Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to The Twigasm

Welcome Pictures, Images and Photos

We want to take a few seconds and tell you a little bit about The Twigasm and to Welcome you to our blog.  The Twigasm is here for the writer and the reader both.

As writers we need a place to pimp out our stories and post teasers and The Twigasm is just the place for that.  We hope you all will send us your teasers and let us help with the pimping as well.  Let us know when you update and we can put it on our facebook group and the Twitter.

If you are a reader, we are here to pimp out stories and rec ones you haven't heard of.  We want to introduce you to those gem stories out there that not many people have read but the stories are amazing.  We are also here to introduce you to wonderful writers.

If you have a site to recommend to readers and writers let us know.  If you have a contest you want to pimp out let us know.  Let us help you with all of this.

Mainly we are here to have fun and share all these wonderful stories with you. Don't forget to click on that follow button so you can follow the blog and know when we update which will be very often. 

~The Twigasm Chicks




We are here to enhance the Twilight fanfiction community. We are here to help you find a new fic you haven't read, we are here to for entertainment only. No copyright en fragments are intended. We are not affiliated with Mrs Meyer in any way or Summit Entertainment.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy making it. We love Twilight and can't wait to share the stories we rec with you.

Thank you so much,