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Teaser Tuesday ( 9-20-2010)

Hey everyone, I hope you are ready to be teased today...we have some great teasers for you! So sit back and get to reading.

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So here we go! Teasers.....


Chapter 14 of Shattered Into A Thousand Pieces by  Saritadreaming


My nightmares had returned--except this time instead of sleep talking, I would dream of Edward abandoning me. I'd find myself all alone at the site of the destroyed cottage, and Edward would walk away—I could only see his retreating back—and no matter how much I yelled and pleaded, he would never turn around or stop for me. Sometimes I would run after him, my bare feet being cut by the jagged pieces of debris from the cottage, but I never caught up to him, and he never looked back.

A frisson of fear jolted through my heart as I heard Edward talking on the phone, and my dream didn't seem as crazy as it had before.

"Come home, Rose. You two have done enough, and I owe you." Edward's velvet voice flowed over me like melted chocolate.

After a brief pause, during which I assumed Rose asked Edward what he was going to do next, his voice grew determined and steely as he replied, "I'm going to Italy."

“What?” I couldn't hide the abject terror in my voice. This was it—this was my nightmare given breath in the light of day—Edward was


“You’re not getting on that plane unless I say so. Tell me where you are.” He sounded like he was running around looking for me.

“I’m still in my changing room by the customer service counter, and thanks to you I don’t have any shoes.”

He laughed. “Yes you do. I took the liberty of packing your sneakers back in your suitcase.”

Oh. My suitcase?! “How the hell did you get in my suitcase?! You know what, never mind. I don’t even want to know.”

“Why so bitter? It’s not like I looked at your panties.” I could tell he was smiling.

“Whatever, Edward. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I started to remind myself how angry I was. I was angry because of all the details about him I didn‘t know, and angry because I had never been so na├»ve before. I should have listened to Charlie when he told me to always pay attention to the news.

Regardless, I was going to have to face him... in stilettos, jeans, and an oversized Seattle t shirt, great.
I let my hair down, knotted my t shirt with the rubber band, picked up my bag, put on my ray bans and reached for the door knob. I tried turning it and it wouldn’t go. Something must have been wrong. I turned it left and right and finally I figured out that it was locked. There was a slot for a key, but of course I didn’t have it.

Damnit. If he had me locked in here I swear I will detach his sausage with my bare hands. How the hell am I supposed to get out?

I was so irritated I started screaming my thoughts out loud. “WHAT about my flight?!”


It was the phone again. The mystery phone, with the mystery man on the other end. He’s going down.

I slid the arrow over to answer it.
“Edward CULLEN if you locked me in this room so help me god. My father is a sheriff and I will have you arr-”

“Miss Swan, this is Benjamin.”
“BEN! Hey! Why am I locked in here?”

“I was instructed to call and inform you not to panic, and that is all. Goodbye.”


Chapter 31 of Forsaken In My Mind's Past by WickedCurveBall74

“Holy fucking shit!” she exclaimed. “What the hell? B, what…who did this to you? Not Edward, right?”

I furrowed my brow and shook my head; my lips were once again trembling, and my eyes bore anguish that she could spot from a mile away.

“Oh my God, Jacob? Jake did this, Bella? What…he found out?”

I burst into tears and began to nod my head.

“That’s not all he did if you said your whole body hurt. What…where else did he hurt you, B?”

I reluctantly reached up and pushed the hood off my damp hair, and pulled the neckline of my hoodie down slightly. Her eyes followed my movements and rested on my throat…then widened immeasurably. Her mouth formed a very distinct oh, and she covered it quickly. “Oh my God….oh my God, Bella! Honey, tell me what he did to you.”

I knew I’d barely be able to speak. My head was throbbing and my shoulders were violently shaking with the unabashed breakdown I was now having. I opened my mouth to speak, when my phone began to blare inside my hoodie pocket. I reached for it quickly and blinked to see the caller I.D. Alice. “H—hold on, A—Ang,” I stuttered and quickly answered my phone. “Aaaaaalice!” I cried into it, falling deeper into my chasm, and letting go of all control I had on my emotions.

“Bella?!” she responded. “Bella, what the fuck is going on? Where the fuck are you? Are you at home?”

I gasped for breath, unable to answer. Angela was shaking her head, tears now streaming down her face. The only think I could choke out was “no” and “Angela’s.”

