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Writer Interview with AngstGoddess

We are so excited that our first writer interview is with such a talented writer in the fandom.   AngstGoddess, is the writer of several fics including one of my all time favorite fan fics Wide Awake.  Thank you so much for doing this interview for us AngstGoddess! 

So without furthur ado is the interview with the wonderful author herself. 

1) For anyone out there that doesn’t know who you are could you tell them a little bit about yourself.  What makes you…well you? What do you do in your free time outside the fandom?

Ummm. I’m not sure? I guess I’m sort of an escapist. I love creating things. It doesn’t matter if it’s graphics, painting, sculpting, programming, or writing. I just like making something out of nothing. Being expressive. My fiance is always complaining that I’m faraway, lost in my head dreaming up a story, or program schematics, or colors and shapes and brush strokes.

2) what are your pet peeves as an author in the fandom?

Idk. Some people take this shit way too seriously. I never understood that. The whole point of fandom is to have fun. It’s not meant to be a new step in your life, just another little facet. Wanting to make money off of it, rallying bullies to drive “bad” authors off FFn, expecting a career to come of the experience, feeling entitled to updates and/or reviews.... I just don’t get any of that. It’s frustrating.

3) What are some of the lesser known fan fics that you love?

Anything and everything by Rochelle Allison. She is just so amazing. Volition is just... there are no words.

4) Do you have any tips for new authors out there or for someone that wants to write but are scared to?

I guess it depends on what they’re scared of. If it’s getting negative criticism, then I’d say to do it anyway. Thicken the skin. Get over that fear. Rip off the band-aid. Do it under a sock account if you want to. This fanfic thing is nothing personal, since no one personally knows you. And really, flamers? A waste of typing abilities. At least you’re doing something creative with yours. Don’t let that hold you back. Criticism is a fact of life that will always exist. Best to take that challenge sooner than later.

But I think potential authors aren’t scared, but rather just a little shy. And in that regard, I say start out small. Do a oneshot and work up your confidence, discover your own style. Eventually, you’ll find out there’s nothing at all to be timid about, and the community is far more welcoming and supportive than it’s depicted as.

5) Is there something special that motivates you to write?

Talking to people about the story/chapter usually motives me to write it. Whenever I’m explaining the plot or something about the characters, I always get an itch to open the document and MAKE IT SO!

6.) Is there anything you would have changed or added to WA?

I would have made it tighter. Edited out a lot of redundancy and useless arcs. Refined the characters more. Improved the dialog. I probably would have changed a lot, but I wouldn’t change it at this particular point. It was a learning experience for me. It’s whatever.

7.) Have any reviews you’ve gotten ever sway you to change something in the plot of your stories?

They used to? Like, whenever I’d get a lot of reviews complaining about a character’s behavior or attitude, I’d get caught up in justifying it, because more often or not, I failed in my attempt to correctly convey the characters’ intentions. So the following chapter would be a bunch of explanation and internal dialog and... ugh. Yeah, I don’t do that so much anymore. If I fail, I fail, but it is what it is.

8.) What got you started writing fan fics?

I just opened a doc one day and started writing. I posted WA the same night. It was the most uneventful, thoughtless act ever.

9.) What was the first fan fic you read?

I don’t remember, but I know it was one of those... honeymoon missing moment things. And it was on Twilighted.

10) Have you ever thought about writing a sequel to WA?

Have I ever thought about stabbing myself in the eye with rusted kitchen cutlery? Sure, I’m thinking of it now because I can’t help it, but it makes me want to squeeze my eyes shut and stay away from pointy things, lest accidental self-harm be imminent.

That’s pretty much my exact reaction to doing a WA sequel.

But really, I have nothing else to say with WA, you know? It’s like asking Dustin Diamond if he’d ever play Screech again. I’m sure he has a certain affection for the role he got started with, but he’s moved on. I’m samesies (minus the sex-tape).

11.) I actually got this question from you and your blog. (ill add the link of it here when I post it) and I wondered what your answer would be. If you had 30 minutes with Bella during her dark days in New Moon what would you have said or done to her?

Hmm. I would have rec’d her a killer NM AU fic. One where Edward comes back and seckses her up good and proper. XD

12.) Where did you get the idea for WA and all those cookies and treats?

I got the idea from Waitress (the main character made pies with quirky names related to her life). It was such a cute movie, and I liked the idea of making each chapter an installment of that quirk. I’d get the names various ways. Plucking an important word or term from the chapter, then matching it up to a popular baking ingredient. Sometimes I’d rhyme it, or just match the beginning consonants.

13.) Do you actually like to bake in real life?

I’m not very good with cookies. Or... anything that doesn’t come in a box? I guess that’s a resounding no. =(

14.) PB wanted me to ask this and I think its an interesting question. If you were asked to write a WA cookbook would you b/c I know I personally would buy it lol.

I actually tried doing this for the first FGB, but... in all honesty? I’m just not a cook. I couldn’t get the recipes right and it stressed me out. And it was too expensive to experiment. I blew like $300.00 on ingredients, and nothing ever came to fruition that didn’t go right into the trash can. So... yeah. No more of that!

15.) When I think about WA the cookie that comes to my mind first is bloody newtons. What is your favorite one and why?
Gingerbread Zombies is pretty much the cookie name that started the whole idea, so probably that one. Chunky Chips Ahoy, Double Stuf Oreos, and Nilla Wafers were meant to be like the empty Month-titled chapters in New Moon. I thought that was soooooooo clever, but... it never really translated as well as it did in my head, so... yeah. Double Fudge Rendezvous sounds yummiest to me.

Thank you so much AngstGoddess for this amazing interview! Your stories are so amazing!

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If you have any questions for AngstGoddess please leave them in your comments she has been amazing enough to be willing to answer your questions. So ask away!


I have a question for the amazingly talented AngstGoddess. You know you started a fandom trend with the whole orgasms being unicorns comment. I was wondering where that idea came from? Did you and some of your close girlfriends sit around talking about it and decided to use it in the story? That's kind of how I saw it come to life anyway.


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