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Monday, October 17, 2011

Something is Coming!!!!

Hey everyone...I have some big news with a bit of some sad news! Alright as for the sad news first.... We here at The Twigasm are going to be shutting down for a bit to get ready for something huge that is coming very soon! 

So here's the deal...we wont be posting here on the blog for a bit!!! But we will still be posting on our fb groups and we will still be having our WC's every week! 

Like I said we are doing this to get ready for something huge that is going to happen with The Twigasm... so keep your eye out on FB and find out just what that is! 

Thanks everyone for your comments and all the fun on facebook and skype! We wont be gone long I promise!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Can't Walk Away from Friday

She's the swim instructor who teaches the Daddy and Baby Classes. Although he's a forbidden man, her attraction to the new daddy, Edward, is instantaneous. Can Bella drown her libido and maintain her professionalism?

This week it was a little difficult to pin a label on this story. Hmmm...."Can't Walk Away", or Made me Laugh". Although I laughed on many occasions during this story I would have to say label it as "Can't Walk Away". This is one of those story you keep checking your email for, hoping for an update. I am totally and happily hooked on this story. So this week I bring you this wonderfully humorous story by Bower-of-Bliss. Drowning , not waving is about a thirty year old Bella that teaches swim classes on the week-end.  She has enjoyed teaching the 6 and 7 years old kids for the last 18 months. One morning she is resigned to the Waterbabe class. She's not particularly happy about this change, but goes along with it.
It's not that I dislike teaching the Waterbabe classes… it's just that being around all those cute babies makes my thirty-year-old, soon to be shriveled up ovaries ache.

While singing a rousing rendition of "Rock-a-bye Your Bear", Bella notices a new addition to her babies and daddies class walk in.
Near the shallow end of the pool, the glass doors from the reception area open, and following behind Alice are two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

Of course the always gorgeous Edward Cullen walks in pushing the stroller of a darling 8 month ago little Emily. Also with Edward is what appears to be his wife Rose Cullen. Just remember folks looks can be deceiving. I have read up to chapter 63 and it is still unclear what Rose's relationship to Edward truly is. Of course Bella assumes that since they are both beautiful people and they both have the last name Cullen that are married. So she is in a constant battle of wills against "Libby". Who is Libby you ask? Well ladies is what Bella named her vagina . She named it and she has quite extensive conversations with it. That's actually where a lot of humor comes into play, because really whats funnier then a talking vagina.
Libby speaking
Staring at myself in the mirror as I tie my hair up into a messy bun, my bitter half, Libby, suddenly appears on my left shoulder. She is dressed as an old woman and is sitting in a rocking chair. She crochets colorful afghan blankets as she translates the meaning of Alice's words that are ricocheting around my head.
Blah-blah-blah…, Bella, we trust you to work with the daddies because you're old and sexually non-threatening, despite the fact you have been abstinent from sex for the past two years, Libby says, mocking Alice's tone.
"Involuntarily abstinent," I counter.
Whatever, girlfriend...
I should be concerned that my vagina has an inner voice and more importantly, that I'm talking back to her, but it's been happening a lot lately.
Bella finds herself drawn to Edward, but he's married and she must stay clear of him, but it's hard when he's always smiling at her or winking at her. Not to mention all the times she's bumped into outside of class and he's asked her to have coffee with him. Will Bella ever give Edward the chance to explain his situation. 
This story is a lot fun to read and even though it has 63 chapters it is fairly easy to catch up. It is a drabble fic so it updates a lot, so there's always something fun to look forward to at the end of the day. As always Read and review!!!

Less Known Fics

Hey everyone, I know this is posted late but here is this weeks Less known Fic Rec.  

The Peanut Butter Sandwich Man

Rated: M
One shot/ made into a two shot

Edward Cullen is a man of routines. When a homeless girl distracts him from said routine, Edward finds it is time for a change.

Okay this weeks Less Known Fic is a great little story. I read it awhile back and it stuck with me. The Peanut Butter Sandwich Man by Readingmama. I remember loving this story and it's a honor to bring it to you today.

 When the summary says Edward Cullen is a man of routines it's not kidding. He has everything in his life planned and timed down to the minute. From the 22 minutes to read the morning paper, or the 18 minutes to shower, or the 9 minute walk to work. Edward has everything planned out.  

Until one day on the way to work he notices a homeless girl. Feeling bad for the girl he gives her his peanut butter sandwich. For the first time ever Edward is late to work.

Edward placed his briefcase on the ground, unlatched the clips, and pulled out his lunch bag. He placed his offering in front of the girl's ratty sneakers.
"Thank you," a sweet voice replied to him.

