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Story Rec/Review...Paper Cutouts Rec'd by DiamondHeart78

Alright Ladies, its that time again...another amazing story Rec/Review for you all to check out.  Please check out this story and leave the writers some love! This story is wrote by two writers... This review is wrote up by DiamondHeart78 :)


After seeing the chatter regarding this story all over Twitter, I finally made the time to to sit and read Paper Cutouts by twistedcoincidence and astilbe13 I’m so glad I did.

It’s not too often I find a Bella that I actually don’t find annoying on some level. In this fic, she is such a refreshing mix of insecurity, strength, wit, innocence and nervous rambling. She hates her mundane job and life, always describing her ‘story’ as nothing worthwhile. Her only friends are the hundreds of voiceless faces on Facebook, and she’s constantly on, chatting usually with her old college roommate, Alice. She secretly dreams of adding a new adventure to the story of her life, and in her little stereotypical cubical, her only solace is looking out the window towards the bar across the street. The constant presence there is a beautiful, tatted-up man taking his dog for a run every day. She’s already totally smitten, and she hasn’t even met him yet.

Bella eventually works up the nerve to walk into the establishment, quickly making a fool of herself between her rambling and bumping her head against the bar. The man, bartender and owner, is quick-witted and a flirt, his confidence oozing through his pores. He invites her to come back the next day for a drink, which she follows through on. Here’s a little clip from chapter three, the day after the incident:

"How's you head?" he asks. And of course he would remember. This officially a comedy reel. "The magic ice at your place do you any good?"
And now he's making fun of me. I cross my hands over my chest and glare just a little bit. I try to pull together the perfect response, a few huff of breath escaping in the process.

"It did a fantastic job thanks. Magical powers and all able to dissolve the pain of an abnormally hard bar. What is that thing even made of?" I demand. He laughs and scuffs his feet a little against the pavement.

"I don't know. Come back tonight and check it out. I'll even get you that drink on the house," he offers. His voice is soft and sweet and he could lure someone into serious harm with that thing. Maybe he should be cast as a villain. I'm overwhelmed by the idea of letting him enter my story again and the unknown turn it might take. I clench my fists and feel the weight of my watch. My eyes dart down to the numbers and my heart races.

"I don't know if that's a good idea. I don't even know what I would order. And it was really nice of you to be so nice about your dog being a pervert but I'm going to be late for work and I'm never late for work, so I really need to go," I spit out. I almost trip over the hem of my pants as I try to shove my feet back into my shoes. Just as I'm ready to bolt a warm hand covers my bicep.

"Hey," his voice is softer, impossibly more soothing. "We'll figure out what you like. It's the least I can do. Come by when you get off or I'll come and find you." He raises a pierced eye brow menacingly and I sigh. It would be something new. And he does have really soft hands and the ability to translate my babble.

"Sure. I need to go," I repeat. He releases me arm and I turn and leave before he can stop me. I'm halfway down the street before the whole scene really pieces together in my mind. His soft eyes, the clean lines of his tattoos and the monster. I am officially interesting.

What follows is a great progression from friends to more, as she befriends his three-year-old son, Finn. Now I have to say, I’ve read some pretty awesome kids in fanfiction, but Finn has to be one of my favorites. He’s simply adorable and is a great addition to the Edward/Bella dynamic. Edward loves his son fiercely, and we all love the hot Dilfward with the tats now, don’t we?

Although this is a WIP, it is coming to a close very soon. You will not see all the usual suspects, so there really are no canon pairings other than E/B so far, and even though it’s listed in the angst category, I found myself giggling at a lot of points in the story, mostly at Bella’s witty responses and Finn’s observations. Edward is just delicious if you like the confident, flirty, daddy Edward with an edge. The later chapters are incredible and totally hook you in as their relationship develops. It’s really one of the nicest love stories out there right now. I really couldn’t put this one down at all. I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

How the Writers describe this story:  Bella prefers the virtual to the actual, but feels herself being tugged from the safety of her online realm into the world of a rough edged Edward. This time she'll write her own story. Collab with astilbe13 AH/AU


This was a great rec! The story, as well as the others by twisted coincidence need more love!


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