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Its that time again...Time for a great story Rec/Review! This story Rec is brought to you by PB...Smoking in the Boys Room by CorrinaTFF


So normally I don’t dig high school Edward and Bella’s, but this fic had me hooked from the prologue. I’m a sucker for a potty mouth Edward and the thing about this one, he could be a damn twenty something with his cleaver one-liners, and sex filled innuendos.

The story starts out with Edward relocating with his family from Chicago to a small town called Forks. Ever heard of it?  What I love about the plot is that it’s basically an AH Twilight, with a dirty talking, sexually frustrated Edward and Bella.

Two things I love in a fic; dirty thoughts, and dirty talk. The biggest plus with this story is that the writer happens to be a pro at making it work without it feeling like every other word is the F-bomb.

Edwards thoughts…le sigh… though usually very raunchy… deep down you see he’s an extremely sweet and caring individual which makes him especially enduring. Every girl loves a bad boy and this Edward is just that, but with a delicious soft center once you start to tear his layers away.

Bella is a clumsy snarky smart ass with a mission of leaving Forks behind after she graduates high school and she’s scared to death of getting involved with anything or anyone that may cause her to want to change her life plan. The moment she lays her eyes on Edward she knows she’s in trouble. He’s not part of the future she has envisioned for herself and that instantly makes him a threat in her eyes. The way she reacts to the normal dealings of a teenager in high school is exactly what you would expect. Completely over dramatic without ever realizing the bigger picture of things, or letting things slide for that matter. She’s stubborn as hell just like we all were at that age which makes it all very realistic, she also tends to think one thing then react entirely opposite of how she feels. One more trait we can all relate to I think when we look back at those carefree years of being a self indulged teenager.

This story makes you re-live your own high school years, and that… truthfully… is something I love to do from time to time. The characters are so well written, and so witty with their dialog, I found myself laughing out loud on a regular basis while I got caught up with the chapters.

Edward met his match on that first day of school in a new tiny town, and her name was Bella Swan. Will he be able to tear down the wall to win her over? Go check out this fic. I absolutely adore Button-flyward, and you will too. Please be sure to leave the author some love!

Taken from Chapter 2:

Friends? Is that what we were already? Oh damn! He said 'friends'. "I'm your friend now? You seriously need some work on your people skills, Edward. You must have been a recluse in Chicago because they are sorely lacking. The prick in you seems to rear his head quite a bit and I don't know that I'd like him as my 'friend'."

He gripped the tailgate beside my head and leaned in with his face so very close to mine. I inhaled, smelling woods with hints of vanilla and honey while involuntarily closing my eyes. "If the head of my 'prick' was out with you around, I promise you would be more than a friend, Bella." Holy shit! My eyes popped open and widened as my body stiffened not quite knowing what to say or feel. What I was feeling, was making me ballsy enough to think of pulling him to me and kissing him hard on the mouth before sucking on his tongue.

Make sure you check this story out! Its amazing...


Awesome review! This is a story I think a lot of peoople are missing out on, I'm so glad you chose to review it!



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