 This becomes part of his daily routine. He would greet Bella every morning with a peanut butter sandwich ,cookies and some milk.
Without giving away to much of the story.With the winter coming Edward's worried about his new friend. He realizes he has a spare room he's not using.  He offer's the room to Bella.

"It's getting cold out," he said nervously and Bella couldn't help but wonder why.
"Yes, but it's not too bad yet." If there was one thing Bella didn't like, it was people feeling sorry for her.
"Uhm, so I live alone. And I have an extra room," Edward stammered. His usually calm and fluent tone was gone and it was making Bella uncomfortable. "Well, that is to say. I would like it if you came and stayed with me, in the evenings…so that you don't get cold."

Being a homeless person Bella has found it hard to trust people.
Will Bella trust Edward enough to accept his invitation? How will there friendship progress from there? Want to know more? Read The Peanut Butter Sandwich man.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Shot Tuesday

Hey everyone...its Tuesday so you know what that means...One Shot Tuesday! So with further ado we have a new reviewer with us today and she has picked an amazing one shot.  So sit back and relax and check this one shot out! 

Edward a farmer? Wait. And a rocket scientist? No, folks, I am not kidding. In this absolutely hysterical (and hot) one-shot, reporter Bella is sent to find out all she can about Edward and his seven-generation family farm. For Bella, this is the chance of a lifetime, a chance to break away from her fluff-filled future at The Chicago Observer.

Edward Cullen, a twenty-eight year old farmer, formerly employed by NASA, is home helping his family after his grandfather falls ill. While he’s enjoying the quiet life, he can’t help but miss the opportunity of a random roll in the hay.

Enter Bella.

"Hi, my name's Edward. Are you lost?" He was still chuckling a little under his breath.
I finally got my wits about me enough to answer him. "No, at least, I don't think so."
"You don't think so? Where do you think you are?"
I think he had decided that if he couldn't beat 'em it was best to join 'em, so he was acting as random as I was.
"I think I'm on the road to the Cullen Farm. Am I right?"... "And if not, just take me home with you." Please tell me I didn't say that last part out loud. My face grew hot again.
His eyes lit up and I began to wonder if I had said that last part out loud. "You're right, Little Lady, this road leads to the Cullen Farm."
"Oh, great. I ran out of gas. Is it too far to walk?"
He flashed me that killer smile and said, "Only a couple of miles. I'm heading there right now. I don't know if you heard me before, but my name is Edward Cullen. I live there. If you'll just get out, I'd be happy to take you home with me."
Then he winked at me.
This is an extremely well-written, fully researched, intelligent story that deserves attention. I found it by accident, and I am so glad I did.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Classic Fic Rec Monday: Blind

Hey everyone...its Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.  Well down to business...we have a new Classic fic girl and I hope you all give her a Twigasm welcome! This will be her first post so make sure you leave some amazing comments!!!!

AU,OOC, All human. Disability doesn't mean you're not able. Can Edward get over his disability and himself to find true happiness with someone who cares deeply for him. Will he do anything to become whole for her? Winner of 3 Twilightawards best author!

“Blind” by Jayeliwood is a wonderful story that explores the question “what if you fell in love with someone with a disability?” I had never given it any thought, but after reading this story I'm not sure how I would deal with it.

 "Blind” is a wonderful Bella/Edward story where Edward is blind and has been since birth. They are both freshman at a Louisiana college. Meeting by chance, their relationship doesn't start out on the right foot.

"The sky is such a lovely blue," she said with a sigh. Yes, she could be that unobservant. "I wouldn't know," I said, my voice turning sour. I could usually control it but I couldn't today. "What do you mean?" "I'm blind." I stated curtly. I decided it was time to go. I'm sure it was a little early but, I could wait outside until the professor was ready. I stood, pulling my cane from my side, snapping it into place.

Edward doesn't know how to react when Bella first speaks to him. Having been blind since birth, and having gone to all blind schools before college, he's not used to people not knowing he's blind. Bella, on the other hand, never gave his blindness any thought because it never mattered to her. Throughout the whole story, she never cares about his inability to see, because it's never mattered to her.

Thanks to Alice and Jasper who are the couple's roommates Edward and Bella meet again and are able to get past their frustrating first meeting. Alice is her usual bouncy, crazy self. Jasper, too, is the same as his character in the Twilight Saga books. He is from the country and still knows how to treat his woman!
Emmett, in this story, is still his crazy self and Rosalie is still his girlfriend. Though she's not bitchy.
This story is wonderful. I love how creative the author is. She truly has done this disability justice in my eyes. Her story shows blind people as PEOPLE. Some authors have a hard time writing disabled characters but Jayeliwood has done a beautiful job.