Ang noticed my struggle and cleared her throat. “B, give me the phone.” I handed it to her and covered my face with my hands, coughing and sputtering into them. “Alice, it’s Angela…yes, she’s here.” She paused briefly. “I don’t know. She’s…she’s got horrible bruises. Her wrist….her neck…I don’t know where else just yet.” She paused again. “No, I don’t know what happened. She can’t really talk, but Alice…it was Jake. I do know that. Okay…yes…well I’m not letting her go anywhere like this. Nope. Yes, we’ll be here. Okay, bye Al.” She hung up the phone and situated herself right next to me, placing her arm around me. “Bella.” She cupped my face with her other hand and pulled it up. “Honey, your sister is on her way. She’s coming right now.”

I buried my head in Angela’s chest and cried until I didn’t think I had a single tear left in my head.


Chapter 17 of Parachute by KitsuShel

"Good morning, Esme," the handsome gentleman spoke softly.

Bella noticed Rosalie's eyes widen and Esme's posture stiffen. Alice shot her a confused look and all Bella could do was shrug slightly.

Esme took a sip from her water glass before she turned and smiled vapidly at the couple standing off to her left side.

"Marcus, Diane," she said. The man's face fell slightly at Esme's cool tone.

"Esme, please," the woman said as she placed her hand on her husband's arm.

Esme's eyes flash angrily for a moment, before flicking her gaze to Bella.

"This is not the time, nor the place for this discussion," she spoke with an eerily calmness.

"But Victoria-"

Bella gasped and covered her mouth as Esme cut off the woman.

"Do not," Esme spat angrily. "Do not start this conversation right now. I guarantee it will end badly."

The man's gaze had fallen on Bella when she gasped and he continued to eye her curiously, as if he knew her from somewhere. Her eyes met his sea blue ones and she couldn't help but fall into their warmth. She wondered briefly if this handsome, kind-looking man could have spawned the devil in red-headed flesh.


Chapter 28 of The Cullen Sutras by Magnolia822

Cold. It was surprisingly cold outside, unseasonable for September and I hadn’t dressed properly for it. I shivered, wrapping my coat more tightly around me as I walked down Astoria Boulevard towards the train. I couldn’t believe I was actually awake and walking. That life was continuing around me. That people were buying coffee and reading newspapers, walking their dogs, making plans for the evening.

I had called in sick to work but I couldn’t stay in my apartment anymore. I couldn’t sit in that room thinking about last night. And him.

So I walked. I walked to the train and I got on it, and I didn’t even know where I was going, until I did.

I rode the local to Union Square and got off.

I walked to the Strand and returned the book I’d bought him. I’d been carrying it around in my bag, just to make sure I didn’t forget it when I went to the Center for my birthday.

My fucking birthday. It was four days away and was sure to be the worst yet.

I walked down to 8th street, sat in a park, and watched the NYU students in their groups of threes and fours hurrying to class.

The wind blew more coldly and it started to rain but I didn’t care. The street vendors had begun selling my favorite roasted chestnuts and I didn’t care. Their smell nauseated me.

The wind picked up and I still sat there. On a stupid bench. My mind…what was I thinking of? I couldn’t think. I wouldn’t let myself. It would start to drift and I’d focus on something…a leaf. A squirrel. A woman, hurrying through the rain with a brightly colored umbrella. The smell of exhaust and New York.

I couldn’t let myself think of him, because if I did, I’d break.


I started to help pack up the rest of the stuff, I even got to check out some of the new toys. Ali was still messing around with one of the new floggers when Esme joined us on the couch.

“Alright, Miss Esme, spill we’ve waited long enough. You and Carlisle, what’s going on with you two?” Ali was pointing a whip in her direction and tapping her foot impatiently.

Hurry up and answer!

Esme giggled and walked over to Ali, taking away her whip.

More silence.

“Please, tell us something.” Ali begged and flopped down on the couch next to me.

Esme sat down across from us playing with rose bud ends of a flogger. “We are testing some things out.” A thoughtful smile crossed her face.

That’s all – that sucks!

“Aw, that’s sweet. Now you can tell us what’s really going on.” Ali said as she made a grab for the flogger.

I think Ali is going to be researching some dominating roles in the future.

Jaden turned his head toward me and opened his right eye just a tiny bit, which was better than it had been. "Oh! Hi, Miss Rosie. I told Mr. Emmy that he snores too loud and he was starting to smell funny. I hope he's not mad, but he said to tell him the truth and his smell was hurting my nose."

I couldn't hold back the laughter and I roared until there were tears streaming down my face and I was sobbing.




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