, she makes a wish that she could give all the human experiences that she has experienced with Edward, to him. She is suddenly catapulted back in time, and lands in Chicago in 1918, only to meet a very human Edward.

The story goes on how Bella gets to know Edward as he was then, an Edward who is a little more carefree and little less wise. Meanwhile, vampire Edward is stuck the current day, worrying what the hell happened to his wife, and being his typical Edward self. One of my favorite passages from the story:

"Edward, dear, you can't keep Bella locked in the house forever," my mother scolded me, shooing me down the stairs. "Take her out, entertain her."
I stopped dead outside the parlor, watching her. She was reading a book, trying to salvage what little breeze would come through the windows. I watched the line of sweat trickle down her smooth neck; the sight swamped me with heat, and suddenly I was in desperate need of relief…

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This Week on The Twigasm...(9-20/ 9-25)

Today on The Twigasm a rec/Review will be posted by AYFB. The story is called Only Human! Make sure you check out the rec and the story!

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Story Rec/Review...The Blessing and The Curse

Its time again for another Fan Fic Rec/Review.  This story Rec/Review is brought to you by DiamondHeart78. (The Twigasm Admin) 

Every once in a while, there’s a story that completely knocks you off your ass. All of us have that one fic that took us to another level and opened the door to fandom. We can sit here and discuss the legends in-depth for hours and everyone will have their favorites. I’m going to talk about one in particular. Not only because this story is one of the best-written stories out there. No. It’s also because after months of waiting, and waiting...and waiting, it’s COMPLETE.

Anyone who’s read The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow will always tell you the same thing: It’s so beautifully written, Edward’s so amazingly dark, it’s so sexy. All of that is true. My first impression was that I was reading a gothic novel, like Bronte. The sensory descriptions do exactly what they’re meant to do-- the reader can see, smell, taste, and feel everything that the characters do. Whenever a story manages to that so perfectly, the reader is immersed in that fictional world.

The writing of the story is not without it’s controversy. After constant updates, the author simply stalled, claiming writer’s block and whatever RL issues were at hand. I heard many complaints about her lack of updating from readers, and while she never ignored her critics and kept her readers abreast of the situation through Twitter, some critics simply stopped reading and became upset with her. This, I will never understand. And although I was sad at the length of time it took for her to update the last three chapters, I knew she would not leave it incomplete. I was willing to wait.

Bella returns to the home of her childhood, where she’s practically raised by her mother’s best friend, who is now facing terminal illness. But Bella is reluctant to return because she’ll have to face Edward: her brooding, possessive childhood friend. but ‘friend’ is such a superficial word for what Edward and Bella really are. After being born hours apart, they are inseparable through life, and Edward’s gift of hearing her thoughts through touch only manages to deepen their connection.

Now as an adult, with a life back home and a ring on her finger, Bella forces herself to deny what she truly feels for Edward. He doesn’t help at all either-- always trying to regain control by knowing what she’s thinking. He’s manipulative: he makes Bella promise to pretend they’re together for his dying mother’s sake, since Esme always believed they were true soul mates. She reluctantly agrees, which allows Edward to get closer to her.

Their past is revealed slowly through the progression of the story, and we learn that Edward is hiding much more than he’s leading on.

TB&TC is not lemon-heavy. But it does not mean it’s not one of the most passionate and emotional stories in fandom. Here’s just one of the many moments that give me goosebumps every time I read it:

He had kissed her several times during their teenage years, experimentally, and she had almost forgotten what it was like. Like every atom in her body had simultaneously vibrated. She pulled back.

"No, Edward, I'm engaged to Michael. I have made a commitment to Michael."

Her voice shook with conviction, and Edward's eyes darkened. He wrapped an arm around her waist, dragged her across his body and rolled smoothly to pin her on her back. She was alarmed to feel his hard erection pressing against her thigh, and she struggled, imprisoned under his heavy, muscled body.

"Stop saying shit like that. You know it makes me mad." He growled roughly against her neck.

"It's always made me mad. You're not for anyone else; you're for me. And you're not going to be able to remember that jerkoff's name by the time I get through with you." As his velvet tongue slid down her neck, and Bella felt her nipples tighten in response, alarm bells began to sound. She was in trouble.

"You sure are," he agreed, sucking lightly on her collarbone, his soft, full lips dropping open mouthed kisses.

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Teaser Tuesday (9-13-2010)

Hey everyone, its Tuesday again! Yeah time to be teased...


Chapter 3 of  Careless Whisper by RissaRukus

Before my next breath could escape, our lips met. Our kiss was slow and passionate, deepening as we continued. It felt like all the oxygen had been sucked from the room and he was my only chance of survival. My hands slipped up the back of his neck and into his hair pulling him closer to me. I felt his arms around my waste, holding on to me as if I was going to disappear. No matter how close we got, it was never going to be close enough.

Chapter 16 Parachute by KitsuShel

.net/s/6036478/1/Parachute She was happy and content to not open her eyes and just languish in a morning daze. She could hear the last movie they had watched the night before playing in the back ground. After watching one of Jack's favorites, Toy Story, they popped in The Lion King. Jack had passed out shortly after Scar killed Mufasa and Bella followed not long behind him. The movie must have played on repeat all night, but she wondered briefly why Edward hadn't turned it off.

"It's our motto," she heard Pumbaa say on the tv.
"What's a motto?" Simba asked.
"Nothing. What's a motto with you?" Timon replied.

That part of the movie never failed to crack her up. She giggled and felt an arm wrap around her waist. Surprised by the movement, her eyes opened slowly and connected with smiling green ones.