Even though he is blind, Edward is able to treat Bella the way she needs to be. Well, not the way she wants (she still hates being spoiled) but the way she deserves.

Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty of drama. Especially about should Edward get surgery done so he could see or should he stay blind? Would Bella still love him if he could see or is she only with him because he is blind?

As a Team WolfPack, I don't read many Edward stories. This story, however, is making me really like Edward. “Blind” is truly a classic that should be read by all.



Fic of the Week!!!


Fic of the week Noms are now Open!!!

Hey everyone...we are bringing back our fic of the week.  Noms are open on our facebook group till Sunday, 16th.  at 5 PM EST.  All Noms will then go into a poll on the blog and you will have till Fri. 21st to vote.  Make sure your fave story makes the nomination cut that way you can vote for it!!! 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Twigasm NICU: Bring Me To My Knees

Isabella is lost and hurt, until a much older Edward discovers her and decides to take her in. She tries to get to know him but he won't allow it. When she decides she can't take the loneliness and decides to leave, will his heart thaw? AH

I have found a new story that is totally owning me right now.  "Bring Me To My Knees" by ObsceneQuiet has a very intriguing plot line and I am very excited to be bringing it to you.  The amount of detail the author uses in each chapter really sets the scenes in such a dynamic way.  The story opens to a homeless Bella and ObsceneQuiet lets us know that she has a not been homeless for very long but just long enough to have learned some of the ways of the street.  Bella has been walking for a very long time and stops to rest in the safest place she can find. 

While dozing, Bella is attacked but is saved by Mr. Masen who brings her to his hotel room to clean her up. Mr. Masen is older than your typical Edward and has issues in his past including a former wife.  Edward also has a butler who reminds me of Alfred from the "Batman" movies and I am not certain how much I like him just yet.  I struggled picking out the exact passage I wanted you to read without spoiling the plot line.  So what I have found for you is some interaction between Parsley, Isabella and Mr. Masen...

"A gentleman servant named Parsley sat annoyingly at one side of his bed, while Isabella sat on the other. The man refused to believe the story about her and Edward getting engaged, but nevertheless did not make the sweet girl leave. She was young, but he figured she was probably there at Mr. Masen's request, no doubt another of his "special" lady friends—though quite young indeed. After watching the young woman happily dance across the room with Mr. Masen's iPod in her ears, he decided it was time to fetch a cup of strong black coffee. He tucked Mr. Masen's covers snuggly under his chin before giving the woman a stern look and exiting the hospital room. Isabella stuck her tongue out at the old man, but continued to dance around the room, unaware of the patient stirring in his bed, staring through squinted eyes at the dancing flower on the back of her jeans, a sliver of olive skin visible above the waist line. His was vision haloed and confusing however tired he may have been though, Mr. Masen was a bright man and soon realized what he was looking at. "Did I buy you those clothes?" he asked with a scowl on his face; Isabella kept dancing, unaware of his conscious state, when a pillow hit her square in the backside, causing her to scream, a hand held to her mouth while her wide, brown eyes stared in dismay. Before he could repeat his inquiry, she threw herself at his body, clutching onto him for dear life."

 I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I do.  Please let this talented writed know you found her in the NICU at the Twigasm!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Can't Walk Away From Friday

Bella always knew she loved her best friend, but it isn't until she finds out he's engaged that she remembers just how much. How far will she go to make him see he's marrying the wrong woman? A story about finding your heart and losing your head.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who squeed like a fangirl when I found out that Kharizzmatik was back and writing again. After taking a short break after finishing her epic work of art EP, she's started her newest endevor "Pinky Swear".

The premise of this story is loosely basest off the the 1997 romantic comedy "My Best Friends Wedding" staring Julia Robert. Make no mistakes ,Kharizzmatik has made this story completely her own. Going as far as to add in little glimpses of Bella and Edwards past together. I loved peaking into their past and seeing how strong their friendship was and the stuff they have been through together.
 Bella Swan has made it a long way since she left Forks all those years ago. She is now a successful food critic for a Seattle newspaper. Life is going good for Bella until one day she gets a text from her best friend Edward. She finds out that he is back home for a visit and to get married. Instead of feeling happy for friend she feels something different. Bella's flamboyant friend Jake points out to her that the feeling is jealousy because she is in love with Edward. Of course Bella waves off that silly idea, but then she stops and thinks about it. She realizes Jake is right. She has been in love with her best friend all these years. So, Bella high tails it back to Forks to stop the wedding and tell Edward she's in love with him. Unfortunately her plans are derailed when she meets his fiancee Tanya. She's beautiful, and bubbly and everything Bella is not.
I plastered a smile on my face as Tanya continued to talk, refusing to react even as he leaned down to kiss her. She said she was going back inside and hugged me again before bouncing toward the Cullen's house. Her shiny lip gloss had smudged and left a trail of stickiness on Edward's bottom lip. I watched as his tongue darted out, brushing across it slowly. He was tasting it... tasting her. I wanted to puke again.

