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Teaser Tuesday - 9/7/2010


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Chapter 8 of Just Friends by alwaysyourflightlessbird

I was getting close now, and I was fairly certain I could catch up with her. She continued to move forward at the same speed, not noticing the walk signal had been turned off, and she was about to step onto the street, right in front of a bus.

My brain shut off then, and I acted purely on instinct.


"You did what?!" Emmett bellowed, making all of us jump.

Sure, it was wrong to be leaning into the door with Alice and Rose like a bunch of twelve year old girls, but I could practically imagine Edward squirming . I had the silent satisfaction of knowing that the whole night Em would be glaring at Edward and thinking of ways to protect his little sister from the big bad kinda ex-boyfriend.

"I made a mistake, Em. I get it, and it's cost me the one thing I've ever really cared about. We're trying to work it out, so please stop butting in."

"Awww." Rose and Alice said at the same time.

"Not good. You never tell Em to stop doing anything." I mutter.

"Edward, I'm saying this once and you better get this through your big thick, pretty head. You may be my best friend, but I have no problem beating the snot out of you. Treat my mother fucking sister like the queen she is, or i swear to Buddha that the next time you see me, Bruce is going to be fucking eating your sorry ass."

"Oh god, not the alligator threat." I mutter again.

Chapter 15 of Parachute by KitsuShel

"Bells, it's not your judgement that I'm worried about. How can you trust these people? You don't even know them."

Bella stopped and took a deep breath in through her nose.

"I know them well enough, Jazz. I know that that man out there loves his son desperately and has been in heartache for six years. I know that Esme and Carlisle are two of the kindest people that I have ever met. Jack has an entire family that loves and adores him. They never asked for any of this!"

Bella's chest was heaving after her rant. Jasper looked at her in astonishment.

"Are you finished?" he asked coldly.

Bella shook her head and sighed. She stepped closer to him and pressed her palm to his face.

"Jasper, I love you. You're like a brother to me. I'm thankful to have you in our lives, but you can't protect us from every single thing."

"That doesn't mean that I wouldn't die trying, Isabella."


It all made perfect sense, and it was beyond fucked.

“Charlie you need to leave. I can’t let you do this to her. Not now. She’s in far to fragile of a state. Something like this would send her into a downward spiral.” I warned carefully while watching my tone.

I knew I needed to keep him calm. If I amped up his anxiety any higher he would surely loose his shit right here in the middle of our living room.

“Edward I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I can’t let him be the one to tell her. I’ve had it planned for years... what I would say if I ever gained the courage to do it. I can’t allow the two of you to take that away from me.”

Chapter 33 of Hands Open by Nikita2009

(A/N: This snippet of a teaser is un-beta'd so any mistakes are my own. But it's short and sweet and full of everyone's favorite bitch to hate.)

"I heard a “Knock, Knock!” And Tanya stuck her head in the apartment door. Great. Just who I wanted to see right now.

She let herself in and sat down on the couch next to me. “What’s wrong Edward?” she purred rubbing my back.

I shook her arm off and stood up. “Nothing Tanya. What are you doing here?”

“Oh I was wondering if you’d want to go have dinner with me tonight?” She asked flirtily.

“You have to be fucking joking.” Bella muttered. She’d walked out of her room and was standing in the hallway watching Tanya and I in the living room."


Chapter 7 of Chasing Fire by Lady Ali

Firefighter down, Firefighter down…

Those words are the worst things to hear for a fellow firefighter.  To hear that one of your brothers is down is beyond what your brain can actually comprehend.  As those words rang out over all the pagers, it was like all else ceased to exist, everything stood still.  All we could think of was who was it? How bad are they hurt? In my own head all those questions ringing out in everyone else’s head were coupled with Is it my mom, my brother, Jasper…

Your brain can torment you, can bring up all the different visions of the what ifs.  What if it was Esme what would I do with out my mom? What if it was Emmett, how would I cope with losing a brother? When I had already lost so much in my life, how could I handle losing them too.  


Chapter 10 of The Dwyer House by Mrs. Robward

I didn't say a word. I even bit the inside of my cheek to keep my mouth shut. He didn't know me from Adam or what I'd been through so he could kiss my white ass.

I stood up and carried my plate to the sink. I walked toward the door to go back upstairs.

As soon as I reached the doorway, Jacob cleared his throat. I stopped but didn't turn around.

“She should be back tonight. She's been out with Peter all day. I'm almost positive she's trying to fuck Edward Cullen out of her system.”


Chapter 5 of The Perfect Girl  by MinaRivera

When we arrived at the dining hall, Alice had her back to us while talking on her mobile. She was wearing a cerulean blouse, a short charcoal blazer, a pinstripe charcoal skirt and black Christian Louboutin leather pumps. Her black hair was in her usual straight style and had her agenda open while scribbling furiously on it. She heard us taking seat at the table. With her back still to us she hung up and while putting her scheduler back in her purse she said, “You certainly have kept me waiting, sir”.

Then she turned around. The smug smile that was on her face disappeared, her eyes grew wide and a blush spread across her face. She had her sight locked on Jasper, and when I turned to look at Jasper he had the same wonder in his eyes as Alice.

Jasper stood up, walked straight to Alice and said, “Well, my apologies, milady. I assure you, it would never happen again.” He then bowed down from the waist, then took her right hand and kissed it gently. He chuckled when saw Alice blush became a flaming red.

Alice took a deep breath and said, “Well, sir, I wasn’t talking to you. But I sure hope you keep that promise.” Then she giggled when she noticed the surprise in Jasper’s face. “Now, if I could only know your name, kind sir.”
Jasper stood at his full height and introduced himself. “Sir Jasper Thomas Parker Whitlock, Captain of the Royal Guard. And you are, milady?”

Alice eyes went wide, then I noticed some of her joy disappear, and her smile was now small. She knew who Jasper was, who he REALLY was. She had heard it all from Rosalie herself.

She cleared her throat and I noticed her eyes getting misty from unshed tears. “My name is Mary Alice Hale Brandon, and I’m Prince Edward’s Personal Assistant.” She answered Jasper’s question in rather cold tone. Then, she retracted her hand that was still clasp between Jasper’s, he frown at her colder behavior and looked a little hurt.

Alice then turned to speak to me. “Edward, I’ll be postponing our meeting for the day to this afternoon, there is… some problem with the… um… the caterer. I need to talk to the chef right now! Yes! So, I’ll see around 5pm this afternoon. Good day, gentlemen.”

She quickly gathered her things and was out of the room before I could say a word.





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