Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (9-13-2010)

Hey everyone, its Tuesday again! Yeah time to be teased...


Chapter 3 of  Careless Whisper by RissaRukus

Before my next breath could escape, our lips met. Our kiss was slow and passionate, deepening as we continued. It felt like all the oxygen had been sucked from the room and he was my only chance of survival. My hands slipped up the back of his neck and into his hair pulling him closer to me. I felt his arms around my waste, holding on to me as if I was going to disappear. No matter how close we got, it was never going to be close enough.

Chapter 16 Parachute by KitsuShel

.net/s/6036478/1/Parachute She was happy and content to not open her eyes and just languish in a morning daze. She could hear the last movie they had watched the night before playing in the back ground. After watching one of Jack's favorites, Toy Story, they popped in The Lion King. Jack had passed out shortly after Scar killed Mufasa and Bella followed not long behind him. The movie must have played on repeat all night, but she wondered briefly why Edward hadn't turned it off.

"It's our motto," she heard Pumbaa say on the tv.
"What's a motto?" Simba asked.
"Nothing. What's a motto with you?" Timon replied.

That part of the movie never failed to crack her up. She giggled and felt an arm wrap around her waist. Surprised by the movement, her eyes opened slowly and connected with smiling green ones.

"What's so funny?" Edward asked in a voice that was deep and gravelly from sleep.


Chapter 5 of Parachute_Outtake by KitsuShel 

We took the Highway to the one,
Up the coast to catch some sun
That left me with these blisters on my skin.
Don’t know what I was on,
But I think it grows in Oregon,
So I kept on goin going on right through.
I drove into Seattle rain,
Fell in love then missed the train
that could have took me right back home to you.

I've been high, I've been low,
I've been yes and I've been oh hell no!
I've been rock ‘n roll and disco,
Won’t you save me San Francisco?


We hope these Teasers have teased you all! 



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