Ready to give up and go home Jake shows up to give Bella a push in the right direction, oh yeah and to pose as her boyfriend to make Edward jealous. The story is written from Bella's POV so we are unsure what Edward is thinking or feeling. When Bella first arrives home Edward appears to be happy and in love, but over time he seems to start to show us that looks can be deceiving. Could it possible be???? Could Edward possibly not be happy? Does Bella actually have a chance to put a stop to this wedding before she loses Edward forever?

He sighed loudly. "I think you're wrong about her." "You think I'm wrong?" I asked. "What, you don't know I'm wrong? Does that mean you have doubt?" He didn't answer, but his expression was all the confirmation I needed. "So, what, Swan? You think I'm making a mistake? Is that what you're saying?" Yes. "Maybe."

This story is a must a read for all you romantics out there. It funny and sweet. Sometimes I feel bad for Bella when things don't go her way, but it's safe to there is no angst ( so far).  So take a peak at Kharizzmatiks  "Pinky Swear" it won't disappoint.  This is WIP and updates weekly. Read it! Review it! You'll Love it!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Less Known Fic (10-5-11)

Alright so its time for this weeks Less Known Fic rec.  I know it was a crazy long week last week but here we are again at it to bring you amazing fic recs.  So sit back and check this one out!

Never underestimate the appeal of a seventeen year old boy. Bella Swan is Emmett's mom and Edward's teacher. What happens when she crosses the line with her son's best friend? E&B, AH, OOC.

Wow. That’s what first crossed my mind when I found this. It’s when I give up finding a jewel that I actually come across one. Only ankle-deep in the prologue, I was immediately hooked. It’s hot, it’s forbidden, it’s everything I wanted to read. I’ve had my fair share of fics with older Bella, younger Edward but nothing, NOTHING like Cougar Town. And man, does she know her English vocabulary. She taught me words within a LEMON. 99.9% flawless grammar/spelling, words flow and their meaning enter your mind to blow it away - in the purest mind-blowing sense. I have just a thing to say: give it a chance, Bella is one hot momma.

Hope Hannigan

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calling all Writers and Readers...

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Help Wanted...

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great Tuesday so far.  I'm posting this post today to ask for your help! We need a few new staff member's here on The Twigasm and are wondering if you would like to help. 

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One Shot Tuesday...

You all know the drill a one shot is well just that a whole story in one chapter! 

Spin the Bottle - a dangerous game to play with a vampire, particularly one that you've been shamelessly flirting with all week. See what happens when the vampire decides to claim his prize. Written for Jaspers Naughty Girls 'Lemon Drizzles'. Rated M.

For the past couple of weeks, Bella has been flirting with Edward and Edward is tired of playing around. One night, Edward finds himself playing a game of Spin the Bottle with Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Jake, and Bella. This is Edward’s chance at getting Bella and making her his. After taking completing his turn, Edward spins the bottle and it lands on Bella. Bella hesitantly asks for a dare…

"I dare you to go upstairs with me, and tell me your dirtiest fantasy."
Everyone in the room went quiet. Bella stared at me for several moments, challenging me with her own unblinking start. She'd never win.
"Okay," she said, incredibly confidently, "I'll lead the way."
I jumped to my feet, heading to the door. I loved this confident, cocky Bella. And I knew exactly what I was going to do with her.
As soon as we stepped out of the room I pulled the door shut. I didn't want anyone hearing us.
"You are joking, right?" she hissed, suddenly looking worried.
I slowly shook my head. She cocked her eyebrow at me.
"I'm gonna take you upstairs and you are going to tell me what I want to know. If you want, I will provide you with your fantasy."

If you have not read Lizzylillyrose’s, Addicted, you need to run, right now and read it. Why? Well, this will get in you the mind of Addictward1968. This is Addictward’s first venture into writing. For his first venture, this is one explosive beginning and will leave you wanting more. Truth or Dare is a quick, fast paced, and drool worthy read. I strongly suggest you drop what you are doing right now and go read this story!


We are here to enhance the Twilight fanfiction community. We are here to help you find a new fic you haven't read, we are here to for entertainment only. No copyright en fragments are intended. We are not affiliated with Mrs Meyer in any way or Summit Entertainment.

We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy making it. We love Twilight and can't wait to share the stories we rec with you.

Thank you so much,