"What's so funny?" Edward asked in a voice that was deep and gravelly from sleep.


Chapter 5 of Parachute_Outtake by KitsuShel 

We took the Highway to the one,
Up the coast to catch some sun
That left me with these blisters on my skin.
Don’t know what I was on,
But I think it grows in Oregon,
So I kept on goin going on right through.
I drove into Seattle rain,
Fell in love then missed the train
that could have took me right back home to you.

I've been high, I've been low,
I've been yes and I've been oh hell no!
I've been rock ‘n roll and disco,
Won’t you save me San Francisco?


We hope these Teasers have teased you all! 

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Fic Rec...The Inevitable (9-13-2010)

Our first Fic Rec is for a story that I fell in love with right away.  The Inevitable  by Endlessly Drowning caught my attention right away.

Genre: Drama rated (T)
Length: 24 chapters including Epilogue
Updated: 5-7-08 (complete) 

Summary: It's been seventy five years since Edward left Bella in Forks.  Now the family has decided its time to return.  What will they find when they get there? And how will Edward deal with the pain.

When I read a story, I look for something different.  I'm tried of reading the same things over and over.  You know the kind...Edward comes back all is forgiven right away.

That's not how it goes in this fic.  In The Inevitable he doesn't come back right away, actually he doesn't come back for seventy years and when he finally does come back what he finds crushes him.  Actually it crushes the whole family.  It will actually devastate you as well, I know it did me.  I have to admit I was crying like a baby.

"It's probably best. If Edward had seen anything about her, I'm sure it only would have made things worse," Jasper murmured.

"Like it could be any worse," Rosalie said. "Seventy five years, and he's still the same as when he left her. Nothing has changed. How much worse could it have been?"

"Jasper's right. If he had seen me having visions of her, who knows what might have been." Alice kept walking around, peering side to side. "I really think she would have left though. Why would she have stayed? She was only here for him. And staying after he was gone…well, I just wanted to come and check."

"Hey, hang on," Emmett said, turning and jogging a little to the left. "Look…it's her dad."

They all walked over to Emmett, staring forward.

"Charles Swan, loving father, beloved police chief," Alice murmured. "Oh, poor Bella!" she exclaimed, gasping. "This was only about a year after we left! He was…fine. Healthy, fairly young still. Oh, poor Bella."

"No Alice. Poor Charlie," Jasper said grimly, standing a few feet to her left.

"What do you…" she began as she walked over to him. She followed his gaze. She stared, open mouthed, at the stone that sat before them. It was a long time before she could say anything. "No," she breathed. "Oh, no, no no. How…how is this…how could this…" she stammered, unable to finish a sentence.

"Bella," Emmett croaked.

Writer Interview with AngstGoddess

We are so excited that our first writer interview is with such a talented writer in the fandom.   AngstGoddess, is the writer of several fics including one of my all time favorite fan fics Wide Awake.  Thank you so much for doing this interview for us AngstGoddess! 

So without furthur ado is the interview with the wonderful author herself. 

1) For anyone out there that doesn’t know who you are could you tell them a little bit about yourself.  What makes you…well you? What do you do in your free time outside the fandom?

Ummm. I’m not sure? I guess I’m sort of an escapist. I love creating things. It doesn’t matter if it’s graphics, painting, sculpting, programming, or writing. I just like making something out of nothing. Being expressive. My fiance is always complaining that I’m faraway, lost in my head dreaming up a story, or program schematics, or colors and shapes and brush strokes.

2) what are your pet peeves as an author in the fandom?

Idk. Some people take this shit way too seriously. I never understood that. The whole point of fandom is to have fun. It’s not meant to be a new step in your life, just another little facet. Wanting to make money off of it, rallying bullies to drive “bad” authors off FFn, expecting a career to come of the experience, feeling entitled to updates and/or reviews.... I just don’t get any of that. It’s frustrating.

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What's Up this Week on The Twigasm

Okay so this week is an exciting week here at The Twigasm...Lets see why! Make sure to check out the blog everyday, there is a fic of the day picked for you all every day as well as all these other activities!


Monday is a huge day on The Twigasm! The Grand Reveal...The actual opening and start of this blog! I am so excited to finally start this and get this up and running.  I hope you all get invovled and are excited too.  Please let us know what you want to see on the blog, tell us the fics you would like to see Rec'd.  We are here for both Readers and Writers!

Also, you will have till 9 P.M this day to get us your teasers, so we can have them all up on Tuesday Morning! Send them by using the link in the link box! You can send us as many as you would like, as long as the chapter isn't posted at the time that we post the teasers...I will be checking! You can send us up to 500 words! So tease away!

Another thing happening to day well two more things...a Story Review/Rec will be posted make sure you check it out as well...and an amazing Writer interview with one of my favoite Writers...I hope you all will read this interview and leave some comments and ask this writer some questions of your own.


Today is Teaser Tuesday! The teasers will be posted by 6 am in the morning.  Make sure you all check them out and leave these writers some love.  If you find a new story, drop us a comment and tell us what you thought. 

Weekly Fan Fic Recs

We will be posting weekly Fan Fic Recs every week, sometimes two times a week.  We hope you all will check these Rec or Reviews out and also check these stories out and leave the writers some love.  If you would like us to Rec/Review your story or a story you love make sure to fill out the form in the links list on the side of the Blog.  

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Teaser Tuesday - 9/7/2010


 Hey everyone!!! We hope you all are doing great today.

This is our first Teaser Tuesday and we are so excited to bring these teasers to you.

Are you all ready to be teased???

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